Saturday, August 11, 2012

Herbs for Blessings

Herbs for Blessings
In a few days I'll be driving out to our Kansas property to take a look around, take pictures, and while there I'll be doing a House Blessing ritual. So as I need to get all of my things ready I decided to see what are some specific herbs for my purpose. But as usual, my OCD Self couldn't just look for what I'm looking for, I had to go ahead and make a list of all the herbs (well, maybe not all but certainly many) that are used for blessings - of any sort. 

So, the following list are the herbs for blessings and their respective intents (if it's other than just "blessings"). I figure y'all could copy it for yourselves for future reference as well!

Blessing Herbs
Ague root (baby)
Bachelor’s Button
Bay (house)
Bittersweet (house)
Blue Cohosh
Camphor (house)
Caraway (house)
Catnip (animal)
Cedar (baby)
Cinquefoil (house)
Club Moss
Cowslip (business & house)
Daisy (baby)
Elder (business & house)
Elecampane (baby)
Flax (baby)
Foxglove (garden)
Fumitory (house)
Gorse (wedding)
Iris (baby)
Job’s Tears
Lady’s Mantle (newlywed)
Mountain Ash/Rowan (house)
Mulberry (baby)
Rosemary (baby)
Rowan/Mountain Ash (house)
Sage (house)
Vervain (children)
Walnut (Blessings of the Gods)
White Willow Bark

My favorite all-around perfect herb is Basil. It can be used for any purpose from blessing to cursing. I grow this herb so I have plenty of it for my Craft or culinary purposes. So I'll definitely be taking my Basil, as well as Bay, Birch, Caraway, Sage and White Willow Bark as these are the ones I have on hand.

I'll pack a Craft bag with everything, take pictures during the ritual, and will post them when I return.

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