Thursday, November 5, 2020

Chicken Foot Amulet/Smudge Wand

Chicken Foot Amulet/Smudge Wand

One of my favorite pastimes lately is making Chicken Foot Amulets/Smudge Wands. Each has a different charge to it: protection, healing, smudging/cleansing, etc., whatever it is the foot portrays to me.


All of the chicken feet and chicken feathers are from our own chickens. We don't kill them; they either die of old age or some other creature may get them.

Each is unique and one of a kind in both their feather designs and how the foot dried.

I have feathered or naked feet, black or white skin, painted or not, large or small. Each is placed on the altar, then blessed & charged to intent.

They range in price from $25 ~ $75, depending on size and amount of work (crafting & ritual). I will eventually put on the Hoodoo Hill Etsy Shoppe, but right now, I'm just presenting them here and on the Hoodoo Hill Facebook page.

If you're interested in having one designed & consecrated for you, email me at,

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