Friday, September 13, 2013

What We Used to Know About the Moon and Can Again!

What We Used to Know About the Moon and Can Again!
When I was a kid my favorite Moon phase was "the fingernail". Of course, at the time I didn't realize that it actually did that twice, once when waxing and again when waning. Modern humanity has lost its connection with the Moon, her phases, and her influences upon us. So, I thought I'd bring some of it back. :)

In the past, mankind used the light of the Moon to light their way while working the fields, to walk or ride from one place to another, and basically just enjoy her presence. Someone 100 years ago could tell you what phase she was in without having to even think about it. It was as much a part of their lives as breathing. Today, we have all those lights that dim her light, skyscrapers that hide her from view, and most people spend so much time inside they probably have no clue or even care if she's even there.

I've never been one of those. I called down the Moon many from when I was barely 4 or 5 years old until about 10 years of age. She was there, I wanted to touch her and talk to her. So I did. Then I grew up. It was considered "odd" to do such a thing. I've since decided that I'd rather have what I had before, than what everyone else has now. I've been calling her down and talking to her again for many years now. And I do my works according to her phases. Her energy, combined with the Divine's (who made her) always brings about a very good working.

So what kind of tidbits do I have for you about her today? Ones that just might stick with you, even if you didn't count on it!

Do have any idea when the different phases of the Moon rise? Here's a simple way to remember:

Looks Like:
New Moon ~

Rises at SUNRISE

It rises later & later each day.
Waxing Crescent

First Quarter Moon ~

Rises at NOON

It continues to rise later & later each day.
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon ~

Rises at SUNSET

It continues to rise later & later each night.
Waning Gibbous
Last Quarter Moon ~


Waning Crescent

The Moon’s phase go from waxing (growing) to the Full Moon and then wanes (reduces) to the New Moon.  So, if you’re not familiar with which is which, then how do you know? There is a simple method called the D-O-C Method, and the way it works is this:

When you look up at the Moon and the crescent is in a “D” form, the Moon is waxing ~ growing.   )

If the Moon looks like a great big “O”, well obviously that’s the Full Moon.  O

If the Moon looks like a “C”, then the Moon is waning ~ reducing.  (

So here’s the simple equation:
D ) Waxing ~ growing
O  Full
C ( Waning ~ reducing
And finally you get this:   )O(

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