Monday, February 21, 2011

Wonderful New Pagan Organization for Those Grieving a Lost Loved One

The following is from their main page:

Hecate's Children was founded to aid families in their time of need by helping ease the financial and emotional burden that takes its toll when the unexpected death of a child occurs.  We want to reach out and have a visible presence in Pagan communities throughout the Northeastern United States and eventually the entire country.
Hecate's Children is a non profit organization raising funds and awareness for this cause.  We also want to generate a library of resources and clergy that will help counsel those who are suffering and help them get back on their feet once more.  While mainstream faiths can turn to large religious congregations for help in a time of crisis, with so many different paths of Paganism, we have no large central organization to turn to in our greatest time of need.
With your help and support, we can ensure families can focus on healing rather than the stress of how am I going to pay for my dear child's final expenses.

Please visit their site and if you can offer a donation of time, money, or services, please fill out their Volunteer/Contact Us form. Our Pagan Community desperately needs this type of organization and we need to support it in any way we can.....even if its just to promote it everywhere we go online and in our local Pagan Communities. Don't hesitate or think about it - just do it! :) 

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