Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing Everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wishing Everyone


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Lady of Grace Statue

Our Lady of Grace Statue
My youngest son surprised me with a trip to Florida to visit him and his brother (my grandson was in Georgia visiting his mother & siblings so I didn't get to see him, unfortunately). I surprised one of my best friends by just showing up at her door on Christmas Day. My sons & I had plans to go see a movie so I couldn't stay long, but we scheduled for Thursday to get together for the day.

So Mary & I got together on Thursday and decided to go to a new thrift store that she'd seen. This place was originally a grocery store, so it was huge! The prices were all over the place. Lots of things I wanted but were way over-priced. A few things were perfectly priced.

There was a plastic shoebox full of 41 red glass tea lite holders for $5! Great bargain! I bought that for Mary and took a couple of them for myself....didn't need too much weight in my back on the plane! LOL

For myself, I found a beautiful, old relief statue of Mary, Our Lady of Grace. She was only $6! She's beautiful and I had to have her - even put everything back I'd already picked for myself just so I could get her instead. WELL worth it!

Dr. Corbeaux said that these old ones were usually blessed by a priest and quite powerful. I know that she was the reason I went into that store, for sure. She now sits on my altar. I cleaned her up as she was dusty and had some kind of mark on her face, which I was able to remove. Carefully, so as not to ruin the statue. I am soooo pleased with her!

I will be doing a ritual with her today, both to thank her for coming to me, and to ask her blessing on my life. So here she is, isn't she beautiful?!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Green Luck Rice & Green Luck Rice Potpourri

Green Luck Rice & Green Luck Rice Potpourri
I decided I needed an extra abundance of luck and money so I gathered the materials and made these in less than half an hour. Super easy, very fun to do, and concentrating on the intent of the work assures me that it will prove to be a very worthwhile project!

The potpourri was kind of an accident. I had left over rice mixture and I was wanting to make a new "Money Herb" mix. So I gathered the few ingredients I had planned on using, threw them in, stirred it all up and couldn't believe the aroma! OMG it's perfect! Nice and soft, slightly spicy lemon! LOVE it!

Here's a picture of the bottles on the money altar. The lids hadn't been designed yet. The vintage bottle in front has the potpourri mix in it, the others are the Green Luck Rice.

Green Luck Rice
5 cups Rice
1 Tbls Green Sugar
Green Food Coloring – darkened to desired color
2 Tbls Alcohol
2 Tbls Water
Shredded Dollar(s)
1 Quarter
1 Dime
1 Nickel
1 Penny
Optional: other green items such as Aventurine stone, green ribbon, etc.

Pour rice & sugar in a large bowl.
Shred the dollar into tiny pieces.
Combine green food coloring, alcohol, and water mixing thoroughly.
Add the green liquid mixture to the rice and stir thoroughly, coating every grain of rice.
Add the shredded dollar bits and mix in completely.
Pour green luck rice mixture into clean jars, then press the coins down into it as far as you can (maybe even shake it a bit to get the coins to move even further down inside the mixture).

This mixture can be left in the jar in a prominent location, such as near the front door, near where you place your purse or wallet, or near your bills. Where ever you think it will work best….or in all the places! Even carry some in your wallet to keep money coming to you and you never run out.


Green Luck Rice Potpourri
5 cups Rice
1 Tbls Green Sugar
Green Food Coloring – darkened to desired color
2 Tbls Alcohol
2 Tbls Water
Shredded Dollar(s)
3 Tbls Cloves
2 Tbls Basil
3 Tbls Dried Lemon Peel bits

Pour rice & sugar in a large bowl, mixing well.
Shred the dollar into tiny pieces.
Combine green food coloring, alcohol, and water mixing thoroughly.
Add the green liquid mixture to the rice mixture and stir thoroughly, coating every grain of rice.
Add the shredded dollar bits, basil, cloves and dried lemon peel and mix in completely.
Pour green luck potpourri mixture into bowls to be placed around the house. I also put some in a vintage bottle to keep by the door on my Dragon altar.

