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Introduction: Making & Using the Magic Seals of Solomon

Introduction: Making & Using the Magic Seals of Solomon
In the following posts I give you the Magic Seals of Solomon and their descriptions. But first let me explain how to make them and then I'll give you some ideas on how to use them.  

How to Make & Consecrate the Magic Seals of Solomon

The Seals of Solomon are from the Key of Solomon, also called the Clavicula Salomonis. In the Key of Solomon each pentacle has certain angels, demons or spirits, each of which governs a specific planet. In turn, each planet has specific correspondences that must be adhered to. These are the day of the week, the hour of the day, and the color in which to make the seal. Doing these things will ensure the most powerful of seals. There is also a metal that is associated with each Pentacle set, but to make them out of each would be costly, if not impossible. It will be enough that the associated metal be on the altar with it (except Mercury, which is mercury and is illegal to have and extremely (deathly) poisonous).

Here are the correspondences you need to know for making your Pentacles:
Day of the Week:
Mixed Colors
Mercury (POISON)

The hours of the day that the Pentacles should be made are 6 am, 1 pm, or 8 pm.

To properly make your Pentacles they must be made on the appropriate day, at one of the appropriate hours, be of the correct color and if you’re lucky enough to have access to and the ability to work with metals, make it from the appropriate metal. Otherwise just have it nearby.

Before the consecration ritual you’ll need to take a cleansing ritual shower or bath.

Using the appropriate colored pen, draw 2 large circles on a piece of paper, one inside the other. Between the two circles write the names of God that correspond to your wish:

Elohim Gibor – to punish evil
Elohim Tzabaoth – to ask for mercy
El Shaddai – to ask for blessings

 Punish Evil



Place the Pentacle(s) inside the double circle you've chosen, then facing East, hold your Pentacle Seal (still inside the double circle) in the smoke of frankincense and/or myrrh incense to purify the seal. While doing this read the following Psalms in this order: 8, 18, 26, 21, 31, 50, 28, 71, 53, 133.**** To complete the ritual recite “The Oration” found in Chapter 8 of the Key of Solomon to consecrate the seal.

O ADONAI most powerful, EL most strong, AGLA most holy, ON most righteous, the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the Beginning and the End; thou who hast established all things in thy Wisdom; thou who has chosen Abraham thy faithful servant, and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed, which seed thou hast multiplied as the stars of Heaven; thou who hast appeared unto thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the Burning Bush, and hast made him walk with dry feet through the Red Sea; thou who gavest the Law to him upon Mount Sinai; thou who hast granted unto Solomon thy Servant these pentacles by thy great Mercy, for the preservation of Soul and of Body; we most humbly implore and supplicate thy Holy Majesty, that these pentacles may be consecrated by thy power, and prepared in such manner that they may obtain virtue and strength against all spirits, through thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom, Empire, and principality, remaineth and endureth without end.

You need to also learn the scripture associated with your Pentacle and recite it each time you use it. I’ve listed the scriptural verse number(s) and the vesicles for each below. Once consecrated, hold the Pentacle in your left hand and recite the scripture to activate the Seal. You will do this last action each time you want to use it. Consider it the proverbial knock on the door, without it the homeowner doesn’t know you’re standing outside and need their attention.

**2/12/2017 Update: Received from a reader: "The Pentacles should be anointed and prayed over weekly, according to each of their days, and if not on their days, at least once a week." So, for maximum, and a more rapid response, not only should the verses be stated each time you use it (i.e. each new working), but also to keep building the energies and powers of the Seals, read the verses each week, either on their appropriate day, or at the least, all at one time once a week. They also stated that they placed the 1st Pentacles of the Sun and the Moon over each of the other Pentacles used in the work to further empower those Seals. The results were fast and amazing! This is a new aspect to which I will be implementing immediately. :)

***4/29/2017 Update: A point was made, by the same reader who shared the information above (2/12/1017), regarding introducing yourself to the Angels prior to asking them to do work for you. This is very important!
We do not walk into someone's home that we do not know and sit down to dinner. We must know them, or be invited. So, it is very important that you sit first, introduce yourself to the Angels of the Pentacles, listen to what they may say to you, feel for their acceptance to do work for you. If you feel an affirmative, then go ahead, but if you feel nothing or a hesitation, then they need more assurance that who you are and what you want is of honest integrity enough for them to work with you.
You do NOT want to piss off a Divine Being! ;)

****6/4/2017 Update: It seems there are versions of the Books of Solomon that have different Psalms for the Consecration Prayer. This is not a surprise, as the Bible has been reinterpreted and rewritten so many times, so then we can logically assume that the Books of Solomon has had a few reinterpretations in all of their rewritings! These other Psalms are 8, 21, 27, 29, 32, 51, 72, 134. Reach both sets and find the ones (even a mixing of the two?) to find the ones that resonate best with you. :)

Versicle or Verse:
1st Pentacle of Saturn
Psalm 72:9
2nd Pentacle of Saturn
Psalm 72:8
3rd Pentacle of Saturn
Angels: Omeliel, Anachiel, Araughiah, Anazachia
4th Pentacle of Saturn
Deuteronomy 6:4, Psalm 109:18
5th Pentacle of Saturn
Deuteronomy 10:17
6th Pentacle of Saturn
Set thou a wicked one to be ruler over him, and let Satan stand at his right hand.
7th Pentacle of Saturn
Psalm 18:7
1st Pentacle of Jupiter
Angels: Netoniel, Devichiah, Tzedeqiah, Parasiel
2nd Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 112:3
3rd Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 125:1
4th Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 112:3
5th Pentacle of Jupiter
Ezekiel 1:1
6th Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 22:16-17
7th Pentacle of Jupiter
Psalm 113:7
1st Pentacle of Mars
Angels: Madimiel, Bartzachiah, Eschiel, Ithuriel
2nd Pentacle of Mars
John 1:4
3rd Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 77:13
4th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 110:5
5th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 91:13
6th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 37:15
7th Pentacle of Mars
Psalm 105:32-33
1st Pentacle of the Sun
Behold His face and form by Whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey.
2nd Pentacle of the Sun
Angels: Shemeshiel, Paimoniah, Rekhodiah, Malkhiel
3rd Pentacle of the Sun
Daniel 4:34
4th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 13:3-4
5th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 91:11-12
6th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 69:23, Psalm 135:16
7th Pentacle of the Sun
Psalm 116:16-17
1st Pentacle of Venus
Angels: Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah (or Socohiah), Nangariel
2nd Pentacle of Venus
Canticles 8:6
3rd Pentacle of Venus
Genesis 1:28
4th Pentacle of Venus
Genesis 2:23-24
5th Pentacle of Venus
Psalm 22:14
1st Pentacle of Mercury
Spirits: Yekahel, Agiel
2nd Pentacle of Mercury
Spirits: Boel and other Spirits
3rd Pentacle of Mercury
Angels: Kokaviel, Gheoriah, Savaniah, Chokmahiel
4th Pentacle of Mercury
Wisdom and virtue are in his house, and the Knowledge of all things remaineth with him for ever.
5th Pentacle of Mercury
Psalm 24:7
1st Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 107:16
2nd Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 56:11
3rd Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 40:13
4th Pentacle of the Moon
Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I
5th Pentacle of the Moon
Psalm 68:1
6th Pentacle of the Moon
Genesis 7:11-12

Methods for Using the Magic Seals of Solomon
Actually it's quite easy. You'll use them the same way you use bindrunes, amulets, or other talismans for whatever purpose you make them for!

Once you've chosen the Pentacle to make for your specific need and consecrated it to purpose, then either keep it on your altar, carry it with you, keep it in your vehicle, give it to the person you made it for if it wasn't made for yourself. The most powerful manner of use is to keep it with you at all times, even at night placing it on your nightstand next to you or under your pillow or mattress. But if it is easiest to just keep on your altar or other designated sacred space, then that will work perfectly as well.

Divination can be done with these Pentacles as well. Make the Seal of Solomon that best suits your situation and then use a pendulum to divine your “yes” or “no” answers. With Pendulum reading you must be very specific in your questions, and they must be answerable with a “yes” or “no”. If the pendulum goes in circles then there is no definitive answer at that moment or the question was worded incorrectly. Usually, but not always, “yes” is forward & backward, and “no” is side to side. You have to still the pendulum and ask specifically to show you each one individually for you to know how your particular pendulum works. Always still the pendulum between questions so you get a clear answer each time. Oh, and a pendulum can be as simple as a paperclip tied to a string!

