Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magick Lamp for Harmonious Home

This lamp was made to bring harmony into the home (happiness, love, money, peace):

Lamp Oil: Vanilla

Vanilla - Beauty, Breaking habits, Chastity, Clarity, Communication, Compassion, Courage, Dreams, Eloquence, Energy, Fertility enhancement, Fidelity, Friendship, Happiness, Intelligence, Joy, Longevity, Love, Luck, Lust, Peace, Pleasure, Power, Protection, Purification, Reconciliation, Rejuvenation, Romance, Self-improvement, Sex magick, Wisdom

Rose - Abundance, Beauty, Dreams, Fertility, Fortune, Friendships, Healing, Love, Luck, Peace, Prosperity, Protection

Sage - Aphrodisiac, Cleansing, Courage, Fertility, Grounding, Healing, House blessing, Immortality, Longevity, Prosperity, Protection, Purification, Smudging, Strength, Wisdom, Wishes

Basil - Abundance, Courage, Divination, Fertility, Fortune, Happiness, Harmony, Honesty, House blessing, Love, Luck, Mend quarrels, Money, Peace, Prosperity, Protection, Purification, Relationship healing, Sympathy, Temper soothing, Wealth

Chicory - Promotes positive outlook, Removing obstacles

Sunflower - Adoration, Centering, Energy, Fertility, Happiness, Health, Loyalty, Money, Power, Protection, Self-esteem, Sun magick, Wealth, Wisdom, Wishes

Pine Rosette Cone - Abundance, Fertility, Fortune, Healing, Health, Humility, Immortality, Life, Luck, Money, Power, Prosperity, Protection, Re-birth, Rejuvenation, Strength

Buckeye Nut - Attraction, Luck, Money, Wealth

Quartz - ‘Stone of Power”: Abundance, All-healing, Blessings, Clarity, Creativity, Dedication, Dreams, Good fortune, Growth, Harmony, Love, Protection, Success, Wishes

Bloodstone - “Stone of Courage”: Abundance, Balancing, Blessings, Centering, Creativity, Dedication, Divine union, Generosity, Grounding, Healing, Love, Purification, Relationships, Unselfishness, Wisdom

Malachite (draped over outside of lamp) - “Stone of Transformation”: Amplification, Balance, Chakra clearing, Change, Clarity, Comfort, Emotional maturity, Friendship, Healing, Intuition, Leadership, Love, Loyalty, Peace, Protection, Responsibility, Self-awareness, Sensitivity, Transformation, Understanding, Wisdom

Foreign Coins - to bring money & abundance from any source

Cowry Shells - Money, Prosperity

Capiz Shells - money

White Agate Elephant (standing next to lamp) - Family, Loyalty, Luck, Patience, Peaceful strength, Perception, Power, Purity, Purpose, Sexuality, Strength, Uniqueness, Warrior, Wisdom

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