Friday, June 24, 2011

Living a Witch, Rootworker's Life

Living a Witch, Rootworker's Life

A rootworker spends a great deal of time working with plants, and herbs. Gardening is a favorite pastime, walking in the woods finding odd things - of both plant and animal form - to use for amulets, in ritual works, in crafts, or just to set on the window sill are also favorites.

We watch the passing seasons, enjoying the always changing view. Never the same from one day to the next. Personally, my favorite "watch" is to observe the sun rising in the morning sky, each day being slightly moved from the day before. I've marked my fence with colored metal stars for the location where the sun rises on the Sabbats. It was a year long project that was so fun to do! So now I have 8 pretty 5" stars across the top of the fence on the east side of the property.

I collect zoological items from dead animals in the woods, or found (fresh) roadkill. The furs, feathers, feet, teeth, etc. are blessed and the creature honored for their life and the giving thereof. I've been told my home looks like a museum because I have so many "interesting" things! :D

Using the plants & zoological items in rootwork is also important. Each having their own energy to lend to the work. A rootworker will perform works for just about any situation, its up to the person requesting the work to worry about the morals or ethics of what they want to accomplish. A Witch is not responsible for the actions and choices of others.

Many misconceptions exist about Witches, which were spread and propagandized by those who fear the unknown. Rather than learning from those who are Witches, they prefer instead, to listen to and continue to spread all the misinformation. If you want to fix your car, you don't take it to the grocery store. You take it to the auto repair shop. The same adage can be applied to those who need to learn to speak educably on a subject they know nothing about, in this instance that being Witches and Witchcraft. They absolutely must speak with those who live and practice the Craft. They need to read that which a Witch reads and learn from the sources a Witch learns from. This will not "convert" them, but it will allow them to hold a fair conversation with others regarding the subject.

So, if someone wishes to hold an intelligent conversation with me, I welcome the opportunity!

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