Here are some other uses for specific Seals of Solomon:

6th Pentacle of the Moon: If you need rain for your garden place the seal in a bowl of water until you don't need the rain any longer.

3rd Pentacle of the Sun: For abundance and wealth.

6th Pentacle of Saturn: To vanquish your enemies completely.

If you have a situation, positive or negative, there is a Seal of Solomon that can be made for it.

The simplest way to make a Seal of Solomon is to print it out on your printer in the color of ink required for that particular pentacle. Or if you only have black ink then trace over the seal with the correct colored marker or colored pencil.

Working with these pentacles can bring some incredible power to your work. Pick one, make it, try it, and see!



  2. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I never received a notice of your request for information. The way I do this is to say the Psalm associated with the Seals, then the 1st Prayer over the Seal, then do the ritual that I have written to be done, then follow it up with the 2nd Prayer. I hope this is what you were looking for. :) I hope your holidays were great and you have a blessed New Year!

    1. If one is using the second pentacle of mercury then what would be the best replacement for mercury (since i obviously cannot use mercury), and when you say they can only be made at certain times does that mean they can only be drawn at these times or just consecrate and what would be the correct name to use with the second pentacle of mercury.

    2. Use Brass, in place of Mercury, as it is also associated with the planet

  3. If one is using the second pentacle of mercury then what would be the best replacement for mercury (since i obviously cannot use mercury), and when you say they can only be made at certain times does that mean they can only be drawn at these times or just consecrate and what would be the correct name to use with the second pentacle of mercury.

  4. "Boel" is the name listed for the 2nd Pentacle of Mercury. It also says "other spirits", but doesn't specifically say which, so I take it to mean any of the others associated with Mercury (Yekahel, Agiel, and maybe even the
    Angels: Kokaviel, Gheoriah, Savaniah, Chokmahiel).

    As for the mercury metal itself, no you definitely can't use that - and you'd be lucky to find any, except maybe in a very old mercury thermometer (just be careful not to break it open!) I've heard some people substitute a Mercury Dime, and others say that to do so is wrong because it's not the mercury metal. Personally, if I had a Mercury Dime, I'd use it because I'm one to use that which I can associate one correspondence with another and know that the energies will work together fine. Besides, "Mercury" the metal was named for "Mercury" the God, and the "Mercury Dime" has "Mercury" the God on its face. How much more "Mercury" can you get in this day when it's basically impossible to get mercury the metal. ;)

    OK, that said, and after checking some of my resources here in my books, Aluminum & Zinc are often used as substitutes for Mercury. Which today most likely means - all the time! :)

    For making these Seals from their appropriate metal (or appropriate substitution), you would follow the instructions regarding when & how to make them. This means during the appropriate day & hour, calling the corresponding Spirits or Angels, and stating the verses or vesicles associated with it as well.

    So for Mercury's Pentacles it would be Wednesday, at 6 am, 1 pm, or 8 pm, it's color(s) are "mixed", but Purple is usually the chosen color. And of course, be sure to recite the Prayers & call the Spirits as well.

    1. je vous en remercie and sorry to bother you again but is it possible to draw it in advance (if we are able to draw it (which would take a little time) and then consecrate it on wednesday? or must it be drawn and consecrated at the same time on wednesday)?

  5. je vous en remercie and sorry to bother you again but is it possible to draw it in advance (if we are able to draw it (which would take a little time) and then consecrate it on wednesday? or must it be drawn and consecrated at the same time on wednesday)? and one final question, i was recommeded by a friend that nailling a pentacle to you altar using coffin neals helps increase its potency- have you ever come across such a reccomendation?

    1. forgive my spelling error i meant nails not neals

  6. :) I've never heard of actually nailing it to the altar, but I suppose there's really no reason you couldn't. I'm just not one to want to put holes in my altar - but that's just me (I'm kind of picky about such things! LOL)

    I usually print mine out on the computer - I could NEVER get all those lines correct, and I'd probably end up with something that was way wrong and meant something else. So, I just print out the Pentacle(s) I want, either in the colored ink that they're supposed to be, or color it later with a marker or pens in the right color, or print it out on the right colored paper. Lots of options, really.

    So, if you print it out ahead of time, then you can color it when you "make" and consecrate it on the appropriate day and at the chosen hour. The main focus is that YOU are concentrating on what you want the whole work to manifest as. The Divine is more than a little forgiving, so if things are done a little differently than they did it a few hundred years ago, I'm sure the "progress" we humans have made (with printers, computers, pens, etc.) will be taken into consideration! :)

  7. Thank you for this trove of information. I was just wondering if the psalms mentioned are from the new king James version of the bible or is it a different one?


  8. I think it should be from which ever the person doing the work is most comfortable. Personally, I don't care for the "new" or "modern" versions and prefer to stick with the King James or the Aramaic (in Plain English). I guess I'm more than a bit old fashioned in that regard. But I know some people DO prefer the new & more modern. So, I think the best thing to do is to choose a verse, go to a Bible site that presents several different versions ( or are a couple of them I like), read each one and find the one(s) you prefer. Invariably, I always end up with the King James or the Aramaic. :)

    So you try it and see which you prefer, and go from there. Good luck! :)

  9. When performing the ritual, the seals need to be done while the planets are in a sign like "Jupiter is traveling through Cancer" thus the fourth seal can be done and OR the ritual for that particular seal can be done during June for Cancer?

    The rituals are reliant on the months for the 12 signs or the planets / stars as they travel through the Houses?

  10. From my understanding, they're made during the DAY of what ever Pentacle your making (Sunday for Sun, Monday for Moon, Tuesday for Mars, etc.), and the HOUR of that day being 6 am, 1 pm, or 8 pm. I would also surmise that each could be made in its subsequent month, but I haven't read anything that states exactly that as being required. It would definitely be a year long project if one was do it this way - but what a great project it would be!

  11. Exactly, reading the consecration of pentacles, Jupiters fourth seal demanded to be made with silver and while it rested in the sign of cancer, I thought of this as a reference to June since the sign of Cancer takes place during that time.
    Idk, I'm figuring out the process, but it's reassuring to hear someone else say different

  12. I'm just taking it directly from the "Key of Solomon", as it states there. But the idea of spending a year (or so) to make them would be a really powerful project. The energy in the set when completed would be extraordinary! The closest I've ever come to that sort of thing was to mark the sunrise of each of the 8 sabbats at our home in Kentucky, and large post markers here in Kansas where I just marked the sunrises of each of the 4 seasons, rather than all 8 sabbats.

  13. Great info! you're awesome. Thank you so much.
    Need your help & guidance : Have a seal of Jupiter engraved on a silver-plated necklace, been charged etc. It's worn all the time - question is - does it de-charge if it gets wet? I assume it would be ok as I have seal of AA Michael infusing special holy water as well, ( which works so well.) I assume a seal on silver - retains its charge and still works fine it gets wet? ? Advice much appreciated :)
    Any ideas Granny Tackett?


  14. Water is a conductor, so no it would not discharge it, in fact it would reinforce the charge. To confirm this further, silver (plate) and water are correspondences of each other, thus each mutually strengthening the other.

    1. Awww thank you kindly. It's a blessing to have you guidance. Much love :)

  15. You're welcome, and thank you!

  16. I noticed your Pentacles design did not include a lot of Hebrew symbols and words, like on other sites. They seem to think their's is more powerful. I just think it is more difficult to make! If I get zapped by a lightning bolt I will know what the Universe thinks about it! :)

  17. I haven't altered the Seals in any way, at all. They were copied (and compared to make sure they were "right") from public domain sources online and in the public domain e-book(s) I have on "The Key of Solomon", so I'm not sure what you're referring to. LOL There is NO WAY I could ever try to write out ANY of the Hebrew lettering! Which is why I copied them on to my computer and then shared them here with the instructions on how to make (print them out) and use them (which no other sites, I've found so far, do that). I have also "colored" them their appropriate color, just haven't put them up here yet. Maybe it's time I do!

    Thanks for commenting! Have a blessed day!

  18. which seal,pentacle or ritual is for addiction? Its for my son.

  19. There are several that could be used for this, either each by themselves or in conjunction with each other (which would be my choice).

