Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wow, do the chicks grow fast! Its almost time to move them to a larger place. They're beginning to smell up the house like "chickens". I don't want a hen-house smelling home! Unfortunately that means moving them downstairs into the barn, but its still too cold, so I'll have to set up a heater and a nice place for them to keep warm. They're not completely feathered out, of course, so keeping them warm is very important.

The smallest one, the black Showgirl, died. I buried it under the Hydrangea in front of the barn. Once its had time to completely decompose I'll dig up the bones. Can't have enough bones!

The Curly Willows that I have grown from cuttings are now planted and, like their parent trees, are budding out and looking great. I transplanted a small apple tree (one of those 5-fruits-on-one-tree deals) which looks like it will do fine also. There are 4 more I need to transplant as well, leaving 1 other where it is (there are 6 total 5-fruits-on-one-tree's that we bought 2 Springs ago). I also dug up a shitload of Daffodil bulbs from the pasture and transplanted them around Czar's Memorial Tree and the mailbox. They're taking nicely and should be blooming soon - some already have.

I've seen the Robins returning. They're our definite signs of Spring. Plus the flocks (I'm mean flocks!) of Blackbirds. The Geese have been flying overhead also. We seem to be at the "meeting" point where they all join together and continue on. We see 2 or 3 flocks calling from a couple of miles apart, join together almost directly above our property, maybe divide up a bit, but in larger groups, and then continue on. Very interesting to watch as they get all mixed up, decide who will lead, then straighten out into their V-formation and fly off.

We've been looking at property in Idaho - wow is it gorgeous there! Awesome views. If we do move, it will totally suck getting all the animals and everything else packed up and on the road! Moving is bad enough, but when you have a whole farm to move - damn! :)

I'll be doing another money ritual for the full moon....lots we need, and lots we want! I have my Magick Lamp and my Money Jar Spell which I'll use for the ritual. They're full of energy and will certainly bring manifestation. They've certainly helped so far!

Thank you, to the Gods!

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