Sunday, September 27, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Tonight!

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Tonight!

If you don't know it already, then here you the Super Blood Moon Eclipse! An event that will not occur for another 18 years! So start planning now for rituals & spells for EVERYTHING you want, because THIS cosmic event has the power & energy to bring you everything you ask for...FAST!


Friday, September 25, 2015

The Autumn Season is Here ~ Finally!

The Autumn Season is Here ~ Finally!
Autumn is my favorite season of the year, with Winter being a close second favorite. Here in northwest Kansas we don't have the incredible colors we had in Kentucky, but that's ok, as it has its own beauty that I can never get enough of. The fields of crops get harvested, the left-over stalks turn from gold to brown to silver. Very cool!

I harvested my pumpkins (that didn't get animal or bug nibbled on!) and set up my Mabon ~ Autumn altar. I had bought some feathered crows at a flea market and then later found a plastic skeleton crow in a grocery store - of all places, so I put these on the altar as well. I think it turned out great and I love the energies it projects into the house.


I've collected quite a bit of wild sage lately, and I also found a stand of goldenrod - the first I'd seen since moving here, so I gathered a large bit of both and then made smudge wands from the wild sage and bundled the goldenrod to dry. Looks like teas and other medicinals are going to be made soon!

Here are the sage and a couple of the smudge wands:

 And the drying goldenrod:

I may have to go collect more of each before they go out of season. Can never have enough herbs on hand!

Goldenrod: Divination, Encouragement, Find lost/hidden objects, Luck, Money, Prosperity, Wealth

Sage: Animal guides, Aphrodisiac, Blockages removed, Cleansing, Courage, Earth magick, Fertility, Glamoury, Grounding, Healing, Hex breaking, House blessing, Immortality, Longevity, Prosperity, Protection, Purification, Road opening, Smudging, Strength, Wisdom, Wishes

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Even the Bible Says So: Isaiah 55:11

Even the Bible Says So: Isaiah 55:11
"So is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

THAT, folks, is what magic(k) works are all about.

The power of the Divine within you, combined with the Divine's energy itself is absolutely unstoppable. Manifestation of your want, need and/or desire is an assured thing.

The absolute KEY though, is that when you ASK, you BELIEVE, so you can RECEIVE. You must KNOW, BELIEVE and TRUST, without ANY doubt, that this is an immutable FACT.

Because the Bible tells you so! ;)

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Lesson for Every Witch

A Lesson for Every Witch
I found the following poem years ago, but kept it because it is a sad, horrifying truth of a time we thought the world was done with. But with the barbaric actions of the evil, terrorist, psycho Muslims, it looks as though we are to once again revisit these atrocities. And more. So, while this poem is referring to Witches of the Middle Ages, think of the Christians in the Middle East who are living this terror every day. And send them your energies for safety and the destruction of this abomination of psychos who have destroyed so much already.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The "Blue" Moon

The "Blue" Moon
Ok, this is a HUUUGGGE subject of contention with me. I really, really HATE misinformation. Yeah, it literally bugs the shit out of me. So I'm going to step up on my soap box for a bit, vent a little, and then let it go...(until next time. ;) )
For all of you who were all excited about the so-called "Blue Moon" the other day - DON'T BE! It's was NOT a Blue Moon!

Some idiot a few decades ago (a "hobby astronomer" - basically, a self-absorbed, know-it-all idiot) made a typographical error and now everyone believes that any month with two full moons in it is a "Blue Moon".

Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that is NOT a Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon is the THIRD full moon in a FOUR full moon season. Every full moon has a name (i.e. Corn Moon, Hunter's Moon, etc.) BUT the third full moon in a four full moon season does not, and the original term 'belewe', which means "betrayer" (because it 'betrayed' the timing in that season), was altered over time into "blue". No, NOT "blue" the color.

So, get over it folks. It's "just another full moon". In fact, it is actually the Harvest Home Feast Moon because the next day (this year) was Lughnasadh/Lammas, and the full moon closest to Lughnasadh is the Harvest Home Feast, because it is the celebration of the First Harvest of the Season. (Obviously, this is for those who celebrate the Sabbats. For those who don't, ignore this last paragraph.)

Now. THAT said, the next REAL "Blue" (belewe) Moon will be on August 18, 2016. Next year. So, you just have to wait another year to experience a REAL BLUE MOON! ;)

Summer Solstice 2016 is June 20th, which is also the first full moon of the summer season. Then, July 19th, August 18th, and September 16th, with the Autumn Equinox falling 6 days later on August 22nd.

