Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Blessings

New Blessings
Well, it's Spring (almost Summer) and my garden is planted (our last frost date is May 19th). Every year when I plant I worry that the Mother may not bless that work - and it is some backbreaking work for me! LOL As I plant the seeds I see Her hand touching each and blessing them to grow. I thank Her for the bounty to come and the blessing of the work of my hands. 

But every year She does bless my work and I receive the joy that comes from working the soil and planting those tiny seeds. I cannot tell you how much happiness I get out of seeing those first shoots coming up out of the ground! Especially the ones that aren't the weeds! ;D

The garden - potatoes & garlic here in the front and everything else behind.

This year I moved the garden from behind the church building (now my husband's machine shop) out into the field (formerly the horse pasture - I miss Ahri & Preacher terribly, but they're much happier in their new place with hills & a creek & woods). The soil in this space was a bit compacted due to the horse & donkey trampling it, as well as the huge bulldozer that had gone over it last year when it was clearing all the debris and old trees out. So, honestly I wasn't too sure how well I would do.

I planted potatoes and onions first (May 6th), and those came up in a heartbeat, as you can see in the picture above. I was sooo excited! They're continuing to grow beautifully too. The onions I have since moved over to companion plant with the tomatoes (which haven't yet begun to sprout), so I can mound the dirt up the potato plants as they grow, giving more room for more potatoes to grow.

Red Onions

The rest of the garden I planted on May 23rd, and yesterday, the 30th I saw Sunflower, Cucumber, Cantaloupe, Radish, and Sugar Pumpkin sprouts coming up!

Sunflowers starting to pop out! Yaaay! :)




Sugar Pumpkin

The Mother has blessed my work! As I watered the garden I thanked Her the whole time, and I could feel Her there acknowledging my "thanks" to Her. I know I'm going to have a great garden this year. Maybe even my best yet. :)

I'm going to have fun weeding when I finally am able to get into the rows to weed. But I have to wait for the sprouts to come up first. Weeding between the rows is easy enough, but I really hate waiting so long for the planted rows. I have sworn to be diligent in my weed maintenance this year! LOL I'd mulch it completely, or put down straw, but the winds here get so ridiculous that it would all blow away, and end up being a total waste of money. So. I must "weed". :( LOL

I learned a really "short but sweet" spell to say over the seeds as they're planted, and so far I'd have to say it works! I suggest you try it as well.

One for the Sun
One for the Crow
One for the Earth
One to Grow

As I water the garden each night I also ask the Mother to continue her vigil and assistance, and to bring rain as needed. We've had a bit of a dry spell this year, so a little "extra" won't hurt! :) Last night it rained "just enough", so the vegetable garden and all of my flower beds are nicely wetted. This yard is so large, plus the garden, it takes almost an hour and a half to fully water everything! Good thing I enjoy it. LOL

So, I hope all y'all's gardens, what ever size they may be, are doing beautifully as well, and that the Mother has blessed them as She has mine.


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