Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Completed Garden - Dedicated to Lugh

The fence is up, the gate is finished, and the Runic & Ogham blessings are in place! The garden is dedicated to Lugh's aspect of the Fertility Sun God of the Good Harvest.

 The inside posts have a blessing in Ogham that reads, "Bless this Land".

The gate handle is an old horseshoe painted with runes "Abundance, Good Harvest", plus 3 individual runes; Kaunaz, Othila, & Ior. Across the top is a runic sentence that says "Here there be Dragons and Faeries":

The bindrune is a combination of Ior (good year, cycles), Jera (harvest, reward), Othila (gardening, home, land). The 2 side runes say, "Lugh".

Next week the seeds will be planted by the Moon phases & Planets. I can then relax, watering daily, weeding as necessary, but - LOL - at least the hard work is finished! :)

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