    6th Pentacle of Jupiter - Protects from all earthly dangers
    (A good protection Seal, which would be great to use in conjunction with the 1st Pentacle of the Sun and 4th Pentacle of the Moon)

    2nd Pentacle of Mars - Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts.
    ("Addiction" is a disease)

    1st Pentacle of the Sun - The 'El Shaddai' talisman which is alleged to bring the possessor all things they may desire.
    (This is the one that I would especially use in conjunction with which ever one(s) you choose)

    2nd Pentacle of Mercury - This Talisman is said to gain the impossible; granting wishes contrary to the order of nature.
    (This one is for accomplishing the seemingly impossible, and would be an excellent one for what you need)

    4th Pentacle of the Moon - Defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul.
    (A good general protection Seal for your son, but I would include it in conjunction with the 1st Pentacle of the Sun and the 6th Pentacle of Jupiter)

    I hope this will give you some ideas. There are places online that you can purchase some of the Seals, but I don't think I've ever seen a place that has all of them (I could be mistaken, though). If you do go that route, and you're able to get at least one, I would suggest the 1st Pentacle of the Sun to be that one.

    Many prayers & blessings for you, your son, and your family. :)

  20. Thanks for this wonderful wealth of information Granny Tackett. Just wondering if you have some success stories you can share with using the Pentacles.


  21. Personally, I keep several for specific purposes (car, purse, house) that each have worked as they're supposed to: the ones in the car have kept us from having accidents, and when the car has broken down, we were not in any danger and it was fixed easily: the ones in my purse keep me from ever not having money when I need it: the ones all over the house have kept us safe from human or natural disasters.

    I have clients who keep certain ones for their businesses, for blessings of money, for pregnancy, etc.

    The Seals of Solomon work for anyone and everyone, maybe not as expected, but they always work as the Divine wills them to. My "money" ones haven't won me the lottery, but I'm never "without". The ones used for safe travel have kept our travels safe, even if we broke down.

    So, if you're looking for something to keep with you for a specific purpose, the Seals are a great way to bring it to you. Again, it may not be in the manner you expect (or maybe even want), but they always work yo your best advantage. The Divine knows far better, and sees farther into the future, than we do, and knows what will benefit us the greatest in the long run.


  22. can the author who informed the reader and make this guide put in what gem pertains to each seal?

  23. I have not found anything, even in the Lesser & Greater Key of Solomon books that give any specific gemstones for each of the Seals, only the metals. However, if you take into consideration the colors associated with each of the Pentacles (Sun - gold, Mars - red, etc.), then using stones of those colors should be more than appropriate. I would also take into consideration the opacity or translucence of the stone.

    Fire & Air stones are clear or translucent and easy to see through, while the Earth & Water stones are opaque and cannot be seen through. When considering the Pentacle to be used and the color associated with it, you may also want to consider the Element of that Pentacle and choose a stone accordingly:

    Earth (opaque stones): Saturn
    Air (clear stones): Jupiter & Mercury
    Fire (clear stones): Sun & Mars, also Jupiter
    Water (opaque stones): Moon & Venus, also Saturn

    Just a suggestion, but as it is not presented in the Keys of Solomon themselves, then this is only a personal observation. I would suggest experimenting with this to find that which works best for you.

    Hope that helps somewhat and gives you an idea of where to start.

    Thank you for the question, it made me do some research and given me ideas for ritual use myself. :)


  24. Hello: I am wanting to add the 3rd pentacle of the Sun to my abundance/money work and your instructions are very well laid out. However, I had read that the 3rd Pentacle of the Sun also carries the same attributes as the 1st & 2nd Pentacles of the Sun, therefore the vericle/verses associated with those pentacle needs to be recited as well when using the 3rd. Your thoughts on this? Thank you for your help. becky

  25. While I hadn't heard this before, nor read it in the Books of Solomon, I can see how someone would conceptualize it that way. There is quite a bit of cross-over from one Pentacle to another, even from one Planet to another. for example:

    1st and/or 3rd Pentacles of the Sun - 1st: "bring the possessor all things they may desire", 3rd: "attract renown, glory, riches"
    with the 1st Pentacle of Saturn: "wishes & requests"
    and/or with the 2nd Pentacle of Jupiter: "acquiring glory, honors, riches, & tranquility of mind"

    My view on it though is that the 1st Pentacle of the Sun encompasses EVERYTHING in ALL of the Pentacles put together, as it states, "bring the possessor all things they may desire." I consider it to be the quintessential Pentacle to use, either all by itself or with any of the others chosen for whatever the work's purpose is.

    But that's just my personal view of what I've read and learned, and I'm always open to hearing (and learning) other's interpretations as well. :)


  26. Thank you for your insight. Another question: Once the wish has been granted, I'm use to giving gratitude and releasing spirits, etc for their assistance. Having never worked with the pentacles before, please advise how to discharge/ release. Also, how do I know what Angels are associated with the pentacles?

  27. Hello,Granny:

    At what point do I make my request after activating pentacle? I was wanting to incorporate the use of the pentacle into my money alter and place it in my mojo hand so that it is with me continuously. I would assume the alter set would be as normal: dressing candles, anointing objects, etc. But I see the pentacle will required the burning of frankincense instead of a money drawing incense. Do I activate the pentacle first before setting up alter...???? Need a little guidance. Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure that the utmost respect is given and done properly. I don't take working with the Spirits likely and don't want any harm coming back on me due to ignorance. Thank you for your kindness and help. Becky

  28. :) I'm of the belief that anything done in purity of heart & spirit is never considered wrong and thus condemned for such actions. The Spirits know our intent, so don't worry about the insulting or something coming back at you due to "ignorance". One cannot do the "right" thing if one does not know it at the outset. But when one does know what to do and refuses to do so, then there could be retribution for the actions.

    The Pentacles are not something you "release" after consecrating. Once consecrated they are always consecrated-to-purpose. As for the Angels, which ever ones are specific to your purpose. Some, as listed in the lesson, are specific to particular Pentacles but not all of them have Angels associated with them.

    Your Pentacles are activated and then used in ritual or kept on you (such as your Mojo hand). Once activated they are always activated. There's also no reason you can't use your Money Drawing Oil as well as the Frankincense.

    Something I always tell my students...DON'T nitpick everything to death. DON'T analyze every little detail and fret over it. Read any instructions you get, research more if you feel you need more, compare notes from your sources, and then do whatever comes naturally. You will find that you will be guided to what is right, and even if later you find that you "forgot" something, so what. If you were meant to "remember" it, then you would have. Or (as happens to me all the time), you do something off-the-cuff and then you find out later that it was something exceptional that is only done sometimes, but invariably it adds "that something extra" you needed for that work.

    Literally........RELAX and go with the flow. TRUST yourself and your Guides. You won't go wrong. I promise. :)

    1. What's the difference in the construction of say 1 through six of the Pentacles I haven't found it in the first two keys and are the incantations different for each also the names and sigils

    2. What's the difference in the construction of say 1 through six of the Pentacles I haven't found it in the first two keys and are the incantations different for each also the names and sigils

    3. Everything for consecrating the Pentacles is given in the Introduction instructions. I've made them as simple as possible.

      The list of verses and vesicles are given for each Pentacle. You'll need a Bible to look them up to read them during the Consecration ritual.

      And, I'm not sure I understand what you're requesting regarding the names and sigils. The Pentacles' names, the Pentacles themselves, the Consecration Prayers, everything, is in the lesson. I don't know what else to say, other than please read through more thoroughly.


  29. Again thank you for the reassurance.

    You have been a tremendous source of information for me and one final question: The name circle used for the purpose intended - what is done with this? Is the pentacle placed in the center? I cant find any instructions on how to use it other than how to make it.

  30. Thank you for pointing that out. Sometimes when typing things out I may inadvertently leave something out. :) I'v adjusted the lesson to say:

    "Place the Pentacle(s) inside the double circle you've chosen, then facing East, hold your Pentacle seal (still inside the double circle) in the smoke of frankincense and/or myrrh incense to purify the seal. ..."

    Hope that helps. ::


  31. hi. I just wanted to know. Can I write all the 3 names of god in one circle?


    1. :) Anyone can do as they feel they want or need to, but honestly I would not advise it in this case.

