Monday, April 4, 2011

The Garden & Other Spring Things!

Well, the garden is "getting there". I'm still digging it out - every time I get a good start, wear myself out, then rest to recoup for the night, it begins to rain the next day. I'm only about 1/2 finished digging. 

Yesterday I did plant the carrot seeds. I've had the lettuce, broccoli, peppers, & tomatoes already started downstairs. I'm hoping that planting by the Moon & astrological phases that I'll have a really good garden this year. At least no Lilliputian vegetables. They were delicious, but....damn! Still haven't figured that one out.

I have plans for canning & freezing as much as possible. I've found some really great recipes that will be used when the time comes for harvesting. I've perfected my pickle juice recipe, so this year my cucumbers won't go to waste. I need to find a really good bread & butter pickle recipe....or find that same brand that I bought 2 yrs ago.... :{ Not sure if I can!

The Curly Willow cuttings I've been growing for the last year are doing great transplanted in their new places. I also transplanted one of the multi-fruit trees, which seems to be doing fine as well. The red maple I thought was dead, isn't and is doing very nicely. I'm hoping it will grow considerably this year. The maple near the house is definitely dead, but only the main tree, it has shoots coming up that we'll leave alone until well established (to keep the dogs away from it), then we'll cut that off and see how it develops from there.

Time for Spring cleaning around the house, barn, & property. Plus, all the "little" projects that need to be done or completed, such as the stone slab borders. I knew I should've dug them in deeper - now I have to! Wouldn't mind cementing them in place....hmmm, that's an idea! But then, if one breaks I won't be able to replace it - they are only sandstone. I'll just have to plant them in deeper then.

Ah well, guess I should get started planning my Spring Cleaning Projects! Making a list of them will keep me organized and less likely to skip around. Its also quite nice to see what's been accomplished when crossing something off the list!

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