Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Runes for Growing & Protecting Your Garden

I'm still digging my garden.....damn those wonderful rains! But its almost done. I've also got carrots beginning to peek out, plus yesterday I just planted the scallions, onions, & chives. Since the garden isn't completely dug out yet, I've had to re-arrange most of my vegetable planting by the Moon phases, moving them back a month. Which has worked out fine also because the temperatures were still rather cool for planting. Its about time to get the lettuce, peppers, broccoli, & tomatoes transplanted from their starter pots into the garden. 

I've been trying to think of ways to bring all the right "growing" energies into the garden - I need all the help I can get! Talking with the Goddess, requesting assistance from Mother Earth, calling on the Fae & the Ancient One, and sending Reiki energy are some of the things I do as I'm working, but I also want to do something "visible". Hubby has mentioned several times how an old Irishman he knew as a kid would place "3 crossed sticks" in his potato garden....and get very irate when stupid kids messed up those sticks!  :p

So, this got me thinking, which means doing a bit of research...my favorite pastime! There are a couple of Runes that would work. One pertains to gardening in particular which is the Othila (OATH-aw-law) rune (but it has 4 sticks, only 2 of which are crossed). The second is the Ior (EYE-or) or Jera (YARE-aw) rune which refers to a good year's harvest. Ior is the later version in the Younger Futhork rune system (550 - 750 CE), while the Jera is the older from the Elder Futhark rune system (200-450 CE).

I have also been wanting to find really interesting row markers for the vegetables planted in that row. I've found some really interesting ones, from letter stamped silverware, to woodburned wood sticks. I don't have the money for the stamps or the silverware, but the woodburned idea is right up my alley! All I need are the wood pieces to make them with.....I guess a trip down the hill to the woods is in order. Or I could cut pieces from the barn wood - that would be very cool looking! And will have lots of energy to add to the markers...and more of that growing assistance that I need!

The way to make them will be to leave the natural worn look on the whole piece, but sand smooth the section that will be woodburned with the words & the rune. I like this idea! 

Here is the Othila rune (gardening, home, land):

Here is the Ior rune (cycles, good year):

Here is the Jera rune (harvest, reward):

A better idea is to make a bindrune from these runes. Combining these 3 runes into a bindrune will be lots of fun!

Here's the Garden Bindrune I'll be placing on the markers:

Guess its time to get to work!  :D

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