Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hoodoo’s Botanical Necklace

Hoodoo’s Botanical Necklace
This is a multipurpose, magickal Hoodoo necklace designed to attract good influences and positive spirits into the life of the wearer. Many aspects of the necklace are flexible: it is unisex, it can be worn inside or outside the shirt (depending on its purpose and the wearer’s skin sensitivities), and you can adjust the recipe and use ingredients you have on hand. Begin this project at dusk on a Sunday of the waxing moon.

½ c whole allspice ½ c Florida Water
¼ c whole star anise ½ c rose water
¼ c black cardamom pods ½ c orange blossom water
¼ T musk seed ½ c lavender water
    (Abelmoschus moschatus) Awl, or large needle
1 accent root (see note) 36” waxed linen string
¼ c fresh cranberries

Begin by focusing on your special intentions. Combine the sweet waters, and add the allspice, anise, cardamom, musk seed, and accent root. Let soak over night, outdoors if possible. Write a note on regular paper that states your intentions and place it next to the soaking ingredients (hold it down with a river rock or pebble if necessary).

The next day, blot the soaked spices and root with a towel as you continue to focus on your intentions. Arrange the spices, root, and the cranberries on a beading tray (or similar) in a pleasing, balanced arrangement. The accent root should be in the center in order to hang low on the chest like a pendant. Place the small, smooth seeds and spices near the closure at the neck.

Hold both of your hands over the necklace design and visualize positive energy flowing out through your hands. Close your eyes; breathe deeply as you cast a positive charge over the necklace. Make a double knot on one end of the string; make sure at least 2” are free behind the knot.

Thread the awl with the string. Pierce the softened spices, root, and cranberries one at a time and slide them onto the string. When done, tie another double knot at the opposite end in the same manner. Bring both sides together and double-knot it again to make a permanent closure for the necklace.

Hold the necklace in your two hands and breathe your healing energy over it while you close your eyes and focus on your intentions. Use your dominant hand to hang the necklace up on a nail to dry. Let dry 2 weeks.

Note: You might need to drill a hole through the root with a small drill bit. Also, when selecting an accent root, consider using the following: Adam and Eve root (to attract love), angelica root (protective shield specifically helpful to mothers and children, and also for health and divination), devil’s shoestring (protective shield from evil influences and a luck magnet), John the Conqueror root (protection and strength for multiple purposes), or lucky hand root (multiple purposes, including love, luck, prosperity, and protection).

Source: Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones by Stephanie Rose Bird

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