      Each one has a specific intent and energy base to it:
      Elohim Gibor – to punish evil
      Elohim Tzabaoth – to ask for mercy
      El Shaddai – to ask for blessings

      I can see using Elohim Tzabaoth and El Shaddai together, but Elohim Gibor is something altogether different and should be kept separate. This does not mean they cannot be on the same altar being aimed at the same situation, for example to bring mercy & blessings to someone who has been harmed by another, and that other person being punished for their deeds. The 2 being for the person harmed and the other for the one to be punished for the harm they've caused another.

      I hope this helps answer your question.


    2. oh yes. but i think i missunderstand the true meaning of elohim gibor. I just wanted to use to keep enemy spirits (evil spirits) far away from me. because that should have a meaning in my point of view. I do not want to harm anybody. I'm not a pussycat, but that's just not my table ;)

      anyway thanks for your "timewasting" on me. God bless You

  32. Oh, there is absolutely NO "time wasting" when questions needs answering. If someone doesn't know something and is afraid to ask, then they waste time in floundering around trying to figure out the answer. And anyone who gets put out by those who ask questions should not have placed themselves in a position which brings others to their door to ask those questions. :)

    Have a blessed Yule, Merry Christmas/Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!

  33. anyway. I have an other question, which happened me a year before and now maybe you can deal with it. I've met a year before with a higher being. I used imagination techniques to move my conciousness to the "upper world". I've met there with a beeing called himself Malphas. It was very helpful and friendly with me. It wanted to give me a beautiful spiritual travel, but I didn't feel myself ready and I came back to my normal conscious statement. I don't know why, but I searched on that name, and I found a demon, which has a name Malaphas, which is very similar to my guardians name. What do you think. Could a demon be my guardian or I just met with one, who wanted to control me :D I know it sounds funny, but I'm very curious about it. Anyway since that I experienced a tons of spiritual travels, and I have connention only with the true loving light of Hashem. But anyway i really interested on your point of you.

    Thank you

    1. "Demons" are constructs of the Book Religions (Judeo-Christian-Muslim). They're systems have taken many Pagan Gods or Deities and demonized them. Yes, many of the Goetic Spirits are not something to dabble in/with. But most of them are excellent to work with (properly) and will bring you everything you need or want.

      Malphas is the 39th Goetic Spirit, President of 40 Legions, and his attributes are:
      Fortresses; Knowledge of the enemy; Familiars; He wants to receive sacrifices, but will deceive the Summoner if he wants.

      Here are 2 websites, one is dedicated specifically to him an the other has great information on the Goetic Spirits in general:

      Have fun with your research! :)

  34. Hello there,

    WOW. What a trove of information. By the pentacles, do you mean a physical star pentacle, or you must draw the corresponding seal into the circle as normally seen ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you!

    1. The Seals of Solomon are often referred to as Pentacles. So, when I say Pentacle it is in reference to the Seals. :)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Beautiful! Very nicely done, thank you so much for sharing. I know it will be saved and used by many, myself included. :)

    2. Thank you very much. :) It means a lot to me.

    3. hi guys! I just created and colourized a CIRCLE. You can sit on the middle of it. You can use if you want to. I hope you like it ;)

      God bless You all

  36. an other question came to me about the subject. What do you think, should I stay in a protection circle (in a circle, what I previously shared), when I make the consecration ritual on a pentacle, or it is enough to put only the pentacles in a circle?


  37. i assume this is all done withing the JEWISH tradition respecting the Hebrew names of G-d

    1. and what about pentacles already made and purchased on the INTERNET?

      for example these?

      cant you just do the prayer psalms at the time of wearing one or do you have to make yours as you go, can you wear them in the toilet or while taking a piss?, and how do you dispose them after your done or if they are worn out?


  38. a Hi Granny Tacket here in the Philipines are selling frankincense oil and have a blend of grapeseed oil could it be just ok that it will be my incense and my second question what would i do to the frankincense oil so that it would be incense so that i can burn it and my third question would it be ok that in my ritual of making and concentrating the Solomon pentacles i would not burn a frankincense nor myrrh just using other incense cuz myhhr and frankincense are higthly priced and its too far away to nuy them in Mindanao cuz you post in the article that its better than intent than actuality Pleased answer me i really need a Guide Thank YOU it would be helpful :)

  39. Yes, those resins can definitely be expensive. I prefer to work with what I have, what I can obtain in my area (usually for little to no cost), or only in rare instance buy something online. I have only recently been able to do this, but I've also chosen to use these "expensive" items for only very specific purposes.

    For those who can't find or afford them, DON'T WORRY! Work with what you have or can get within your budget. The Divine knows our intent and does not expect us to live beyond our means. So, use the Pentacles with oils, herbs & candles at most, or just the Pentacles by themselves with only your energies and intents used to consecrate them. Keeping them with you is also a great way to make sure the energies continue to build.

    I've worked by instinct for most of my time on this Path. That came after quite a few years of fretting about "getting it right" because So & So's book told me I "had" to do such & such. Once I realized that they're just telling me what THEY do and found was right for THEM, then I relaxed and began to work more intuitively and instinctively. And my works became much more powerful. :)

    Try it and you'll see!

  40. Thank You Granny Tacket i am really happy that you share your Knowledge to all of us my 4th question how would i know that it had work what would i try so that ill know Thaky You Very Much :) ?

  41. Thank You Granny Tacket For Answering my questions my 4th question how would i know that it had work without using any frankincense and myhrr but using those incense that were low priced ?:) Thank You It would be Helpful :)

  42. Price has nothing to do with it. The Divine doesn't work on "who spends the most". It works on the intent of the person: are they honest & true in their need or want? So, while the "preferred" resins may be the Frankincense and Myrrh that does not mean the ritual won't work without it. If you're able to get Copal or Pine, these are the appropriate substitutions for Frankincense. If you can't, then use what you can that has the same aspects associated with it.

  43. Hi Granny Tacket i got questions ive been searching sites telling about King Solomon Seals Black Pullet Seals They tell that these seals can bring Harm or Bad Karma to the practitioner they are providing other methods of making the talisman they dont Consecrate it in the Name Of God Jesus Christ Nor Reading The Psalms Pls Guide Me Are They Telling The Truth ? :) It Would Be Helpful Thank You

  44. Hi Granny Tacket can The King Solomon Seals and Black Pullet Seals Can Bring Harm If You tell someone the porpused of the seals and if someone knows pls Guide Me Im A Biginner ? :)

  45. I don't believe in Karma, nor do I believe that 'harm' would come for not doing "exactly" as it is "supposed" to be done. The Divine is hardly that narrow-minded and only wants to help and assist the person asking for it and working with & through the Divine to obtain that goal.

    The Divine did not write these "rules". The Divine gave us a brain to use to intelligently commune with It and to learn how to access Its power in order to manifest in our lives that which we both need and want.

    If someone prefers to "follow the rules", then they should. That is what works for them. For those who prefer to do things a "out of the box", then that is what they should do. The Divine does not discriminate against those who use their free will to do what they feel led to do.

    And any God who WOULD be that narrow-minded and discriminating is no God I would want anything to do with. Thankfully, the Divine I work with is not and does not.

  46. Thanks Granny Tacket for youre Guidance are you a Cristian ? :)

  47. Ahh Hi Granny Tacket could i use the King James Version of Psalms in Concencrating the Seals Pls Guide Me Your Answer will Be Reallly Helpful Thank You Very Much ? :)

  48. You use what ever version of the Bible and Psalms you prefer.

  49. Ahh Hello Granny Tacket I Got a Question Are You A Cristian a Biliever Of Christ ?

  50. No, I am not Christian. I believe in the Divine by any and all names - and there are many. Jesus Christ is one of them. Do I call upon and work with Christ? Yes, regularly.

    When working with clients I find out their belief system and I work within that system. Trying to call upon Zeus when the person is Heathen (thus would call upon Odin), would not work. Working with a client who is Christian I would call upon God &/or Jesus Christ. Jehovah would be called upon if working with a Jewish client.

    I am not arrogant enough to believe that "my way" is the "only way". Each has a belief system that works for them. Faith cannot be stuffed into a box and doled out in exact measurements to each person. Each must have, and be allowed to find, their own way to the Divine. It's called Free Will...something the God of Abraham and the Pagan Gods are all very specific about.

