Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spider Webs

Spider Webs
I've posted on this subject before, but I found that meme below and had to share it!

Using spider webs is fun, even if it is a bit creepy to gather.

Use in your binding works to keep the intended tied up.

You could even reverse that and have the "spider about to get the fly" - wrap a tiny poppet in the webs and place a toy spider on or near it - this would be an effective curse for someone who needs to get their just due, or a curse of ill-health.

Add spider webs to a potion (not to be consumed!!) or a powder such as binding someone to you or themselves, a stay-put potion so they can't leave, or to make their job or life too confining and miserable.

Think outside the box and you can find lots of ways to use so many things!

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