Lesson: Magic Seals of Solomon

This lesson is a compilation of posts already on this blog, but I wanted them to be more easily accessible for y'all, thus easier to study & learn.

1) Introduction: Making & Using the Seals of Solomon
2) Lesson 1: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of Saturn
3) Lesson 2: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of Jupiter
4) Lesson 3: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of Mars
5) Lesson 4: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of the Sun
6) Lesson 5: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of Venus
7) Lesson 6: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of Mercury
8) Lesson 7: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles of the Moon
9) Lesson 8: Magic Seals of Solomon - Pentacles Set to Purpose

I have been using these seals exclusively in my works for the past year or so (hit & miss before that), and the difference has been incredible! Previously, I had used them on occasion but had not recited the appropriate Bible verse or Psalm. Since doing so, the power and energy of my works has literally exploded, both physically and spiritually.

By "physically", I mean that I have had to be extra careful with how I set up my rituals. The candle fires burn so strong and intense that my plates and votive holders crack, split or literally explode. This of course, can then cause a fire to anything flammable nearby. I've had several close calls!

By "spiritually", I mean that the efficacy of my works have been fast acting, and in some instances, literally instantaneous!

Do your own experiments. Try them out exactly as instructed and see (and feel) the difference. Let me know what you experience. :)

***I have found a source where you can buy entire sets of the Seals of Solomon. They are hand engraved solid bronze with appropriate colored interiors and have a matching colored ribbon, and a wood box for storage or display. Visit Omega Artworks and contact them to order your own set.

Omega Artworks Key of Solomon Planetary Seals


  1. Thank you for posting. I am a natural Shaman and bound in Jesus Christ; and I have been led to understand these symbols and activating them in a positive way... I started to draw them as best as possible.. Im wondering tho, when you do draw them on like journal paper and a pen or if you draw them on a parchment with magickal ink, is it just as effective? and either way, I just started to visualize and speak softly calling on Holy Spirit and adding the words, In love and humility, in the name of Jesus Christ, I open this door. I did that last night on one and my right hand got REAL hot as I placed it over the sigil I drew. and lo and behold, what I asked for trickled in a small amount and a bit for today! I guess im doing it right, but Im beginning to understand how to correspond days. :) Thanks! :) Sj

  2. I apologize for taking so long to answer this. Not sure why, but it only now showed up in my e-mail. :(

    Anyway, I have found that whatever manner it is that you are able to do them is what will work for you. Writing them out yourself is very powerful. I, myself have never done so - tried it and...lol...it didn't work so well for me. So for me, I just print it out from my printer. :)

    You seem to have found a wonderful way to make and empower them, so if I were you I would continue as you are doing.

    Corresponding the days is actually very easy, but confusing at first. It's one of those things that after doing it a few times it will just suddenly "click" and will become natural for you.

    I wish you all the best - you seem to be doing great as is! Wonderful!

    Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. Dear granny Tackett , i can recomend a program that says and alert you when is the hour and even the day :)
    is very very good i often use it to track when to do it :) and im really really impressed with this blog ,it blowed my mind , very very easy to understand and outstanding work .
    and thank you n_n

    this is the link for the software , its really good for people who can't have track of the planetary time and you can set and find your city in the software itself and its pretty easy to setup too , every hour a little pop up tells wich planet hour is and there's an icon on the taskbar too with the emblem of the planet if you dont want the pop ups :)


  4. THIS is AWESOME! Wow, thank you so much! I've been using my own charts, which are also in my books, as well as the Sunrise-Sunset calendar website, but it is only for the sun & moon rises & sets. THIS is excellent! I will be sharing this will everyone - THANK YOU!

    1. you're welcome n_n , i want really hard to read your books , i really like and learn with your philosophy , im gonna look into it when i have the way to buy them n_n .

      thank you for sharing your knowledge and blessed be :)

  5. Thank you, and blessing to you as well. :)

  6. Hi Granny Tacket i got a question would it be okay if i make 2 seals at one time in the same time 2 diffirrent seals your answer would be very helpful thank you :)

    1. When I'm going to do a working I make what I need on the printer in the appropriate color, consecrate them to-purpose, and then I use them for that one work. Afterward, I collect all of the left-over/used materials from the work, along with the Seals, wrap them up and store them in a drawer in the altar, or discard everything in a manner appropriate to the work.

      If I was going to make them as a permanent item to keep, then I would make them from the appropriate metal on the appropriate day at the appropriate time and consecrate accordingly.

      You need to quite over-thinking everything and just do it. Stop making things more difficult than they are.

  7. Hello,
    I tried to make a jupiter talisman but it didn't work...in fact some of the things started to brake...heating blanket,laptop,....
    Any one has a good or bad experience with this seals? thanks

    1. I always look to the mundane first, then inward from there. The heating blanket and laptop are electrical, this suggests possible problems with power surges in the electrical system of your home. Assuming this MIGHT be the case, then I would say that the 6th Pentacle of Jupiter has saved you and is trying to let you know that something needs to be checked into.

      Do not always assume that just because something goes "bad" that it is a "bad" thing. Bad things happen because the Energies out there just MIGHT be trying to get our attention, but we're too dense to see it or figure it out...because we're always thinking in the negative.

      I came down with bronchitis last week. JUST as I had planned on spending my paycheck on a new course. It would've been the 6th course I've taken on in less than 2 months, the others of which I am no where finished with as is. I have not been sick in almost 15 years. IF I had NOT gotten sick, I would've started ANOTHER course and gotten myself into a "time" management rut.

      Pay attention to all those little things - they're telling you something. And it's not always "bad".

