Lesson: Black Pullet Seals

I just realized that I hadn't made a Lesson for the Black Pullet Seals, as I had for the Magic Seals of Solomon. My bad! :)

Here are the links for each of the lessons for the Black Pullet Seals:

Part 1: Introduction & 1st & 2nd Prayer
Part 2: Seals 1 - 8
Part 3: Seals 9 - 16
Part 4: Seals 17 - 22

These will add some really great energy & power to your works. Something I want to make sure to state here (it's stated in the lesson as well, but people tend to overlook things when they're scanning and not truly reading something):

Always use the 1st Seal - the Goetic Seal, and the 2nd Seal - the Magic Rod, and  in conjunction with the other Seals you choose for your work. These two are like the "front & back doors" to your work, opening, sealing, & containing the Seals' energies inside so they can be focused to do the work you are intending for them. All of these Seals are placed inside a circle which is inside a triangle. This contains & focuses the energy, and protects the Practitioner, who is themselves within their own circle outside of that which the Seals are in.

Here is a diagram for explanation:

Practitioner standing here, in their own Circle.

There are many of us who do not usually cast a Circle. However, and this is strictly opinion, I feel that it is best to do so when using Seals of any kind. The Seals are the symbols of the Spirits/Beings/Entities for which they represent. We do not want to have physical contact with them. We want to call upon them, request their assistance to work with us (not for us), and to keep them and their powers contained & controlled. Think of it like being outside on a very windy day; you step inside your house to get out of the wind and it's stormy effects upon you. Same basic concept. Once the powers of the Seal(s) are unleashed, you do not want to be in the way, so you keep yourself protected.

So now, on to the lesson! :)


  1. Hi Granny Tacket pls tell me do i really need to be 18 years old to make a black pullet and seals of king solomon tell me what age are you when you do magic because i read articles and it says that you must be 18 or more im just 17 years old but what my mind saying is that i dont need age if i understand occult and i want to learn more then do it nut i just want some of your advice pls tell me what age are you when doing magic pls tell me ? :) because i love and want to learn magic i got dreams about it :)

    1. It's more of a matter of maturity than an actual physical age. Working with the Seals is very powerful and can bring to you the things you want and need. I suggest you work with them as instructed in the lesson here, on a ritual for something you need. Give it time to work its energies (I always suggest 3 months). Work with them slowly - get to know their energies. And introduce yourself to them so they know how to work for you. I think you'll really enjoy what they can bring to your rituals and spiritual works!

  2. Replies
    1. You cannot command Elementals. They are not governed by humans in any manner whatsoever. In fact, if you were to try, then you would most likely be deluged with the full power(s) of those you called. You can work WITH them, REQUESTING their ASSISTANCE, but you cannot command them.

  3. Casting a circle is done around the spirit, not around the magician. Gerald Gardner didn't quite understand this and so when he created Wicca he mistakenly made witches cast a circle around themselves, in effect binding themselves in instead of binding the spirits.

    Magical Seals come from Ceremonial Magic, which involves the invocation of Angels, Demons, and spirits of the dead. I would not recommend Wiccans or newbs to mess around with this. Not trying to scare anyone or anything. Usually, just nothing will happen because unlike with folk magic, Ceremonial Magic has to be 100% perfect and all of the instructions have to be followed to a "T". Bad stuff could happen though, so be warned.

    1. Actually, a circle is cast around BOTH the spirit and the summoner. The circle around the spirit keeps it contained, and the circle around the summoner keeps them safe. It is not "binding themselves instead of binding the spirits". There is no "binding", it is a shield of protection. To bind something is to constrain with, in the case of a binding spellwork, ethereal cords to keep it from causing harm to another.

      As for the aspects of High/Ceremonial Magic vs Low/Folk Magic, those were written in a time when magic was forbidden - death being the sentence for the heresy, thus the extreme measures to keep the information out of the hands of laymen. Should newbies attempt spirit calling? No, but the information is 'out there', so there is no way to stop them from attempting it if they were to decide that is what they wanted to do.

      What I do is give them all of the information so they can use it safely. It will only be by trial and error that anyone learns. Some are too stupid to learn, and thus that then is their lesson. I teach and guide, where others only disseminate the information, leaving the student to their own devices. It is my goal to never do that. I have a life, I own a newspaper, and I am extremely busy, but I will always answer questions when I can. So your "be warned" warning is really unnecessary. :)

  4. Hi Granny Tacket can i just throw it in the river our place is very crowded now it is in the city i cant bury it there is no place for it i have been searching but i have found nothing and in some places there are owners of the land they could shoot me there if i go there and bury something Pls Reply Thank You Very Much for sharing your knowledge

    1. Yes, absolutely!

      A flowing river can do two things in regards to placing something in it for a working. First, if you want something to "go away," then the river will take it away from you, removing its negative energies. And secondly, if you're wanting to bring something to you, the flowing river takes it out to the energies that will then manifest that which you want and bring it back to you.

      The flowing water is cleansing, and will purify whatever it touches, so if you're doing a banishing, it banishes what you want, while at the same time cleansing & purifying you from any ill-intent.

      A river is a great thing to have nearby! You're very lucky.


  5. Thank You Very Much Granny Tacket For Sharing Youre Knowledge :)