June Full Moon Names:
Aerra Litha, Brachmanoth, Honey Moon, Lovers’ Moon, Mead Moon, Moon of Horses, Moon of Making Fat, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, Strong Sun Moon

July Full Moon Names:
Blessing Moon, Buck Moon, Fallow Moon, Hay Moon, Hewimanoth, Maedmonat, Meadow Moon, Moon of Blood, Moon of Claiming, Thunder Moon, Wort Moon

August Full Moon Names (in a 3-Full Moon Season):
Barley Moon, Corn Moon, Dispute Moon, Harvest Moon, Moon When Cherries Turn Black, Weodmonath

September Full Names:
Haligmonath, Harvest Moon, Moon When Deer Paw the Earth, Singing Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Wine Moon, Witumanoth

But...because there are 4 full moons that season, this throws off the August full moon names and makes it the "belewe" (blue) moon. The correct names for a "Blue Moon" are: Ancestor Moon, Blue Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Hunting Moon, Moon of the Dead.

And the energies to be called upon during this time are: Communion with the dead, Liberation, Memory, Negative thoughts & emotions released.

Now, NEXT month, September 27th is the full moon AND a lunar eclipse, which is an excellent time to do works for: Change, Full cycle, Harmony, Turning point in life, Union. You can do an entire 29 Day Lunar Cycle's worth of magic during the short time encompassed by the eclipse.

And for a quick FYI: A "Black Moon" is when there are four NEW Moons in a season. These are great for: Banishing, Beginnings, Binding, Exorcisms, Hexing, Negative magic, Revenge, Vengeance. It is an extremely powerful time for any magick workings, but especially any with a negative intent.

Stepping off soap box now!  

Blessings y'all! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Names on Petition Papers

Names on Petition Papers
I was asked this and decided that it warranted a full post on the subject.

When writing a Petition Paper with a person's name on it, which name do you use? Their given name or the name they use everyday?

We'll use my name as an example.

My given name was "Vicki". But they misspelled it on the birth certificate. It was supposed to be spelled "Vikki". Trust me when I say, this had a definitive impact on my entire life, especially as a kid.

Nicknames for given names are sometimes inappropriate and the full formal name should be the given name and the shortened version of that name should be their nickname, used by family and friends. The formal name is always used for legal purposes anyway.

When I was older and it was an appropriate time, I changed my name to the formal form of Vikki, but I chose the Russian ancestral version of it, "Viktorija" (pronounced the same as "Victoria"). When I got it changed legally, everything in my life changed for the better. And it has continued to do so since - 17 years now.

So, if you're doing a work that requires a Petition Paper, I suggest that for personal works (love, money, job, health, etc.), the paper have the person's personal name on it. In my instance that would be "Vikki".

But when doing a legal work (law, attorney's, courts, legal documents, etc.), then use the person's given name. Again, using me as the example, that would be "Viktorija".

I now there are many who would dispute this concept, and that's fine. This is what I do and what works for me. A simple test work will determine which is best for you.

Just something new to consider. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Divine Has Delivered!

The Divine Has Delivered!

For those who've followed my posts, y'all know that 2 1/2 yrs ago we moved to northwest Kansas. I spent the first year wondering why I was here - this place hated me. I don't mean the people, because I hadn't met them yet. It wasn't until I took the part time position at the local newspaper that I began to meet the community residents.

The first person I met turned out to be what she referred to as a "Woo-Woo". I laughed because I totally understand what she meant, but I also explained that I am no woo-woo! A "Granny" definitely does not fit into the woo-woo category. :D

She also told me that there were a few more "Woo-Woos" in the area. I figured one or two.

Last night I found out that there are LOTS of "Woo-Woos" here! I have a feeling my brand of works will be of interest, because I don't think they're familiar with it. It may scare off some, and that's fine, but I think I've found what I'm supposed to be doing here.

In this diverse group of women is the makings of what will make a very good Working Community - I refuse to use the term "coven", because that denotes rules & following a specific set of beliefs. And that is something I am not into. Our various beliefs will make a wonderful quilt of beauty to wrap ourselves in. Teaching & sharing being the mainstay. And as y'all know...I am all about teaching!