    Cookie-cutter religion may work for many, but there are many more that prefer to exercise their free will and find and come to the Divine (by what ever name they prefer) on their own and on their own terms. I am one of those people, and thus have a very strong relationship with the Divine.

  51. Your site is very fascinating and quite wonderful. I have a question!
    So I have this ring of silver, which would be perfect for a moon talisman. How best would I go about imparting one of the seals upon it? It should be a pretty powerful source as it was given in great love. However drawing a pentacle upon it would be pretty difficult nigh impossible. As neither my drawing skills nor my eyes are that good for drawing something that small. I was thinking maybe 4th of the moon but not sure how best to go about it.

    Thank you!

  52. Since it would be virtually impossible to inscribe the Seal on the ring itself. I would instead place your ring on a print-out of the Seal, which is placed inside the El Shaddai (blessings) double circle, then light a candle and recite the verse that goes with the 4th Pentacle of the Moon, "Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I". Leave the ring on the Pentacle inside the El Shaddai double circle until the candle burns out. Then you can wear the ring and feel fully protected.

    You could also use the 1st Pentacle of the Sun - which is the "overall" Pentacle that covers everything you would want or need, and is a great added power to any of the others you choose to use. I always include this Pentacle in every work I do that includes the use of the Seals of Solomon.

    I hope that helps answer your question. Thanks for asking! :)


    1. Thank you so very much. :)
      So would I use the sun with the moon at the same time? Or the sun on Sunday and then follow up with the moon on Monday?

      That would be doubley wunderbar.

  53. If you aren't under any time constraints, then yes, doing the ritual twice - once on Sunday and then on Monday - would be very beneficial, and more appropriate. But some people don't have that luxury or just don't want to take the time.

    A biggie work you could do to get ready for those 2 rituals, would be to place your ring so that it will receive the eclipse energies tomorrow morning. I don't know where you are, but you could check to see what time it will occur in your time zone (the only place it will actually be visible is the Pacific, but the energies will be everywhere). LOL You have me now wanting to find and pile up outside everything that could benefit from the eclipse energies!

  54. You should! I've been trying to figure something out to do for the eclipse but can't think of anything. I will do that though. Can't really decide on something else to do.

  55. hi GrannyTacket i have a question it would be helpful if you can answer thankyou if i had make it in 1pm but if its not a colored printer and i have not colored it in time of 1pm would it still work ?:)

  56. hi GrannyTacket how could i know that the seals worked when im done consecrating on it would i do something to know if it works i want to be really sure that ive done it correctly would it be there signs or dreams youre answer would be helpful thankyou ?:)

  57. Yes. It will work. You really need to stop making such huge issues out of everything. If you're energies and intents toward what you are doing are on-task and true, then the energies are good and you'll have what you're wanting.

    When I make mine, I print them out to the size I want, cut them out and place them on the altar for use. When they're done, I burn all of them and put the ashes in the wind to send the energies on their way. Nothing extensive or fancy, just "doing" it. :)

  58. Hi granny,

    i bought long ago 6th and 7th pentacle of jipiter can you give knowledge about this pentacle and what should i do, the 6th is for earthly protection the 7th is against poverty,

    can you enlightened me and help me work out with this side by side pentacle.

    more thanks

  59. I'm not sure what exactly you're asking. IF you purchased these Pentacles, then you would've purchased them for a reason, already knowing what they're for and represent, i.e. protection and against poverty. This explains exactly what they are and what they're for. So, beyond that I have no idea what it is you're wanting to know.

    Consecrate them for yourself according to the information in the lesson here and you'll then have them ready to use. Keep them where ever it is that is most beneficial to you for their particular purposes - in your wallet or in your house...where ever you feel it's needed. That's really all that can be said since they're self-explanatory as to their meanings. :)

  60. How is the "cleansing ritual shower or bath" done? Is it just a regular bath? Or if it is a ritual, how is it done?

    1. A ritual bath is a normal bath, but the intent is different. You are spiritually cleansing yourself for ritual to rid yourself of ethereal "dirt" that would not be beneficial to the ritual. While bathing just envision the spiritual negativity being washed away.

  61. In the consecration, should I read the whole chapters of psalms chapter 8, 18, 26, 21, 31, 50, 28, 71, 53 and chapter 133? Or just specific verses?

    Also how is the cleansing ritual or bath is done? Is it a normal bath?

    I'm looking forward for your reply.
    Sorry. I'm just an over thinker.i just don't want go wrong
    I'm confused. Can you list the simple steps on consecrating the pentacles. I'm confused on the prayer arrangements. What does First or what does last.
    Sorry about this.


    1. If it says Psalm 8, then it is the entire chapter. If it says Psalm 8:4 (or what ever number is after the colon symbol), then you only read that verse or the verses given.

      A ritual bath is a normal bath, but the intent is different. You are spiritually cleansing yourself for ritual to rid yourself of ethereal "dirt" that would not be beneficial to the ritual. While bathing just envision the spiritual negativity being washed away.

      As for the "simple steps on consecrating the pentacles"...the steps are already there, very simple and very direct. Read each line carefully and you'll see what to do.

      The prayers - again, read what it says, they're listed exactly as they're supposed to be read and in the order they're to be read.

      My instructions were written very clearly and defined completely. You just have to take your time, read each one and work it out. Others cannot do the work for you any more than it already has to make it as easy as possible. Those of us who have done this and taken the time to write it all out, in order of action, had to figure it out for ourselves. We cannot do anything more, aside from doing it for you, which we cannot as we are not there with you.

      You will have to do the best you can. The Divine knows your abilities and will guide you. The more you do the works you're studying, the more you'll improve and it will become very easy.


  62. Great. Thanks again Granny Tackett.
    More Blessings

  63. Sorry to bother you again.This Might be too long for a comment. Honestly I've been doing a reaserch about The Keys Of Solomon for a month and I've found blogs and

    books online just like yours.
    Reading many articles and books are just making these things complicated for me. Sorry about that.
    I've found a book "The Key Of Solomon", I know that you've already seen and read the texts in this book.

    though the books are the same but they are in different translations with the same meanings and instructions indicated.

    In Chapter 8 of the 1st book Indicates:

    "The pentacles should then be made in the days and hours of Mercury, when the Moon is in an aerial (i.e. in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.) or

    terrestrial sign; she should also be in her increase, and in equal number of days with the Sun."

    "The pentacles being finished and completed, take a cloth of very fine silk, as we shall hereafter ordain thee, in the which thou shalt wrap the pentacles. After which

    thou shalt take a large vessel of earth filled with charcoal, upon the which there must be put frankincense, mastic, and aloes, all having been previously conjured and

    exorcised as shall hereafter be told thee. Thou must also be thyself pure, clean, and washed, as thou shalt find given in the proper place. Furthermore, thou shouldest

    have the quill knife or knife of the art, with the which thou shalt make a circle, and trace within it an inner circle, and in the space between the two thou shalt

    write the names of God, which thou shalt think fit and proper. It is necessary after this that thou shouldest have within the circle a vessel of earth with burning

    coals and odoriferous perfumes thereon; with the which thou shalt fumigate the aforesaid pentacles..."

    These instructions are indicated in chapter 8. It says that "The Pentacles" (meaning all of them) should be made in the days and hours of mercury, together with signs

    of the moon and its increase and in equal number of days with sun (solstice?). With regards to the silk cloth and knife of art, they are indicated in Book II chapter 8

    and 20.
    Book I chapter 8 also indicated that the pentacled can be written/drawn on a parchment or on a piece of virgin paper; that can be found on Book II Chapter 17.

    There are also restrictions in some pentacles so that they might work.
    ex: Description Give under the 6th Pentacle Of The Moon.

    "The sixth and last pentacle of the Moon.-- This is wonderfully good, and serveth excellently to excite and cause heavy rains, if it be engraved upon a plate of

    silver; and if it be placed under water, as long as it remaineth there, there will he rain. It should be engraved, drawn, or written in the day and hour of the Moon."

    does this mean that the 6th pentacle of the moon WILL NOT or MIGHT NOT WORK if it is not written or engraved on a plate of silver?

