**Fire Magick Designs**

Fire Magick Designs
I'm placing this page on my blog because I am working to build my pyrography business, and I tend to get quite a bit of traffic here. I hope y'all will consider taking a look at my work and contacting me with a design you have or something we can work up together that is special for you or the person you're wanting to present with a very personal piece of art made especially for them.

This is the link to Fire Magick Designs, be sure to go through all of the Gallery pages to see everything. :)

Facebook Page CONTEST!!!
I've decided to do a contest. I've never really been "into" these things, but I am really wanting to get this business up and running plus, I have my granddaughter's wedding to get to in June, and need to start saving for it!

I am currently at 20 "Likes", the one that puts me at 100 will receive a double-sided 2" Talisman with the designs of their choice that will fit on it. (Approximate value $20)

When I reach 500 "Likes" the one that puts me at 200 will receive at 3" x 5" picture with the design of their choice. (Approximate value $50)

At 1000 "Likes" that person will receive a 6" x 9" picture with the design of their choice. (Approximate value $125)

To make sure I get the right person each time (just in case I don't catch it), be sure to watch the number and the ones that hit these numbers post it immediately. I'm going on the honor system here, so don't disappoint! IF I get 2 who claim the place at the same time, then I will choose the second one. Why the second one? Because by going with the first one, then EVERYONE will be the first! ;)

For those who place orders during this time, I will also give a 20% discount on pieces that are $50 or more!

So, please start "Sharing" & "Liking"!

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