Monday, September 2, 2013

Come to Me Lamp

Come to Me Lamp
I don't make these often. Honestly, they scare me! LOL The first one or two I made really sucked. This one is my best one yet. I'll find out for sure once it's completed. I hope the client is happy with it as well. :)

So, how did I make it, you ask? Fine, I'll tell you.

* Pint canning jar w/ lid cap (I keep the screw band, but don't use it)* Wick - a 1" x 4" piece of sock (as y'all know I'm into repurposing & recycling - i.e. using what I have on hand, the power & energies behind that thought process add to the energy of the work. I believe so anyway).
* Herbs: Basil, Chamomile, Dill seed, Holly leaf, Lemon peel, Rose bud
* Crossroads Keys
* Witch's Bur Love Amulet
* St. Expedite w/ 3 nickels (don't have any pound cake, I'm sure he won't mind - I just hope he's not hungry!)

This was put together and placed on my Mary, Mother of Grace altar. When I want loving intercession, this is Who I call upon.

So, this is my Come to Me Lamp:


  1. What kind of oil or grease did you put inside to make it burn? How far did you fill it? Half-way, to the top? This is cool.

  2. I just used cooking oil, the generic sunflower oil at WalMart. It burned beautifully.