Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your Personal Mojo Hand

Your Personal Mojo Hand

Small 3” x 5” leather drawstring bag with fringe all the way around
Add small protection charms: 1 extra item per year, but first start out with some or all of the following:

Any small figurine of the Divine that is important to you: a God, a Goddess, Jesus, Mary, a Saint, an Angel
3 or 5 Stones of protection, or found stones
3 or 5 Protection herbs of choice
3 or 5 Glass beads
Animal claws (such as your favorite pet’s nail clippings)
Sigils or Seals of choice

Keep this with you at all times, touching it often during the day, breathing into it (giving it renewed life & energy from you), feeding it with appropriate oils by dabbing a few drops on it.

AzureGreen- Celebrating All Paths to the Divine

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