Monday, November 2, 2020

Double Dose of Heartache

Double Dose of Heartache

Today, we lost two of our five dogs. Hoodoo, my Hoodoo Man, for which I named my online presence for, and his life-partner and best friend, Gris-Gris (gree-gree). They passed together within minutes of each other.

Our house is incredibly empty and my half of the bed will be very spacious. I'd trade all that space for them to be with us again right now, if I could.

My babies have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I lit a candle for them. I would appreciate if you would, if you feel compelled to, do the same.

Gris-Gris & Hoodoo
Gris-Gris 1/2007 ~ Hoodoo 7/2009

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