Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Gum Pod Money-Drawing Amulet

Before - Sweet Gum Pod:

After - Completed Amulets (Love & Romance, Money, Protection):

Sweet Gum Balls (from the Sweet Gum Tree)
Herbs (ground & powdered) - Money Drawing Blend: Basil, Chicory, Cinnamon, Cumin, Dill, Dock, Egg shell, Oats, Oregano, Pine, Star Anise, Sunflower, Wheat
Oil(s) - Come to Me, Money Drawing
White or Green Candle
Green Crayon (optional, if you don't have a green candle)

Gather your herbs. If they're not already ground up, then do so now. They must be powdered or almost so to fill the inside of the Sweet Gum ball.

Alternate filling the ball with herbs and drops of oil. You will only be able to do the top half, as what you've just filled will spill out if you turn it over! (That was a major "duh!" moment! LOL)
Once the top is filled, then light the candle and let it drip into the holes, sealing in the herbs & oil. If your candle is white, you may want to peel the paper off a green crayon and let the candle flame melt the crayon wax on to the ball. This makes for a very interesting combination of colors!

Repeat the whole procedure for the bottom half of the ball.

At this point, you add more herbs to the soft wax. Gently pushing it into the wax to set it.
Continue until you feel that the herb & wax ball is complete. You may want to continue until the spiky ends are completely covered, or not (as mine are - I personally like the spiky's).

Author/Designer: RubyRavn

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