    Following such instructions from this "BOOK" gives me a nearly impossible way of Making/using/consecrating this pentacles.
    I want to know If I am going to do this Exactly as the book instructs. or if I'm just going to do the alternatives and substitutes for the steps indicated.
    I'm not saying that your Instructions are wrong,incorrect or omitted but I just want to know if these steps are TO BE Followed as much as possible.
    I may not have permission linking their book using their websites but I do honor and give credits to the owner.
    Again, Sorry to bother You again and I know you took so much time reading this. please Forgive me. I just have a very curious mind for knowledge.
    - CeeJay

  64. Ok, High Magic is EXTREMELY detailed, and for those who follow it to the letter, there is no way BUT to do it in all of the steps stated. These were written in a time when the only ones who did magic were the Church clergy. "The Church" meaning the Catholic Church.

    Much of what they did was for pomp & circumstance - in other words, let's-make-things-hard-so-the-lowly-peasants (who can't read anyway)-can't-do-this - thus, making them "all important". When these were written, the only people who could read were the clergy and most of the royalty. It was actually against the law for a peasant to know how to read and write.

    SO, that said, in TODAY'S world, us "lowly peasants" can now read, but that doesn't mean we have access to the precious metals any easier than they did back then. When I make a chosen Pentacle for a work I'm doing, I choose the one I want, print it out in the color required that is it's corresponding color (i.e. red for Mars, etc.), consecrate it to purpose, place it inside the appropriate double circle on the altar and do the ritual. When the ritual is over, I collect everything, sew it up into a little packet and keep it until it manifests or indefinitely, which ever is what is needed.

    As I always say - DON'T make things more difficult. DON'T over-analyze everything. If you have to write out in order what YOU feel is necessary and you want to do. Then follow those steps. Eventually they'll be second-nature to you and you won't even think about it. Also, years from now you'll come across those notes, read them, and find that while the basics of it is what you still do, over the years you subconsciously modified it to fit YOU. It's only natural.

    Everyone is taught how to write. But when we had to copy from the teacher's blackboard, we all wrote the same thing. But if you were to look at each person's paper, you would find that the handwritings were all different, and there were certain nuances from paper to paper - a girl had circles for the dots on the "i's", a boy didn't place apostrophes, some left out words or combined words, etc. THAT is the way it is with magical works. We each add our own nuances to our works, and THIS is what makes it OURS - individual to the person. Not a cookie-cutter stamped out ritual that has little to no personal power infused into it.

  65. Hi Granny,

    I was wondering if one could wear an item or consecrate one like one of the seals of Solomon (seal of Mercury) after having sex or sexual activity (ie masturbation) the same day, and also prior to charging? Can you wear them if you go to the bathroom like if you take them and are in a public place and need to go? I ask this because I was skimming the Greater Key of Solomon and it states: "Before commencing operations both the Master and his Disciples must abstain with great and thorough continence during the space of nine days from sensual pleasures and from vain and foolish conversation; as plainly appeareth in the Second Book, Chapter 4. Six of the days having expired, he must recite frequently the Prayer and Confession as will be told him; and on the Seventh Day, the Master being alone, let him enter Into a secret place, let him take off his clothes, and bathe himself from head to foot in consecrated and exorcised water, Saying devoutly and humbly the prayer, “O Lord Adonai,” etc., as it is written in the Second Book, Chapter 2." I have bought a couple of talismans but they have been kept for decorative purposes because I'm not sure if I'm pure or chaste enough to activate them or wear them? If one cannot take a bath, is a shower the same? Also if one buys them online do you activate them the same by reciting all 10 psalms and "The Oration" or can one just state the psalm that goes along with it. Like for the following one: Thank you for your advice Granny!


    1. Unless you're into High Magic, none of that is necessary. When all of that was written, the Church was the one that performed all of this. The lay people were kept from it by all of these so-called rules. The only ones that go into all of this are those who practice High Magic, and to do this you need to be fully trained by Traditions that practice it. Grannies and Hoodoos do not. Just use the KISS Principle. That's all you need.

  66. I guess the seals itself are not just decorative only.. if you dont consecrate it.. it still works if u believe.
    the geometry is a beacon to certain spirits or powers and they do that.

    1. No, the Seals definitely aren't just decorative. :) Consecration sets them to-purpose and activates them - bringing the powers of their respective energies into it so they will begin working for you.

  67. ok so i purchased the 4th and 5th seals of jupiter online lovely glass and silver. Do I still have to charge it , for it to work?

    1. Regardless as to where you obtain your Seals from, they must always be consecrated to-purpose so that they will be empowered to work for you. :)

  68. Granny you truly are a blessing! Thank you so much for all your patience in answering all of our endless questions. I sort of skimmed through and saw the comment that if you try to call on Zeus and you were a Heathen and thus should be calling on Odin it probably wouldn't work. I am a heathen of sorts I follow Skadi. Are the seals of Solomon then for me? And if I am doing something that enacts a type of vengeance on someone who messed me over and has something of mine that was supposed to be mine but I allowed to slip through my fingers under certain coercive promises that were basically bs and a foolish belief in the greater good, thus I broke a promise to someone else. I don't so much want to actually hurt anyone physically but I want what was supposed to me mine back, will the divine recognize my inherent right as family or once the foolish choice has been made I must simply live with it. Did any of that make sense? Physically and legally my hands are tied but magically I still believe I have avenues and I want what is supposed to be mine. Are there seals that will help me and is there a consequence for the action?

  69. Yes, you can use the Seals of Solomon. They're powers are universal - and being as old as they are, and the multitudes of people who have used them over the centuries - they're innate powers are enhanced. The energy of the Divine is open and accessible by anyone who calls upon It. :) I seriously doubt the Divine is particular about the name you give It and the Path from which you call It down for your works.

    As for your question. Absolutely you are in your rights to work to get it back! Read through the Seals to find the ones that resonate with what you are wanting to do. Copy & paste to your document, or right click and save, to your computer, print them out and do your ritual.

    I apologize for not answering sooner, and I hope you see this today (9/27/2015), because today would be a PERFECT and VERY powerful day for your ritual. It is the Super Blood Moon Eclipse tonight! So, tonight would be a GREAT night for this ritual and any others you may wish to do!

    Blessings & best of wishes on the manifestation of your works!

  70. Thanks for your the great work you are doing.
    Granny please how can i impact the power of first pentacle of sun into a gold ring or necklace.

  71. To consecrate your ring or any other piece of jewelry (or anything else for that matter) with the power of the First Pentacle of the Sun, place the object (your ring, for example) on top of the Seal, which is itself inside the El Shaddai circle on your altar or sacred space. Read the words/verse that correspond to the First Pentacle. Leave the object (your ring) on the altar until the candle you would have lit has gone out. Then you can wear the ring and it will protect you and bring to you what you need.

  72. Thanks Granny for your effort,but i have another question.
    Am not into magic but i have the passion for spirituality and to use the seal of solomon for my own good and may be for others to, but here is the case i have no holy place that i can perform the ritual.How can go about these problem i need your help Granny.And your whatsapp contact.
    Thanks for the great work you are doing for us God richly bless you more.

    1. Sacred places can be as simple as the end of a dresser or as elaborate as an entire room. I have "hidden in plain sight" altar areas, as well as a very "in your face" altar in the living room. The "hidden ones" include a small arrangement on the back of the toilet tank in the bathroom, all the pictures on the wall are my family altar, a plant in the kitchen window is my kitchen altar. I even have a travel on in the car - a little bag in a small cubby in the dash holds the herbs and everything else for safe travel.

      It's endless what you can do. You can have a candle - or not. You can have stones & herbs - or not. You can place the Seal out in the open and on a nice cloth or place a glass candle holder over it if you want it unseen by others. Whatever you're drawn to do is guidance from the Divine as to what will be most beneficial to you and your communion with the Divine and Its empowerment of your Seal.

      Think "outside the box". It's YOUR Sacred Space - so MAKE it YOURS! :)

  73. I really do appreciate the answers you've given to others here on the forum. They have been extremely insightful, as I have read "The Greater Keys of Solomon" in it's entirety. At first I was passionate about following just about every step in the GKOS (except for the animal blood parts) just for the purpose of creating the Pentacle(s), but upon reading your advice here I have decided to maybe cut the procedure in half, which my spirit still tells me is sufficient. So, I thank you for your time.

    I have a question about the El Shaddai circle. My secret place is in the back of my walk in closet, and I have no where to trace/carve my circle. Would it be fine, you think, if I made it on a sheet/slab of thick wood? Or even Virgin Parchment paper?

