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Spider Webs & Cob Webs in Spell Works

Spider Webs & Cob Webs in Spell Works
Spider webs and cob webs are perfect for binding spells of any kind. Such as:

Bind, tie-up, and incapacitate to prevent someone from doing harm
Domination works
Love spells for trapping a specific person
Enemy work
Revenge spells

The most often used webs come from the Orb-Weaver spiders, because their beautiful webs are very large, providing quite a bit of webbing. They’re also the ones that are most recognizable due to their association with Halloween decorations.

The best webs to obtain also contain a few dead bugs in them!

If you’re unable to obtain sufficient spider silk, then look around a few corners for cob webs. These may be easier to obtain, and if they have bugs in them, all the better.

How To Collect Webs
If you’ve found a spider web, collect it carefully either with your hand (if it doesn’t creep you out too much), or roll up tissue or a paper towel into a tube and swirl it through the web, gathering it on the paper. Cob webs can be collected with the hands or, if it’s a small web, a Q-Tip will work great.

Once the webs are collected there are several ways to use it:

Place them in a bottle of Binding Oil
Cut up to burn with your incense, powders, or herbs
Put inside a Dollbaby

Not sure where I found this - but love the information!

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