The potpourri smells incredible – a nice, soft spicy lemon scent!

Below is the design on the jar lids. They're Hexencraft. Each color has meaning and each aspect of the design adds power to the overall design.

Green: abundance, fertility, growth
Yellow: the sun
White: free flow of energy
Orange: success

8 Points (flower/star): good luck, fertility, success
Water (scalloped edges): abundance, fertility, smooth sailing
Circles (center & dots): things w/o end

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thanking St. Joseph & St. Expedite

Thanking St. Joseph & St. Expedite
Well, calling upon St. Expedite is definitely the way to go when you want something NOW!

Poor St. Joseph has been buried in our yard for a few months now, and he's brought us more than a few looky-loos to the property. But no one with the money or financing to buy the place. We were shortly thereafter given an agent's name to contact. Within 12 hours we had a hit on the ad he'd placed, unfortunately they never followed through by making an appointment. So, then I called upon St. Expedite to assist St. Joseph. A couple of days later we get a call to schedule a viewing the following Monday. The brother of the potential buyers was driving down from Dayton, OH to view the place for his sister & brother-in-law in South Dakota.

Well, to make a long story short, we were offered full asking price, the contract was signed yesterday (4 days after the viewing), and the closing (provided everything goes ok) will be January 25, 2013! Woohoo!

                     THANK YOU ST. JOSEPH & ST. EXPEDITE!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Correcting My Own Misinformation on the Nature Sack

Correcting My Own Misinformation on the Nature Sack
There is nothing I hate worse than misinformation that is continuously passed on as fact. And I am guilty of this as well, for which I whole-heartedly apologize! That said, I would like to correct that misinformation now.

In my March 26, 2012 post, "The Nation Sack" I incorrectly gave misinformation regarding this hoodoo product and its history. Please follow the link to an article on about the Nature Sack for its true history.

I have to admit that when I first heard and read about the "Nation" Sack that it just didn't make sense, considering what its purpose was. I can remember thinking that it had to be "Nature" Sack, but who was I to question "the teachers" when I was only "the student" looking to learn. I now stand corrected and hope others will follow suit and correct themselves when they also find they've unknowingly disseminated misinformation.

So, I apologize for my ignorance, and I hope this retraction will be accepted.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 2012 is "Money Bags" Month

December 2012 is "Money Bags" Month
Well, this month is another special month for working money rituals. An event on these given days that occurs only once every 823 years so I am NOT about to miss this one either! The last year there have been 4 of these and I've made sure to take advantage of each of them.

These are the time frames for the workings:

December 2012 has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Mondays, referred to as a "Money Bags" event.

Today I'll also make a new mojo bag for it as well, but with a twist for selling our property. I would really like to get this place sold and get moved out to Kansas!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introduction: Making & Using the Magic Seals of Solomon

Introduction: Making & Using the Magic Seals of Solomon
In the following posts I give you the Magic Seals of Solomon and their descriptions. But first let me explain how to make them and then I'll give you some ideas on how to use them.  

How to Make & Consecrate the Magic Seals of Solomon

The Seals of Solomon are from the Key of Solomon, also called the Clavicula Salomonis. In the Key of Solomon each pentacle has certain angels, demons or spirits, each of which governs a specific planet. In turn, each planet has specific correspondences that must be adhered to. These are the day of the week, the hour of the day, and the color in which to make the seal. Doing these things will ensure the most powerful of seals. There is also a metal that is associated with each Pentacle set, but to make them out of each would be costly, if not impossible. It will be enough that the associated metal be on the altar with it (except Mercury, which is mercury and is illegal to have and extremely (deathly) poisonous).

Here are the correspondences you need to know for making your Pentacles:
Day of the Week:
Mixed Colors
Mercury (POISON)

The hours of the day that the Pentacles should be made are 6 am, 1 pm, or 8 pm.

