Friday, May 6, 2011

More on My Garden

OMFG! The garden is FINALLY dug! I can't believe it! That dig 1 day, rain 2 days, dig 1 day, rain 2 days.....routine was getting very tiresome after almost 3 months!

Today we're supposed to get the fence up so I can finally get to planting the rest of my seeds. (But guess what - its supposed to rain! aaaaggghhhh!) The first seeds planted are secure inside a portable 6' x 8' chain link kennel, which will be repurposed to the Dark Cornish Bantie pen once their coop is built next week. The remaining wire from fencing the garden will be used for the larger chickens' pen.

Then, to top it off I get up today and think "I need a scarecrow!" Oh yippee, another damned project! I try to ignore the idea. Ain't hap'nin'. Shit. So my mind instantly begins mentally going through my never-used wardrobe (being retired, I only wear a select few items - none of which are flattering, but they sure are comfy!). After deciding on what she was going to wear I had to make sure that I still had those things. I remembered clearing out everything a year or so ago. Luckily, I'd just stuffed it all at the back of the closet on the floor. All those pretty fabrics are NOT going to go to waste - I WILL find a use for them.........someday. And that "someday" has finally arrived for a few of those items: a pretty flowy yellow skirt w/ red & blue flowers, a red top, a floppy straw hat, men's ties for a "belt" and other ties to cover the string tied neck, hands, & feet. (I got over 75 ties for $5 at a yard sale years ago - and I finally get to use a few! They were just too pretty not to buy!)

So, once the fence is up, I'll start on the scarecrow. Once finished I will post a picture of her. Her name is "Hoodoo Hannah". :D

I want to thank the author of this blog (Laura Mayes) for inspiring me to go ahead with my scarecrow project: She turned a "scary" project into something I know I can manage - and she did it with such humor! Thank you!

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