Monday, April 4, 2011

Hoodoo Hill Inventory Additions

I've been adding more inventory to the website & Etsy sites. I opened an Artfire account, but haven't placed any of the inventory in there yet. Need to figure out how to really get this business going. I'd like to offer more plants (herbs, small trees), oils & herbs for spiritual work, amulets (made some really cool ones w/ Sweet Gum balls), and other crafts. Here's a picture of the amulets:

 The "Love & Romance" amulet is on the left, the "Money & Abundance" amulet is on the stone, and the "Protection" amulet is on the right. They're filled with the appropriate herbs & oils. The "Love & Romance" amulet has an incredible rose scent. These are $10 each.

There are, of course, several zoological items to choose as well, such as deer teeth & bones, macaw feathers, mud dauber's nests, etc.. 

Deer Bones $5 each

Deer Teeth $5 each

Mud Dauber's Nest
Small $10, Medium $14, Large $20

Some time this summer I should have opossum bones (they're currently being "cleaned" by ants & bugs inside a hollow log in the woods). We found the poor thing drowned in the creek - we think one of the horses stomped it to death. The skull is perfect as are most of the other bones. Once its stripped enough I'll finish cleaning it. The skull is mine to keep, the bones I'll keep some and offer some for sale.

I have also collected bark from fallen trees: Sweet Gum (bark & pith), Cedar, Oak, Silver Birch. These are $5/large piece.

I need to get my drying racks built downstairs, it will make the laying out & drying process so much more organized. Right now I have things all over the place - here in the house as well as downstairs! Driving me nuts!

Anyway, that's about it for now - Spring Cleaning to get started on since its far too windy to dig more in the garden, and its going to rain. So I might as well start inside! Ugh, that includes windows. :( This is gonna suck! :)

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