So, with that shared, I also need to publicly say "THANK YOU!" to the Divine for bringing me home! My crying, tears, pleadings and works have been answered - hugely. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Personal Lessons Offered

Personal Lessons Offered
I have been asked so many times over the years, most of which have been in the last few months, if I offered personal lessons. The answer is "yes", but it's difficult to set a particular time frame for them as I have a part time job at the local newspaper, I'm a board member of our new local farmers' market, and I make crafts to sell at the farmers' market on Saturdays.

But, I think it's time to set the time to offer these lessons. So, I am putting it out there to all y'all to ask several questions:

1) What day(s) work for you? (for me: Tuesday evenings, all day Wednesdays and Sundays)
2) What in particular do you want to learn? (be specific)
3) How long do you want each lesson to last? (i.e. would an hour be good or "as long as it takes"?)
4) Do you want physical materials (emailed lessons/information) as well or would your own notes be enough?
4) Give me YOUR ideas...

My fee is $25/hour with a 1 hour minimum. The lessons would be done via Skype and could be done individually or in conference with more than one student.

Please let me know what y'all think. I really do want to do this, so please email me: or or via Facebook.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

La Muerte's Blessings

La Muerte's Blessings
Several months ago an online friend sent me a beautiful Santa Muerte statue. She sits here on the desk on a shelf above my computer. I try to light a candle to her as often as possible, but with working part time and other new activities going on, I don't as often as I'd like because of the 5 cats we have around here. And they just LOOOVVVE to get on the desk and inspect everything up here! 

Her altar, at the moment, isn't much since we're still renovating around here. Eventually she will have a very beautiful altar specifically designed for her here in the house.

I believe part of her blessings to us comes from the love and adoration that she received from my friends' beautiful son when she was getting ready to package her up and ship her to me. Here is a picture of the love he showered on La Muerte just before being wrapped safely for shipping (this is just one of many pictures of him loving on her!)

Since La Muerte's arrival here just after the New Year, work is steadily progressing on our renovations; the machine shop has been getting quite a steady bit of business, especially through word-of-mouth; I have almost tripled the number of clients requesting works; I am a committee member for the new Farmer's Market that is starting in our little town; I am about to start a 4-H Club with the local 4-H Group here in our county/state; and local people are seeing some of my pyrography and other works and are considering commissioning some projects; AND the greatest one of all, is that the newspaper I work for is the best job I've ever had and I know that at some point in the future it will be mine. So, LOTS of great things are happening and between the Divine and La Muerte we have been truly blessed!

I can't wait to see what more is coming our way! Thank you to the Divine and La Muerte for everything! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

ChronosXP Planetary Hours Software ~ A MUST-HAVE!!!

ChronosXP Planetary Hours Software ~ A MUST-HAVE!!!
I was just introduced to this FREE software and it is GREAT!

My books and the Lesson: Seals, Sigils & Bindrunes have Planetary Hours charts and are good references, but the software you can download from this site is far better!

Once you have it downloaded and on your computer you can then open the program to put in the latitude & longitude of your city/town, what time zone you're in, set up what you'd like to have displayed, sounds (or not) when each hour changes, etc. You can even have the icon-of-the-hour on your desktop in a choice of colors & designs. :D

Now there's no more "guessing" as to the exact hour you are in, or the hour you need to do a ritual or plant your seeds or transplants (for those you plant by the lunar phases & zodiac hours like me.)

Here is the window that opens when you click the icon on your desktop:


The bottom left section (in blue) is where you will find all you need for using the program. The "Change Settings" is where you will set everything you need, which will change everything on the bottom of the window, except the last section with the city on it - this is not useful at all as it is too location-specific. By changing the latitude & longitude settings you will then have all the correct information along the bottom - and just ignore the city-specific drop-down box, unless you happen to live in or very near one of those cities. I do not, so it is of no use to me. But by putting in the latitude & longitude of my town in the "Change Settings" box, I now have everything exact...and I LOVE IT!

To find your latitude & longitude you can search online. I just use the City-Data website and put in my city, then Control "F", then type in "latitude" or "longitude", hit "Enter" and it scrolls to that word. Note that when inputting the numbers they will read (using mine as an example) Latitude: 39.35 N, Longitude: 100.44 W. To input in the software, you will enter the first number (latitude) 39 in the "hours" box and the 35 into the "minutes" box, and the same for the longitude number. There are then buttons to choose Latitude N or S or Longitude E or W. It's really very simple to figure out...and will make knowing & using the Planetary Hours sooooo much easier & faster!


ChronosXP website download page.