Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving Soon

I've been more than a bit distressed lately. Hubby decided to put the place up for sale. I haven't objected because I understand his reasoning - and where he goes, I go. But, to be completely honest, I am soooo not happy. 

Yes, the humidity has been more than we like. Yes, we haven't been able to make any extra money so we don't have to worry if there's an emergency. But, in regards to each - stay inside when the humidity is too much to bear (its what we've been doing), and as for extra money no real effort was made on his part and my online site only generates a few minor funds on rare occasions. People don't have money to spend on "frivolities" such as poppets, requested workings for their situations, Reiki treatments, etc.. The greenhouse he's refused to get for me has hindered my growing & selling plants & herbs. (He thinks its a stupid idea anyway - "who wants to buy plants?").

So, we put a beautiful ad on Craig's List and 3 days later we got a call. They came out yesterday and fell in love with the place. They're buying it - cash. So, we're going to be moving, probably back to TX because 1) we know people there, 2) we know we can make money there, 3) we can ride and enjoy it without him having to worry about curves and stupid people.

There is a place we're very interested in. It is a 2-story log cabin that was gutted out (dumb move!) and is now in need of completion. With what we'll get for this place, we can buy that one (cash) and fix it up, get a motorcycle, my greenhouse, and other necessities. Its on 3 3/4 acres, lots of trees, a large pond. No gorgeous, peaceful view - like here. 

I'm trusting the Goddess, the Fae, & the Ancient One that this is the right thing to do. If it wasn't meant to be, then it would never have entered his mind to start considering another move.

We were first considering Idaho - wow! the views out there! But could we make extra money? Maybe. Most likely. But positively? I don't know. There are a couple of places we are interested in up there (also log cabins). I guess we'll have to really think about it - and hubby will have to take a couple of trips to see. I'll have to just go by his instincts and the phone pics he sends me, since I'll have to stay here to take care of the animals, etc..

So, I guess we'll just wait to see what happens, and trust the Divine that I will love it as much or more than here.