To properly make your Pentacles they must be made on the appropriate day, at one of the appropriate hours, be of the correct color and if you’re lucky enough to have access to and the ability to work with metals, make it from the appropriate metal. Otherwise just have it nearby.

Before the consecration ritual you’ll need to take a cleansing ritual shower or bath.

Using the appropriate colored pen, draw 2 large circles on a piece of paper, one inside the other. Between the two circles write the names of God that correspond to your wish:

Elohim Gibor – to punish evil
Elohim Tzabaoth – to ask for mercy
El Shaddai – to ask for blessings

 Punish Evil



Place the Pentacle(s) inside the double circle you've chosen, then facing East, hold your Pentacle Seal (still inside the double circle) in the smoke of frankincense and/or myrrh incense to purify the seal. While doing this read the following Psalms in this order: 8, 18, 26, 21, 31, 50, 28, 71, 53, 133.**** To complete the ritual recite “The Oration” found in Chapter 8 of the Key of Solomon to consecrate the seal.

O ADONAI most powerful, EL most strong, AGLA most holy, ON most righteous, the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the Beginning and the End; thou who hast established all things in thy Wisdom; thou who has chosen Abraham thy faithful servant, and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed, which seed thou hast multiplied as the stars of Heaven; thou who hast appeared unto thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the Burning Bush, and hast made him walk with dry feet through the Red Sea; thou who gavest the Law to him upon Mount Sinai; thou who hast granted unto Solomon thy Servant these pentacles by thy great Mercy, for the preservation of Soul and of Body; we most humbly implore and supplicate thy Holy Majesty, that these pentacles may be consecrated by thy power, and prepared in such manner that they may obtain virtue and strength against all spirits, through thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom, Empire, and principality, remaineth and endureth without end.

You need to also learn the scripture associated with your Pentacle and recite it each time you use it. I’ve listed the scriptural verse number(s) and the vesicles for each below. Once consecrated, hold the Pentacle in your left hand and recite the scripture to activate the Seal. You will do this last action each time you want to use it. Consider it the proverbial knock on the door, without it the homeowner doesn’t know you’re standing outside and need their attention.

**2/12/2017 Update: Received from a reader: "The Pentacles should be anointed and prayed over weekly, according to each of their days, and if not on their days, at least once a week." So, for maximum, and a more rapid response, not only should the verses be stated each time you use it (i.e. each new working), but also to keep building the energies and powers of the Seals, read the verses each week, either on their appropriate day, or at the least, all at one time once a week. They also stated that they placed the 1st Pentacles of the Sun and the Moon over each of the other Pentacles used in the work to further empower those Seals. The results were fast and amazing! This is a new aspect to which I will be implementing immediately. :)

***4/29/2017 Update: A point was made, by the same reader who shared the information above (2/12/1017), regarding introducing yourself to the Angels prior to asking them to do work for you. This is very important!
We do not walk into someone's home that we do not know and sit down to dinner. We must know them, or be invited. So, it is very important that you sit first, introduce yourself to the Angels of the Pentacles, listen to what they may say to you, feel for their acceptance to do work for you. If you feel an affirmative, then go ahead, but if you feel nothing or a hesitation, then they need more assurance that who you are and what you want is of honest integrity enough for them to work with you.
You do NOT want to piss off a Divine Being! ;)

****6/4/2017 Update: It seems there are versions of the Books of Solomon that have different Psalms for the Consecration Prayer. This is not a surprise, as the Bible has been reinterpreted and rewritten so many times, so then we can logically assume that the Books of Solomon has had a few reinterpretations in all of their rewritings! These other Psalms are 8, 21, 27, 29, 32, 51, 72, 134. Reach both sets and find the ones (even a mixing of the two?) to find the ones that resonate best with you. :)