    May the Most High bless you abundantly :)


    1. I have one printed on paper, which I place under the candles, etc. for the ritual it's being used for. I make a new one for each work. But, if I were to make a more permanent one there are several options I'd consider:
      simple - print it out and laminate it, so it can be cleaned off easily between uses
      moderate - draw/paint it out on a sheet, which can be put away easily, as well as cleaned easily
      difficult - draw/paint/woodburn on a piece of wood (I do woodburning, so that is the most likely one I'd do)
      Once our renovations are finished around here, and I can finally make up the altar room as I'd like, I may actually paint it on the floor. :)
      There are many options you could do - just have fun, trust the Divine to guide your idea and your hand in manifesting that idea. I know it will be perfect! :)

  74. Hi, I know we need to follow all the actions carefully to achieve the results. Is using the right metal neccessary. I`m asking because I have a the 4th pentacle of venus. In metal form. But it was made from pewter. Does having the right metal really matter?

    1. When these things were written, it was forbidden for the "layman" to be able to read or write, and to have access to precious metals would've been extremely suspect. Reading & writing were only permitted to be learned and metals owned by royalty and the clergy. Thus, these were written and designed to make sure that the "lowly subjects" could not make them.
      Today thankfully, that is not the case. And too, the necessity for the metals are not necessary as we have printers and other forms of mass production.
      If a piece is made from a metal - any metal - that is affordable to its bearer, and consecrated appropriately, then there is no difference in its powers and energies. Yes, each type of metal has its own energies, but let's face it, there is no way in hell the average person can afford a gold Pentacle of the Sun! :D
      So, consecrate your piece, wear it, and enjoy the powers and energies it will bring to you.

  75. Iv'e read The Greater Key of Solomon and it seems more complicated then what you have shown above. What's your reasoning behind the simplification of the material?

    1. Would your rather 40 pages to describe what can be done in 3?

      When these were written they were written so that IF a layman (who was not, by law allowed to know how to read & write) DID know how, then it would not be likely that they could 1) fully understand what they were reading, 2) be able to obtain the materials needed to follow the directions, and 3) actually make the Seals using the proper materials and inscriptions.

      By simplifying it (which, it seams no one else will do), then I have made the Seals - VERY powerful tool of magic - accessible to the "layman" and able to be used. Every time a magical tool is used, it is empowered even more.

      By empowering people to be able to actually USE something that was out of their reach before, this allows THEIR energies to now become part of the powers of the Seals. The more power the stronger they become. They're already the most powerful magical tool I've ever used (aside from my own mind), so why not make them more accessible to more Witches/Wizards/Sorcerers/Magus/etc. and thus more powerful?

      Also, I do not believe in keeping things "secret" or unknown. I believe in sharing knowledge, and if I can use the KISS Principle to make it understandable - and usable by the majority, then I will do so. And so I do!

      :D THAT is 'why'.

  76. Iv'e read the greater key and this isn't they way the book said to do it? Where did this alteration come from? I'm not being malicious, I just want to know?

    1. I've also read it and this IS what was in it. There are several interpretations and re-writings of the ancient grimoires. We have probably just read different versions. Personally, I don't worry about the nitpicky details, because as I've used them, as I've read to use them, works beautifully for me.
      Those who worry about every little nuance are just making headaches for themselves. Consideration must be taken regarding the time in which these books were written. Only the church and royalty were permitted to know how to read or do magic (which was later deemed heresy). So, by making things extraordinarily difficult, this alleviated the problem of those few laymen who did learn to read and write.
      Stop worrying about things that have no true bearing on anything. Just know that the powers & energies behind them, infused by the thousands who have used them over the years (especially in the last 100 or so), have provided the modern Witch/Wizard/Sorcerer/Magus/etc. with an extremely powerful tool with which to work with the Gods/Spirits/Creator/etc. to bring about their needs and wants to better their lives.
      Just use them in ritual, carry them with you, and take part in their ancient power - stop looking at the tree and enjoy the forest (there's far more power there)! ;)

  77. Good Evening, What an informative Blog. I recently purchased all the Mercury Pentacles and also one pentacle not often mentioned, the Supreme or Grand Pentacle of Solomon. It is said: "The Grand or Supreme Pentacle, "...serves to convene all spirits; when shown to them they will bow and obey you.""

    Now for this Pentacle which verses would you recommend after reading the Psalms and the Oration? I was planning on reading all of the versus for each pentacle as this Grand Pentacle is said to oversee all spirits... do you have some insight or information about this Pentacle? Looks like my 4th Pentacle of Mercury is working as it led me to this site for concise and detailed consecretion instructions which I was hoping to find. Thank you.

  78. This Pentacle, from my understanding and research, is basically your altar or altar cloth. This Pentacle is what goes underneath everything else on your altar. Or if you don't have an actual designated altar, this can be printed out on paper (per instructions as defined below) or if you can find one screenprinted on cloth that would be even better (and very special!)

    The specific instructions are:
    "It should be written on sheepskin paper or virgin parchment, the which paper should be tinted green. The circle with the 72 divine letters should be red or the letters may be gold. The letters within the pentacle should be the same red, or sky blue everywhere, with the great name of God in gold."

    So, as you can see, there are no verses to be read over it. IT IS power! :)

  79. I have recently grown interested in the pentacles from the french "Veritable Key of Solomon" and wish to Know if they can be created and consecrated in the way shown above. You can find the book in pages 69-through-269 of this .pdf

    1. They're all the same, so there is no reason why not.

  80. Hi GRANNY,
    Please,am using the first pentacle seal of Solomon and followed all the instructions that are above. But the problem is that part of the seal tear, how can i fixed this problem, should i forget about it and print and consecrate to it power. How advisable would it be if i use the first pentacle of the sun and that of third pentacle of mercury for education success.
    With due honor to hear from you.
    Thank you.

  81. I wouldn't worry about the tear, but if it would make you feel better, then reprint it.

    Your choices for the educational success are good ones! Very good! LOL I've been so busy lately that I completely forgot to set the Seals for my studies. I will be doing so immediately! Thank you for the reminder! Be sure to keep in at your study area or with you in some manner while you study.


  82. Blessings friends, I would like to know if anyone has a good or bad experience with the pentacles? Thanks and blessings

    1. I always have a very good experience with them. Adding them to my works increases their power considerably.

    2. Hi Granny

      im new to pentalce things. I have been working on second pentacle of Jupiter. Do i really to work it on Thursday? I have been trying so hard to activate it on Thursday but nothing happen

      Should i stare at my pentacle with focus or any tips?

      Thanks in advance

  83. I'm not sure how you figure it isn't consecrated and open or what it is that you expect to "happen". Once the ritual is done the Pentacle is open and ready for use. There's nothing more "to do" except place it on your altar or where ever it is that you will keep it. Personally, I would keep that particular Pentacle with me (in my purse or wallet or folded in a locket on a necklace or any other manner I think of).


  84. Hi Granny...please can you take me through the process of the cleansing ritual shower or bath...and secondly do I have to cut the pentacle to fit into the circles with the name in God or should I fold the pentacle...thank you

    1. A ritual bath is a normal bath, but the intent is different. You are spiritually cleansing yourself for ritual to rid yourself of ethereal "dirt" that would not be beneficial to the ritual. While bathing just envision the spiritual negativity being washed away.

      Folding the Pentacle to fit is fine, trimming around it to remove any excess paper is also fine. The consecration prayers & verses are the most important to be concerned about. :)

  85. Hi Granny, I was wondering what one does with the circles that one uses for consecrating the pentacles after the ritual. The ones specified under: "colored pen, draw 2 large circles on a piece of paper, one inside the other. Between the two circles write the names of God that correspond to your wish" Also randomly, what's your opinion on taking them with you to the restroom if you have them as pendant like if you're in a public setting, say school? Thank you so much for your advise!

    1. Sacred altar work has no place in a restroom - especially a public one. That is an insult to the Divine Energy. But that's my opinion.

      As for what to 'do' with the Circles - use them in your next ritual that calls for that Circle. I have each one made up and on its own altar. When I have a work that calls for that Circle and Seals, then I use that altar. It keeps the altar's space hallowed and sacred. I also smudge after each working to remove the previous work's energies. :)

  86. Dear Granny,
    Where did you go to find out which prayers and bible verses belong to each seal? I didnt see that in "The Key" anywhere. Where did you find these associations?

