Friday, October 7, 2011

New Study Center Website

After being run out of Sacred Wood - and still no explanation as to why - I have started my own study center. Building it and acquiring members & students will take time, but that's fine, I'm used to it and I look forward to the challenge!

The new site is Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center


Our mission is to provide a strong foundation for your Pagan Path, but not the Path itself. It is much easier to travers a paved road than an uncut path, and our goal is to help you begin to pave your own road.

We move beyond the cookie-cutter smorgasbord of "love & light, bubblegum & lollipops" fluff systems that are so prevalent today. We do not cater to (or permit admittance of) adolescents look for 'shock factor'. Nor will we be a comfortable fit for those in the aging liberal hippie group who are too softheaded and are still just trying to seem 'cool'. We work with and through the realm of practical, infinite magicks from simple candle & herb magicks on up to cursing & hexing. But at a pace that is right for the student and their level of experience in the Craft.

Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center teaches the balance of Light and Dark. As there can be no day without night, there can be no healing without hexing. It is the presentation and application of each that proves the intent and its manifestation. We will cover all of the foundational information you need to grow from neophyte to adept. How much you learn and apply it all is completely up to you.

Our strongest tenet is "As Above, So Below". This covers 'heaven' above and the 'underworld' below, the gods above and their connection to the humans below. Humans are one with the Gods, having full access to Their powers. We only need to learn how to connect and commune with them to make it happen. But it also encompasses the "above" of our minds in conjunction with the "below" of our bodies. An imbalance in either causes discord. 

I'm enjoying setting everything up, and have begun advertising where ever I can. Something I know "how" to do, but am not really very good at. Marketing isn't my forte - I'll be recruiting Mary for that!

Well, off again to find more places to advertise and to post more lessons, etc. on the site.