Sunday, December 29, 2013

January 2014 ~ Special Moon Phases!

January 2014 ~ Special Moon Phases!

Lunar Phase Spell Workings

"Black Moon"
Black Moon -
Finder’s Moon
Secret Moon
Spinner’s Moon
Beginnings, Negative magick
Extremely powerful time for any magick workings, especially any negative intent
Banishing, Binding, Exorcisms, Hexing, Revenge, Vengeance
Third New Moon in a Four New Moon Season & Second New Moon in a month

**Note that the meme above refers to the "Dark Moon", this also is correct, especially as the New Moon also falls within the same month, thus making it a "Black Moon". So the Dark Moon, the night before the New Moon, is for banishing, etc., but the New Moon is for beginnings, etc. With both of the "Black Moons" coming in January you are then given an extra powerful boost for each type of work; banishing, etc. & beginnings, etc.

January Lunar Correspondences

Chaste Moon, Cold Moon, Disting Moon, Moon of Little Winter, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Wolf Moon
Ch’ang-O, Freyja, Hera, Inanna, Saraswati
Nature Spirits:
Brownies, Gnomes
Cones, Holy Thistle, Marjoram, Nuts & Seeds
Birch, Hazel
Crocus, Snowdrop
Mimosa, Musk
Chrysoprase, Garnet, Hematite, Onyx, Jet
Black, Blue-Violet, Bright White, Silver
Coyote, Fox
Blue Jay, Pheasant
Adventurous, Ambition, Awareness, Beauty, Beginning & conceiving; Business, Career, Conserving energy; Energy below the surface, Organization, Political matters, Potential, Protection, Recognition, Reputation, Reversing spells, Sluggish, Spirituality


  1. Love this, so much fabulous info, I had been wondering if there was a name for the two new moons in jan. If you would like to visit me back I'm at, new moon blessings to you, Alison

  2. Hoodoo doesn't work with moon phases, though, so I don't pay attention to that.

    1. I don't do Hoodoo. I am a Granny Witch, and I use whatever I feel drawn to use. Many of those who come to this blog are looking for information other than Wicca or Wicca-based Trads. I introduce them to a way of working by instinct, using ALL aspects if they want. Moon phase work is only one aspect.

      I do work with the Moon because it is an extremely powerful force on this planet. Without it we would not be here. There are many who feel the same, and those, like yourself, who do not. It's a 'neither here nor there' sort of thing and of no consequence either way. :)