    1. It's there, you just have to read through the archaic language. It's also easier to just download the interpretations from the many sites who have already done so and even put them into book format.

  87. Hi granny, i have a question
    1.) if i crave a pentacle metal pendant, should i leave the back side of pendant plain/empty or i have to crave something like symbols or spell on the back side of pendant ?

    2.)is it okay if i have pentacle tattoo ?

    1. 1) Carving the pendant itself is a working all by itself. Additional seals or sigils or symbols would be something of a choice on your part. If you feel it needs it, then do so. If not, then don't.

      2) I have a pentacle tattoo designed, but I haven't had the chance to have it put on me yet. I will eventually. :) Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't have whatever tattoo you want. I would suggest though, have it placed in a location that is regularly covered by clothing. There are far too many people that still don't understand its true meaning. Also, unless you work in a tattoo parlor or comparable type shop, it is always best to keep tattoos hidden. I have 16 tats and only one is visible, but no one seems to notice it (it's on my earlobe).

      Blessings & good luck! :)

  88. psalms to read for consecrating talismans of Solomon are the Psalms of David or Christians Psalms? The Psalms of David have a different numbering, Psalm 8 Christian corresponds to Psalm 9 of David.

    1. You're referring to the variations used according to the Hebrew or Greek numbering systems. Most use the Hebrew, but some denominations use the Greek, so as the majority use the Hebrew system, then I would go with that one.

      Hebrew (Masoretic)
      9–10 9
      11–113 10–112
      114–115 113
      116 114–115
      117–146 116–145
      147 146–147
      148–150 148–150

      Greek (Septuagint or Vulgate)

      I suggest you read each to see which one fits the Seal/Pentacle the best and then use that one.

  89. This is highly informative. God bless! I was wondering if you could share the pentacles you colored.

    1. Thank you. :)

      All of the Seals, in the appropriate colors, are all available in each lesson of the Lesson: Magic Seals of Solomon tab. You can copy & paste or save them to your computer, from there.

  90. Hello! i recently bought some full color charms from amazon. i don't know if they were consecrated correctly. Can i re-consecrate them to make sure they have power? thanks so much for your guidance and wisdom!

    1. Yes, you should absolutely consecrate them yourself! There is no way they were already consecrated, and even if they were, it was not to YOUR purpose and to YOU personally.

      So, yes, definitely consecrate them! :)

  91. Good morning Granny, please have been using the second pentacle of Jupiter for about a year now. Good things have been coming on my way... I do touch it with my left hand and say the psalm anytime I want. I've been taking it around traveling with it Coz I relocated to another house. Can I re do the cleansing to make it more powerful?

    1. Yes, absolutely! In fact, I would suggest saying the prayer/words, calling the Angels, etc. at least once a week to keep it empowered. It will keep it strengthened and working even harder for you. :)

  92. Hello Granny,
    I have a very naive question. What do you mean by cleansing ritual shower or bath? Is it the same as taking normal shower or are there special words I have to recite/say or things I have to do?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. This is a common question (read several comments from above). :)

      A ritual bath is a normal bath, but the intent is different. You are spiritually cleansing yourself for ritual to rid yourself of ethereal "dirt" that would not be beneficial to the ritual. While bathing just envision the spiritual negativity being washed away. You can say words if you'd like, I do, but it's not absolutely necessary.

  93. hi i know nothing about seals. i was watching a video on youtube and in my suggestion box came up this seal thing. i decided to google and found you: interesting page tho. since i have been struggling to get a job in a particular country as my boyfriend leave there but i dont speak the language fluently: is there anything you can suggest: and how do i go about doing such:

    i have never commented on any site: by looking at you replying to every one got me hooked on your site:
    may god continue to bless you:

    1. For your situation, I would suggest reading through each of the Seals (click each lesson link from the main tab to the Seals' lessons), read through each one to find the ones that you think will add power and bring the energies for what you're wanting.
      I always include the 1st Seal of the Sun because it is the one that brings "all things desired." I place this one in the center with the other chosen ones around it, and all of them inside the El Shaddai circle.
      If I were to suggest the Seals to choose, then it would be my choice not yours. It is you who is in the situation, knows all of the obstacles involved, and who should find the Seals that you are drawn to.
      I try my best to keep up with the questions and comments, but I'm rather busy, so I don't have a lot of time. But I enjoy the questions and trying to help when & where I can. Feel free to ask any time you like. :)
      Granny Tackett

  94. Hi there, thank you for such an informative website, but I need to understand a few more things in a bit more depth :
    1. If I use multiple seals within one pentacle; do I consecrate it by saying all the psalms and the oration only, (whilst holding it over incense), or do I also have to read the corresponding psalm as well for each seal on the complete pentacle?

    2. When I pray over the pentacle with the attached seals inside (after it is consecrated) is there an appropriate week day for this, or do I have to pray on each day which corresponds to each seal in the pentacle?

    3. Can I light a trip of candles and sage (alongside the incense) - candles are white for protection, black to thwart negative energy, and green for wealth)?

    4. I was reading on the Seals of Solomon, and it says I need 3 other people on a circle - is this necessary, or will I do on my own?

    5. Do I need to have a bath/shower every time I pray with the seals, or just the one time before consecration?

    7. Is it enough to print the seals off, or should I go over them with a same coloured pen during 8pm?

    9. One thing I'm quite unsure of - how do I ask (knock on the door) for the Angels to help me?

    Sorry that these questions are so long however, I want to get this right because o really need spiritual intervention right now, there appears to be nothing and no else who can help with the issues I currently are suffering from :)

    Thank you in advance - Rebecca

    1. 1) Yes, for EACH Seal. Yeah, that's a LOT of reading! :D
      2) To consecrate each Seal, then yes, it would be done its appropriate day. But, if you were to make it a habit to re-consecrate the Seals at least once a month (or more), each on their appropriate day, then it would become second nature, and you would probably begin to memorize them.
      3) Yes, because, as an example, the green (wealth) is protected by the white and the black - one pushing away negative (black), while the other brings it forward (white).
      4) I am a Solitary - always will be. But, consider that ancestors who have passed could be a second and third. :) Think outside the box!
      5) Since you'll be consecrating each on their own day - I'd say you'd need the ritual bath prior to each! :)
      6) If you can print them on their appropriate colored paper, then you wouldn't have to go over them. Or print out the ones I have here that are in color already. OR, you could order the Seals Set - which hopefully the printer will have done sometime soon!
      7) Introduce yourself as you would to any new person. But, considering they're rather special Beings, I suggest being very humble and very honest, and with an open heart. They'll know and respond appropriately.

      :) I apologize for taking so long to answer you. I'm rather busy and I don't get to respond as often as I'd like.

      Many blessings!

  95. Hello Granny Tackett. Keep up the good work. I humbly want to clarify something pertaining to the consencration scripture you have listed against that which I found in the Keys Of Solomon book.
    What I had there were totally somewhat different from yours.
    Psalms 8, 21, 27, 29., 32, 51, 72, 134. (viii., xxi, xxvii, xxix., xxxii, li, lxxii, cxxxiv.)

    1. :) Interesting! My guess is, only because I've seen it occur in other works, is that 1) there were typos/misprints/misinterpretations, 2) the person doing the re-writing wanted to add or change to the verses they prefer.

      The latter, I will admit I have done on occasion for some works, because the verse that was said to be used, just didn't seem to fit the situation as well.

      What I will do is add your list to the one I have so that others can make their choice as well.

      Thank you! I love receiving this type of new information. It always adds a new dimension to the old texts and their interpretations over the years/centuries. Everyone knows the Bible has been reinterpreted a million times, so who's to say the old Grimoires and ancient texts have not been also?!


  96. Can you print out seals such as the Seal of Solomon and place them in different areas of a home you are trying to remove an evil spirit from? If so what color would i make the seals if this work is done on a Wednesday?

    1. Absolutely! I have them in my car, in my purse, under each of my altars...anywhere I feel the need. :)

      The Seals have their own colors, so their color has nothing to do with doing a work on Wednesday - and you don't change their colors!

      Wednesday's color is purple, and it's planet is Mercury. So what you need to do is choose the Seals you need for you work, print them out in color (their OWN colors), and have a purple altar cloth - or something purple - on the altar you'll be doing your work on.

      Good luck! :)