  8. Thank you for making the book more understandable. I want to ask if it is appropriate to burn essential oils in place of incense during consecration of the seals.

    1. First, we work with what we have. Just make sure they're the same or comparable.

      That said, remember that incense is the element of Air. Oil is fluid, thus the element of Water. BUT, by heating it with Fire you are forcing it to enter the air, thus using the element of Air in another manner.

      Which ever you do, always be aware of the energies produced as you do them. There have been times where I thought I could do one thing rather than another, and I immediately was informed that I was NOT to do it in that manner again. It was a very distinct feeling in my stomach and was very clear - "NO!" So just be aware. If it isn't permitted, you will know and you will be shown just what IS accepted.

      Good luck! :)

  9. Hello Granny Tickett, I was just wondering. Could you give a description of how the Altar used during the ritual is supposed to look like. I mean, what kind of altar is it? Is it marble or anything like that? In case, could the "altar" be just some regular portable wooden table? Thank you in advance

    1. The altar is what ever it is that you choose to use. I have wood altars, stone altars, glass altars; anything of natural element can be used.

  10. Hey granny, you said that you had used them on occasion but had not recited the appropriate Bible verse or Psalm.

    I kind of confused.

    By Psalm you mean the appropriate Psalm of pentacle you were using ...

    Or the sequence of Psalms in appropriate order during the consecration of pentacle?

    - thanks

    1. Meaning, I used the Pentacle - which was already consecrated - but I did not use any particular verse with it. I just used the Pentacle in a rite or even just by itself. I do things simply. I don't nitpick or worry about the tiny nuances that some do. For me it's usually just not something that is necessary.

  11. Avid Trad Practitioner...January 29, 2017 at 1:33 AM

    Hi Granny Tackett,

    I constructed several of the pentacles back in Late August according to your instructions.
    I made them with wooden circles, paints, and white ink, which I also consecrated for each pentacle using your instructions.

    After 2 weeks of making the pentacles, I sat back for 3 months and saw meager to no effects. Then, in December, after getting a tip from a spiritual tutor I had been working with, I started to use the prayers and psalms and spoke them over each of the pentacles according to the day and planet they corresponded with, and did this for several weeks.

    The more I did it, the more pronounced the effects came.
    I also noticed a serious difference when I placed both the 1st Pentacle of the Sun and the 1st Pentacle of the Moon on each pentacle I desired to work with.
    I am posting this here because maybe others will benefit from my experience.
    Granny Tackett's consecration ritual is fine, but the pentacles should be at least anointed and prayed over weekly according to each of their days, and if not on their days, at least once each week.

    Granny Tackett, I am very thankful to you because this project made my magical practice explode. I don't have issues with spirits trying to interfere with me as long as I take the initiative and use pentacles as soon as I see some trouble..
    And I got out of an unemployment rut using all 5 venus pentacles with the 1st Sun Pentacle. I also use the Jupiter pentacles with the Sun pentacle to attract money,
    and using the 6th Jupiter pent with the 4th Mercury pent once/twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays to improve my divination and scrying abilities..

    These Pentacles are the real deal.
    I started researching stuff on the angel attributed to the 1st Pentacle of the Sun (Metatron), and apparently they are very important authority for the practitioner to call upon when dealing with the angel magic of the pentacles. Maybe this information will be useful?

    Thank you for putting in the time to type out these lessons,

    1. I have updated the Lesson 1) Introduction to share your added insights on how to empower the Seals even more. Great information must be shared! Thank you!

    2. Hi, I'm just commenting to say, I don't know whether I shared it in my original post or not, but it wasn't reciting the verses over the pentacles that activated them for me. It was the continued conversation with the angelic spirits assigned to the pentacles.

      When I attempted to just use them with the psalmic verses, they were dead dead dead. It was actually me obtaining the consent of the angels named over each pentacle in the original Key of Solomon who activated them for me.
      The spirits apparently would like a heads up to know who is working with their technology before rendering all the benefits to the user.
      I used divination as a tool to communicate and engage with the angels over the pentacles to present my requests to them and get their permission to work with the seals properly, and thats what led to my success.

    3. Introductions are very important, you're right. We don't just walk into someone's house that we don't know, and sit down to dinner!

      I've also found that many Beings have not been called upon in so long that it's like their sitting in a back room. They think they hear their name called, but aren't quite sure, then when certain of it, they come running and are almost giddy with excitement to be of service - and proceed to do wondrous works for us. :) And, once in a while they need to be asked to please scale it down a bit or they may put too much energy into it and go overboard!

      But yes, good point to make. I'll have to add that as well, because for those who are new to these Pentacles, they may find no action whatsoever due to their never having bothered to consider that it's rude to ask Someone to do something for them if they haven't even introduced themselves!

      Thank you for the reminder!

  12. Thank you, VERY much for the additional information and the sharing of your experience!

    The Seals are very powerful, and yes, your tutor is correct, regularly reading the prayers, verses or vesicles on their appointed days will definitely strengthen their energies. I am so happy for you and how they've worked so well for you.


  13. i need seal for knowledge, wealth, health and freelancing
    can you suggest the seals. how to print and seal them?

    1. Choose the ones you want, copy & paste to a document on your computer, then print them out. If you have access to a laminator, then have them laminated so you can reuse them. You can also place them in a plastic sheet protector. Or, worst case, you print it out every time you do a work, but protecting it makes it much easier. You must cleanse and re-consecrate each time, though.

  14. i want seal for wealth, health, knowledge and carrier which on to use
    just i have to colour print and use with me? please give me a reply