Monday, May 21, 2012

Spirit Bag Wreath

Spirit Bag Wreath
The other day on Facebook there was a post from Circle Sanctuary showing a wreath with 30+ "spirit bags" - herb pouches - wrapped in different colored fabrics. They had been gathered one for each year of the Pagan Spirit Gathering. This is the picture of Selena Fox's wreath (it's absolutely beautiful!):

This gave me an idea to do my own, except I'll do one herb pouch for each day from the New Moon (which was also a Solar Eclipse!), 5/20/2012, through the Dark Moon, 6/18/2012. I have 5 intents that will be repeated 6 times to equal 30 days: Money, Health, Love, Remove obstacles, Protection. All of these will be attached on the lower half of the vine wreath I made from a vine I took from our woods. The 31st herb pouch will be for Blessings on the New Moon, 6/19/2012 and will hang alone from the top down into the center.

So far I have 2 on my vine wreath. I'm looking forward to watching it fill up! The finished project should be very beautiful. I have a space on the wall in the hallway where I will hang it.

Making one for healing to send to someone who is ill would be a wonderful gift. Or one for marriage blessings to a new bride, done in whites and the colors from her wedding would be gorgeous! There could be ones made for just about any purpose you could think of.

I'll post more pics as it progresses.

First set (5/24/2012):

Second set (5/29/2012):

Third set (6/3/2012). Half way there!:

Fourth set (7/8/2012). It's really filling up now!:

Fifth set (6/13/2012) - lovin' it!

Sixth set (6/18/2012) - Final set, only one more herb pouch to add tomorrow!

Finally complete! (6/19/2012) - It's sooo pretty and smells sooo awesome!

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