Thursday, October 25, 2012

X The Wheel of Fortune

X The Wheel of Fortune

Keywords: Abundance, Altering your present course, As the wheel turns so do our lives, Awareness increased, Becoming more aware, Being at a turning point, Change of fortune, Cycles, Destiny, Discovering your role and purpose, Expanding your outlook, Experiencing change, Faith, Fate, Feeling a sense of destiny, Feeling movement, Finding opportunity in an accident, Finding your role & purpose, Gaining a greater perspective, Getting involved, Having a change in fortune, Having a personal vision, Life's tempo is speeding up, Movement, Moving in a different direction, Opening to luck, Opportunity, Personal vision, Rejoining the world of activity, Reversing, Seeing how everything connects, Seeing life's threads weave together, Seeing patterns & cycles, Sensing Fate's intercession, Sensing the action of fate, Stand back to view everything from a larger perspective, Surprising turn of events, Swept away by new developments, Turning things around, Twists of Fate, Uncovering patterns and cycles, Unexpected encounters, Using what chance offers, What goes down must come up, Witnessing miracles

In Greek mythology, there are three women known as the Fates. They are responsible for spinning the destiny of each person at his or her birth. It is not surprising that the Fates are spinners because the wheel of fortune is an apt image for the elusive turns of a man's fate. This is the theme of Card 10.

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the few cards in the major arcana that does not have a human figure as a focal point. This is because its center is above the realm of man - in the higher levels (clouds) where the destinies of all are woven together in the tapestry of life. The tarot recognizes that each person sets his own path in life, but is also subject to the larger cycles that include him. We experience chance events that appear to be accidents although they are part of the great plan.

In readings, the Wheel of Fortune can indicate a vision or realization that strikes with great force. If you've been struggling with a problem or tough situation, this card can signal that you will find the answer if you stand back and view everything from a larger perspective.

The Wheel of Fortune also represents unexpected encounters and twists of fate. You can't predict surprises; you can only be aware when one is circling around. Indeed, Card 10 often suggests wheel-like actions - changes in direction, repeating cycles and rapid movement. When the energy of the Wheel arrives, you will feel life speed up. You are caught in a cyclone that may deposit you anywhere. "Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows."

A surge forward. A Chance to contemplate the nature of personal attachments and whether or not they are wise. The outcome of events may often contain elements that twist personal fortunes in unexpected directions.

The Wheel turns, the seasons change. Life moves in cycles. When the Wheel is down it can only go up! Change of fortune due to unexpected events.

Stay grounded. Work with the changes, don’t fight them and everything will go smoother.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get the same result. Stop repeating bad patterns, repeat the good ones! Use unconventional concepts to progress.

Look for new opportunities to present themselves. Examine new ideas carefully before discarding them. Be prepared to adapt to different circumstances, and guard against a discordant environment.

Patience will be rewarded. Face change with courage.

Reinforcing Dignities:
Eight of Wands – rapid pace, quick developments

Opposing Dignities:
Two of Swords – being stuck, at an impasse
Four of Swords – rest, quiet, slow pace
Four of Pentacles – blocked change, no movement
Seven of Pentacles – assessment before direction change

Use this card for magick works involving changing your fortune, or life situations.

Perform a simple candle ritual with the card placed in front of the candle dressed with herbs & oil(s) appropriate to the situation you are doing the work for.

Carry the card with you during the day, keeping it close so its energies will influence you and your surroundings. 

Place the card where it can be seen & contemplated upon during the day.

Use a pendulum to divine the sort of creative energy you're needing or wanting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IX The Hermit

IX The Hermit

Keywords: Accepting/offering wise counsel, Balance, Being helped/helping, Being introspective, Cautious approach, Centering, Concentrating less on the senses, Desiring a new direction, Desiring stillness, Destiny change, Discretion, Experiencing seclusion, Focusing inward,  Guidance given & received, Focus on your inner self, Foresight, Giving up distractions, Going to/being a mentor, Guidance, Introspection, Inward focus, Learning from/being a guru, Looking for answers within, , Looking for something, Mentors & Mentoring, Needing more, Needing solitude, Needing to be alone, Needing to understand, Period of reflection, Personal quest, Prudence, Quieting yourself, Receiving/giving guidance, Retreating into a private world, Searching, "Seek and ye shall find", Seeking greater understanding, Seeking solitude, Solitary quest, Solitude, Soul searching, Stability, Teacher & Teaching, Thinking things over, Truth seeking, Turning to/being a trusted teacher, Wanting the truth at all costs, Wisdom, Withdrawal, Withdrawing from the world

The traditional hermit is a crusty, bearded character who has withdrawn from the company of men to live a life of seclusion and hardship. Card 9 supports this understanding. The Hermit represents the desire to turn away from the getting and spending of society to focus on the inner world. He seeks answers within and knows that they will come only with quiet and solitude.

There comes a point in life when we begin to question the obvious. We sense that there is a deeper reality and begin to search for it. This is mainly a solitary quest because answers do not lie in the external world, but in ourselves. The hermit on Card 9 reminds us of Diogenes, the Greek ascetic who is said to have gone out with a lantern in hand to search for an honest man. Diogenes is a symbol of the search for truth that the Hermit hopes to uncover by stripping away all diversions.

