The following items are made by me when the order is placed and payment received.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the efficacy of each item purchased as that is completely up to the receiver and their level of belief in the beneficent aspects of their item(s). (But I can say that I and my clients have all had varying degrees of great success!) ;)

All of my herbs & plant materials are grown by me or grow on my property. I do not buy from other sources - ever! With the exception of any resins I may use - these must be purchased.

*Payments for any products are through the "Buy Now" buttons. Contact me if there is anything you are interested in, whether what you see here or something else you would like me to obtain or make for you. For full description visit the About, Contact, & Policies page.


JuJu Dolls


JuJu Dolls are hung above your front door to protect against any negativity from entering in, and to bring positive energies for happiness into the home.

Each JuJu Doll is a custom made OOAK (one-of-a-kind), so no two are alike. It measures approximately 9" in height. These are made-to-order, not ready-made.

Items attached to the dolls may include beads, shells, charms, jewelry, chain, feathers, horsehair, fox fur, and any other items that seem appropriate.

Each doll is filled with an herb mixture, fiberfill, and a crystal or stone.

Considerable time and care goes into the making of each doll. Concentration on intent is focused on during the making so as to ensure a fully consecrated doll.

Cost:   $75 (s&h included)


Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

A very powerful oil for personal protection. Use to dress your candles for a Protection work; rub a drop on your hands and a Cross on your forehead before going out in public; place a drop on the door handles of your home, your car, your purse and/or wallet; basically where ever you feel the need for protection. (All of my herbs & plant materials are grown by me or grow on my property. I do not buy from other sources - ever! With the exception of any resins I may use, as these must be purchased.)

Cost: $25 / ounce (s&h included)

Ritual Oils Made-to-Order

Are you looking for a specific ritual oil? Tell me what you need and I will make a custom blend for you. Oils shown in the picture include: Banishing, Abundance, Protection, Attraction, Love, Dragon's Blood, Compelling/Control Over Others, Cedar, Juniper, Fiery Wall of Protection, St. Joseph's, Remove Blockages (3 levels: Fast & Strong, Strong & Steady, Slow & Steady). Many other formulas are available. (All of my herbs & plant materials are grown by me or grow on my property. I do not buy from other sources - ever! With the exception of any resins I may use - these must be purchased.)

Cost: $25 / ounce (s&h included)

Black Destroyer Oil or Powder

One of the most powerful oils & powders for completely destroying problems in your life: banishing & removing others from having any influence on you, obliterating curses, hexes, hatreds, evil, and envy, as well as any other negative energy effect that is covering you.

Cost: $35 / ounce (s&h included)

Cost: $25 / ounce (s&h included)

Herbal Blends & Powders:

Herbal Blend Custom Made to Order

What ever ritual you are doing I can put together an herbal blend just for that purpose. All of my herbs & plant materials are grown by me or grow on my property. I do not buy from other sources - ever! With the exception of any resins I may use - these must be purchased.

Cost: $15 / ounce (s&h included)

Dirt Dauber Powder

The amount of Dirt Dauber powder may vary, but you'll have plenty to use for several applications.

Dirt Dauber Uses include: Goofer Dust, Hot Foot Work, Stay-With-Me Powder, Business workings, etc.

Cost: $22 (s&h included)

Amulets, Wards, & Other Necessities:

Green Good Luck Prosperity Rice

Place the Green Good Luck Prosperity Rice in a bowl near your front door, keep some in your wallet, place some in your car, in your office desk at work, or just about any place you want to be sure to bring good luck and prosperity to you.

Cost:  $45 / decorated 8 oz jar (s&h included)

Warding Chime

These chimes are OOAK made-to-order. The intent/purpose to be determined by the buyer, such as protection, home blessing, abundance, health & well-being, etc. The number of items will vary, but will contain crystals and/or stones appropriate to the intent/purpose, an herb pouch with appropriate herbs, feathers, a loaded Sweet Gum pod, and other zoological & natural materia.

Once complete it will be cleansed and packaged so no one will touch it until the buyer opens it themselves.

Approximate turn-around time for delivery is a maximum of 2 weeks from receipt of payment. Please let me know what specific intent you will need for your chime. Also, if you intend to place yours outside rather than inside your home, please let me know so I can make it sturdier and of more appropriate materials.

If there are specific requirements there will be additional fees to accommodate the time to acquire them, if I don't already have them. The price is due to the rare and extremely difficult-to-find items in it.

The chime shown is unavailable, and is for sample purposes only.

Cost:   $175 (s&h included)

Loaded Witch's Burr Amulets: Protection, Abundance, Romance

Each Witch's Burr Amulet is loaded with the appropriate herbs & oils for the intent/purpose. These can be kept in your pocket or purse, on your altar, or just placed in your home in a place of your choosing.

These are each OOAK made-to-order. The turn-around time is approximately 1 week after receipt of payment. Each order is for 1 amulet.

Cost:   $15 (s&h included)

Animal & Nature Concerns:

Deer Teeth & Bones

You may have the deer teeth natural or loaded with herbs & oils for your choice of intent.

These Deer teeth are from a deer that was found on our property. I'm not sure how it died as it was already in the bone stage. I gathered as many bones as I could, cleaned them, consecrated them, thanked Deer for its contribution to the earth and to my Craft.

Deer's Intents are: 
Alertness, Aphrodisiac, Attention to outside influences, Balance, Camouflage, Caution, Children, Compassion, Empathy, Gentleness, Grace, Heightened senses, Inner child, Innocence, Kindness, Leadership, Listening abilities, Longevity, Love, Meditation, Meek, New opportunities, Nimbleness, Peace, Purity, Purity of Purpose, Security, Sensitivity, Sexual potency, Softness, Spirituality, Swift, Unconditional love, Vision, Walking in the Light, Wealth

Deer Teeth, Bones or Antlers
Cost:   $15 (s&h included)
Horseshoe Talisman for Good Luck, Happiness, Prosperity & Health

These are old, rusty horseshoes found on our farm property. They have been cleaned and placed in a Black Walnut bath to give them a deep, rich patina, and waxed to "set" the patina.

The horseshoe is a centuries-old talisman for good luck, happiness, prosperity & health. Hung above a door with the open end in the upright position brings luck into the home, and hung with the open end in the downward position flows the luck out to those passing beneath it. I have 3 hung in a row, 1-upright, 1-downward, 1-upward, so there is always more coming in than flowing out; in a sense, "my cup (horseshoe) runneth over".

This sale is for 1 horseshoe, if more are wanted please let me know.

Cost:   $10 (s&h included)

"Luck Catcher" Beaded Horseshoe

All the good luck of the horseshoe, but with a little added "blingy" energy! When you order, I will contact you to ask what specific colors you are wanting in the beads.

Cost:  $25.00 (s&h included)

Appalachian Witch's Ball

While these were originally designed to be used to ward off witches, I see no reason why they couldn't be used to ward negative energies (i.e. protection) in general. These are kept in the pocket, if small enough, or next to the front (or main entry) door.

These are made from horse hair that was cut from our horses during grooming. Each is made-to-order and OOAK.

Cost:   $10