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June 2013 "Super" Supermoon & Correspondences

June 2013 "Super" Supermoon & Correspondences
The official term is perigee full moon. Perigee refers the moon’s closest point to Earth in a given month. The term "supermoon", which is an astrology term, was first coined in 1979 by Astrologer Richard Nolle. Its use was popularized when describing the full moon of March 19, 2011, and has caught on and continues to be used today for each of the supermoons we experience. They're not as uncommon as you might think, we actually average 4 - 6 of them every year!

Here are the most recent ones, and a few more, since the usage of "supermoon" caught on:

March 19, 2011
May 6, 2012
May 24 - 25, 2013
June 22 - 22, 2013 - the "Super" Supermoon
August 10, 2014
September 28, 2015
November 14, 2016

So, what made this one so extra "super"? Because the full moon fell so close to the moon's perigee, thus making the full moon appear even larger.

Here is a great picture showing the difference between a "normal" full moon and the "super" supermoon we had last night:

(Photograph from

So, did any of you see this supermoon last night? We had overcast skies, but the dogs woke us up shortly before dawn, so I went out to see the moon - and yes, it definitely looked considerably larger! But then, out here the moon always seems so big and bright!

This was a good time for a quick spell as well. So, while I didn't have anything ready, I did a "quickie" in my head before going back to bed. Never pass up an opportunity to bring something to manifestation for yourself! And a "super" supermoon is perfect opportunity!

June Full Moon Correspondences:

Aerra Litha, Brachmanoth, Honey Moon, Lovers’ Moon, Mead Moon, Moon of Horses, Moon of Making Fat, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, Strong Sun Moon
Aine of Knockaine, Bendis, Cerridwen, Green Man, Ishtar, Isis, Neith, Persephone
Nature Spirits:
Sylphs, Zephyrs
Dog Grass, Meadowsweet, Mosses, Mugwort, Parsley, Skullcap, Tansy, Vervain
Maple, Oak
Lavender, Orchid, yarrow
Lavender, Lily of the Valley
Agate, Alexandrite, Fluorite, Topaz
Gold, Golden-Green, Orange, Yellow
Butterfly, Frog, Monkey, Toad
Peacock, Wren
Balance, Change of residence, Communication, Decision making, Education, Family relations, Full but restful energy, Positive transformation, Prevention, Protection, Public relationships, Responsibility, Strengthen, Tides turning, Time of light, Travel, Writing

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