Monday, October 28, 2013

Granny Tackett's Arthritis Tea & Tincture

Granny Tackett's Arthritis Tea & Tincture

Arthritis Tea
3 T Juniper Berries (dried)
1 ½ c Dandelion Leaves (dried)
6 t White Willow Bark
2 t Orange Rind (dried)
2 T Egg Shell (dried, roasted, crushed)

Combine all of the above ingredients and store in a tight lidded jar out of sunlight.
Add 1 heaping Tablespoon to the automatic coffee maker filter (or tie up in a coffee filter), add the amount of water that will fill your cup, and make the tea. You will need to put the water back through at least 3 times, just pour the pot of hot water back in and let it run through its cycle each time. Once the tea looks about as strong as its going to get, then it's ready. If you're only placing the bagged tea in a cup to steep, then let it steep for at least 5 minutes, preferably longer.

1 T Black Strap Molasses
1 T Honey

Add the above for flavor as well as extra nutrition for the arthritis remedy.
Drink the tea a couple of times a day until your arthritis pains go away.
This will not cure the arthritis, but it will improve, if not completely relieve the discomfort.

Arthritis Tincture
Place all of the herbs listed above in a tight lidded jar, then pour vodka over the herbs to completely cover. Place in a dark cabinet, removing daily to shake the mixture completely. After 4-6 weeks remove the jar and strain out the herbs, squeezing to get as much of the tincture out of them as possible.

To use, place four 4 oz droppersful (not drops) of tincture into a cup of warm (not hot) water, add the molasses and honey and drink slowly.

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