Versicle or Verse:
1st Pentacle of Saturn
Psalm 72:9
2nd Pentacle of Saturn
Psalm 72:8
3rd Pentacle of Saturn
Angels: Omeliel, Anachiel, Araughiah, Anazachia
4th Pentacle of Saturn
Deuteronomy 6:4, Psalm 109:18
5th Pentacle of Saturn
Deuteronomy 10:17
6th Pentacle of Saturn
Set thou a wicked one to be ruler over him, and let Satan stand at his right hand.
7th Pentacle of Saturn
Psalm 18:7
1st Pentacle of Jupiter
Angels: Netoniel, Devichiah, Tzedeqiah, Parasiel
2nd Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 112:3
3rd Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 125:1
4th Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 112:3
5th Pentacle of Jupiter
Ezekiel 1:1
6th Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 22:16-17
7th Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 113:7
1st Pentacle of Mars
Angels: Madimiel, Bartzachiah, Eschiel, Ithuriel
2nd Pentacle of Mars
John 1:4
3rd Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 77:13
4th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 110:5
5th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 91:13
6th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 37:15
7th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 105:32-33
1st Pentacle of the Sun
Behold His face and form by Whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey.
2nd Pentacle of the Sun
Angels: Shemeshiel, Paimoniah, Rekhodiah, Malkhiel
3rd Pentacle of the Sun
Daniel 4:34
4th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 13:3-4
5th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 91:11-12
6th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 69:23, Psalm 135:16
7th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 116:16-17
1st Pentacle of Venus
Angels: Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah (or Socohiah), Nangariel
2nd Pentacle of Venus
Canticles 8:6
3rd Pentacle of Venus
Genesis 1:28
4th Pentacle of Venus
Genesis 2:23-24
5th Pentacle of Venus
Psalm 22:14
1st Pentacle of Mercury
Spirits: Yekahel, Agiel
2nd Pentacle of Mercury
Spirits: Boel and other Spirits
3rd Pentacle of Mercury
Angels: Kokaviel, Gheoriah, Savaniah, Chokmahiel
4th Pentacle of Mercury
Wisdom and virtue are in his house, and the Knowledge of all things remaineth with him for ever.
5th Pentacle of Mercury
Psalm 24:7
1st Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 107:16
2nd Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 56:11
3rd Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 40:13
4th Pentacle of the Moon
Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I
5th Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 68:1
6th Pentacle of the Moon
Genesis 7:11-12

Methods for Using the Magic Seals of Solomon
Actually it's quite easy. You'll use them the same way you use bindrunes, amulets, or other talismans for whatever purpose you make them for!

Once you've chosen the Pentacle to make for your specific need and consecrated it to purpose, then either keep it on your altar, carry it with you, keep it in your vehicle, give it to the person you made it for if it wasn't made for yourself. The most powerful manner of use is to keep it with you at all times, even at night placing it on your nightstand next to you or under your pillow or mattress. But if it is easiest to just keep on your altar or other designated sacred space, then that will work perfectly as well.

Divination can be done with these Pentacles as well. Make the Seal of Solomon that best suits your situation and then use a pendulum to divine your “yes” or “no” answers. With Pendulum reading you must be very specific in your questions, and they must be answerable with a “yes” or “no”. If the pendulum goes in circles then there is no definitive answer at that moment or the question was worded incorrectly. Usually, but not always, “yes” is forward & backward, and “no” is side to side. You have to still the pendulum and ask specifically to show you each one individually for you to know how your particular pendulum works. Always still the pendulum between questions so you get a clear answer each time. Oh, and a pendulum can be as simple as a paperclip tied to a string!

Here are some other uses for specific Seals of Solomon:

6th Pentacle of the Moon: If you need rain for your garden place the seal in a bowl of water until you don't need the rain any longer.

3rd Pentacle of the Sun: For abundance and wealth.

6th Pentacle of Saturn: To vanquish your enemies completely.

If you have a situation, positive or negative, there is a Seal of Solomon that can be made for it.

The simplest way to make a Seal of Solomon is to print it out on your printer in the color of ink required for that particular pentacle. Or if you only have black ink then trace over the seal with the correct colored marker or colored pencil.

Working with these pentacles can bring some incredible power to your work. Pick one, make it, try it, and see!