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Tarot and Corresponding Body Parts & Health Issues

Tarot and Corresponding Body Parts & Health Issues

There was a conversation being held on a Tarot group recently that posed the question regarding the associations of Tarot cards to health issues and parts of the body. The person asking was wanting to know how to interpret anything in a reading that may pertain to the querent's own health issues and if so, which cards would show which parts of the body are affected.

Myself and another person were the only ones with any specific answers to share, while the other answers were more along the lines of "meditate on it". I'm sorry, but when I have a question I would like answered, then I WANT AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION. And "meditate on it" isn't an answer. If you don't have a definitive, tangible answer, then don't answer the question. Just wait for those who do to do so.

Anyway, off the soap-box now. The following is the information provided to answer the woman's question, and information you may wish to save to your own Tarot Journal for future reference:

In Aleister Crowley's book Liber 777, he lists the following correspondences for the Human body (in col. CLXXXII):

Tarot - Body Part Correspondences

Fool - Respiratory Organs
Magician - Cerebral and Nervous Systems
High Priestess - Lymphatic System
Empress - Genital System
Emperor - Head and Face
Hierophant - Shoulders and Arms
Lovers - Lungs
Chariot - Stomach
Strength - Heart
Hermit - The Back
Wheel of Fortune - Digestive System
Justice - Liver
Hanged Man - Organs of Nutrition
Death - Intestines
Temperance - Hips and Thighs
Devil - Genital System
Tower - Muscular System
Star - Kidneys, Bladder, etc.
Moon - Legs and Feet
Sun - Circulatory System
Judgment - Organs of Circulation
Universe - Excretory Systems


Tarot Health Associations

Accidents: The Chariot - reversed, Wheel of Fortune - reversed, The Tower Card
Arthritis: The Devil - reversed, The World- reversed, 10 of Wands
Back Pain: 10 of Swords, 10 of Wands
Depression or Anxiety: The Star - reversed, of Swords, 5 of Pentacles
Eyesight problems: The Emperor,  Sun - reversed
Foot problems: The Hanged Man - reversed; The Moon - reversed, Page of Cups - reversed
Heart Problems: Strength - reversed, The Sun - reversed, 3 of Swords
Intestinal Problems: The Hermit - reversed
Kidney infections: Justice - reversed
Menstrual or Female problems: The High Priestess - reversed, The Moon - reversed, Queen of Cups - reversed
Mental Breakdown: The Tower
Migraines: The Emperor - reversed, Ace of Swords - reversed
Recuperation or Hospitalization: 4 of Swords
Skin Allergies: The Chariot - reversed
Sore throats or thyroid: The Empress - reversed
Ulcer or Stomach problems: The Chariot, reversed

Some Symbols in the pictures that I have found to represent some health problems are as follows:
Red canopy can represent menstrual problems.
Tree roots could represent a person being rooted in a problem.
Lightning bolts could be headaches.
Puffy face could signify a weight gain.
Red throat decoration could signify a sore throat

Tarot Health Problems by Patricia Darrow

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