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Daily Blessings & Meditations

Daily Blessings & Meditations
Do y'all have daily blessings and/or meditations you say every day? I do. For those who do, have y'all ever considered how your day may go if you don't say them? Or found that if you forgot, then the day didn't go quite as well? For those who've never had a daily blessing to say, why not try it for a couple of weeks? As for a daily meditation, y'all should try it as well. Together they're quite enlightening & empowering.

Very uplifting actually!

I started mine about 7 years ago (lol, now that I think about it, right about the time I began writing my books!) My days began to flow more easily, I was in a better mood and things didn't quite get to me like they used to. Yes, I forget sometimes. And yes, sometimes there are some bad days anyway. That's just life. But honestly, I can't imagine my continued daily life going on without them!

The blessings are short & rhyming (made it easier to remember), and make me smile. The meditation is a bit longer, of course, and quite cleansing & empowering. I'll share them here, but y'all should evaluate your own life and situation and write your own - if you haven't already, that is. ;)

In the morning while I'm letting out the chickens and getting them fed & watered, and the dogs are running around doing their "business", I say these blessings:

Good morning Father Sun,
Another day has begun.
Burn away the morning's dew,
As we begin this day anew.

Good morning Mother Earth,
Fill this day with laughter, joy & mirth.

Good morning Ancient One,
Guide & protect us til a new day has come.

Good morning little Fae!
Won't you come out and play?

Good morning Galinor,
Won't you please come through the Door?
Your companionship to impart
As this new day we do start.

Greetings & blessings Jung'Ro!
The day has begun and there is much more to know.
Impart your knowledge & wisdom to me
As we commune across the Veils of Reality!

Father Sun & Mother Earth are obvious. The Ancient One is the Dragon who lives under our hill, and upon whose back we live. The Fae live down in the woods but come up here to help me with my planting & gardening. They come & go through a door I painted on a rock that is in the guest bedroom. This way they won't disturb the Dragon with their coming & going. Galinor is my companion Dragon, mostly red with orange & yellow, like fire. His wings are rainbow-like, going from deep, dark blue at the bottom to a beautiful yellow a the tips. And Jung'Ro is my Guide & Teacher. He kind of reminds me of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings stories.

Yours would be written according to your own surroundings and what you see & feel in your environment. Maybe even what you'd like to see & feel around you! If you don't think the Fae or Dragons are anywhere near, why not speak to them as if they are - they'll hear you and, if you're sincere, they'll come!

The meditation is done when I sit down at my computer in the morning. It's basically planting my feet deep into the ground with "roots", calling the Serpent of Life up and the Dove of the Divine down. They join inside me and merge to become a Flying Divine Serpent. And when the energy is full from all of It's swirling around, it then explodes outward. Quite a cleansing experience!

So, if y'all haven't tried anything like any of the above, why not try it for a couple of weeks to see the difference? If it seems like something you'd probably forget, then try it one in the shower as you're beginning your day. The one I do in the shower is quite simple also and I repeat it the entire time I'm washing. Doing it once would be fine also, repeating it is just what I usually do. Y'all do what feels right to you. Here's my shower blessing:

Scrub, cleanse, rinse & shine,
Negative aspects divide in twine!
Down the drain, wash away,
Begin anew on this day!

Kind of silly, but it will sometimes make me giggle as I'm reciting it to myself. And we all know that laughter is one of the best emotional cleansers there is!

So for those who've never had daily blessings, I really suggest you try them out. I'm positive you'll see a difference very quickly! The meditation would be a good one to work on as well, but sometimes beginning too many things at once can be overwhelming and then you just quit altogether. And we don't want that! Whether it's the blessings or the meditation, pick one and stick to it every day for at least 2 weeks. I know you'll see a difference!

Blessings to y'all today and everyday! :D

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