Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn is Finally Here & Other Thoughts!

Got through the muggy summer - finally. Summer is my least favorite season.

We thought we had the property sold, but they wanted us to finance part of it. We couldn't come to a mutually beneficial agreement so they're (supposedly) working on their own financing. Which is a better idea anyway. We're not waiting for them though. A realtor will be coming out today to look around. Depending on if he thinks we have a fair price that the property could sell for, we will sign a 6 mo. contract with his company.

I don't want to sell. I love this place. I've put so much into it to make it exactly what I want. Not happy about this in the least.

October is like July, another "Money Bags" Month - which only comes around every 863 years. July was 5 weeks of Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. October is 5 weeks of Saturdays, Sundays, & Mondays. The ritual I did for the month of July was to sell this place and find a new place. This one will be just to find a way to bring in some extra money (permanently, not just "quick fix"). With this accomplished, the strain of living only on his set income will be lifted. I won't worry about potential emergencies with no extra money to pay for it, and we'd be able to go do things much more often (rather than just once a month to pay bills & buy groceries!) And then, if we move ok, if not, all the better. I just wish I knew what that "something" is!

The Goldenrod is in full bloom. I went out and wildcrafted it this week. Bundles of it are drying in the barn. The Buckeyes & Black Walnuts are dropping from the trees in the woods. I found one Buckeye pod that I peeled open. Once the skin began to turn brown, you can see the Dagaz (pronounced DAY-gawz) rune in it! Its meaning is perfect for what we're working to accomplish right now.

The Dagaz runes aspects are:
Ambition, Awakening, Awareness, Beginnings & endings, Breakthroughs, Conceptual realization, Daylight, Enlightenment, Finance, Good times, Growth, Happiness, Hope, Incommunicable experience, Increase, Invisibility, New way of thinking, Paradoxical truth, Paradigm shift, Security, Synthesis, Transformation, Transmutation, Unity

I have it sitting on a large crystal on the buffet in the living room, next to a bowl of Buckeyes - in full view all the time as a constant reminder of the great things that are about to come our way!

Well, that's it for now. I need to get off my ass to clean the house before the realtor gets here!

Blessings & Happy Money Bags Month!