In readings, the Hermit often suggests a need for time alone - a period of reflection when distractions are limited. In times of action and high energy, he stands for the still center that must be created for balance. He can also indicate that withdrawal or retreat is advised for the moment. In addition, the Hermit can represent seeking of all kinds, especially for deeper understanding or the truth of a situation. "Seek, and ye shall find," we have been told, and so the Hermit stands for guidance as well. We can receive help from wise teachers, and, in turn, help others as we progress.

You are your own teacher. Actions influenced by environment.

Analysis of hopes & wishes.

New knowledge needs to be assimilated, so take the necessary time to do so. Withdraw and reconsider your options through solitary introspection, finding inner peace and truth. Silence in the face of argument.

Use foresight to know your next move. Discretion in all things. Select associates wisely.

You have the power to change your own destiny. Strength acquired through experimentation. Stability leads to accomplishment. Foresight in humanitarian endeavors.

Knowledge from experience. A cautious psychological approach. Know-how supports your endeavors.

Blinded by outward appearances.

Reinforcing Dignities:
High Priestess – looking inward, withdrawing
Four or Cups – withdrawing, being introverted
Eight of Cups – searching for deeper meaning
Four of Swords – contemplating, being quiet
Seven of Swords – being alone, staying away from others

Opposing Dignities:
Lovers – being in a relationship, sexuality
World – involvement with the world
Two of Cups – making connections, partnerships
Three of Cups –being in a group, being with others
Nine of Cups – sensual pleasure

Use this card for magick works involving self-evaluation, introspection, and to "seek and ye shall find" the basis for what ever situation you are going through.

Perform a simple candle ritual with the card placed in front of the candle dressed with herbs & oil(s) appropriate to the situation you are doing the work for.

Carry the card with you during the day, keeping it close so its energies will influence you and your surroundings. 

Place the card where it can be seen & contemplated upon during the day.

Use a pendulum to divine the sort of creative energy you're needing or wanting.

VIII Strength

VIII Strength


Keywords: Accepting others, Achieving soft control, Actions, Being a rock, Being able to influence, Being compassionate, Being kind, Being patient, Being tolerant, Calmness, Compassion, Conquer your emotions, Control through mastery and authority, Controlled power, Courage, Curb the urge to dictate, Dealing calmly with frustration, Demonstrating the strength of love, Don't despair or give up, Endure & triumph, Equilibrium, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction", Feeling an unshakable resolve, Forbearance, Forgiving, Forgiving imperfection, Fortitude, Giving influence, Giving others lots of space, Governmental regulation, Guiding indirectly, Having a gallant spirit, Having character, Having stamina, Indirect guidance, Justice, Kindness, Knowing you can endure, "Like a rock", Maintain composure, Moderation in all things, Patient, Perseverance, Persuading, Persuasive, Power of love, Quiet determination, Re-evaluation, Refuse to get angry, Resolve, Self-Control, Showing forbearance, Showing strength, Soft control, Solid & reliable, Stamina, Strength, Taking heart despite setbacks, Taking time, Tempering force with benevolence, Tolerating, Understanding others are feeling, Unshakable resolve, Use your primal instincts, Working with, You can endure

Usually we think of strength in physical terms - big arms, powerful legs - but there is also inner strength. Inner strength comes from an exercise of the heart muscle. It is perseverance, courage, resolve and composure - qualities that help us endure when times are tough. In the past, a person with inner strength was commonly said to have character; he or she could be counted on in the darkest moments. The Strength card represents this energy of quiet determination. Strength is not a flashy card, but one that is solid and reliable.

Strength also represents patience and compassion. Getting angry is easy when events turn sour, but dealing calmly with frustration takes great strength. So does accepting others and forgiving mistakes. We need strength to mold situations softly. The Chariot controls through mastery and authority. This card is more subtle, even loving. Notice how the lion (itself a symbol of strength) is being guided and tamed by the woman's gentle hands.

Strength will appear in a reading when its qualities are needed. It can be a reminder not to despair or give up. You have the inner strength to endure and triumph. If you are pushing too hard, you need to withdraw for the moment and be patient. If other people or circumstances are driving you crazy, remember the strength that comes with love and forbearance. These will see you through the hardest moments.

Keep your wits around you when your character's strength is tested. Develop a spirit of give & take.

Be courageous. Use intestinal fortitude to take control. Worry attracts discordant events.

You have a lust for life. All work and no play can make you dull. Pleasure stimulates more productivity.

Use your instincts, the primal part of you, but don't let that aspect of you take over. Don’t allow things to hang in the balance.

Conquer your emotions. Curb the urge to dictate.

Re-evaluate the situation to see if the obstacles are real. Every action brings reaction.

Success demands organization, then you will realize satisfaction and joy. Conservativeness balanced by originality.

Intention is cause. Energy follows thought. Power without control is nothing. Moderation in all things.
Influence of a governmental regulation. Serious exchange with superiors.

If the figure on the card is male and the lion is dead, then this is a card of brute strength.
If the figure on the card is female and the lion is alive, then this is a card of gentle strength.

Reinforcing Dignities
Hanged Man – taking time, patience
Nine of Wands – stamina, strength to endure

Opposing Dignities
Chariot – hard control
Eight of Cups – weariness, lack of strength
Six of Swords – being listless, lacking heart
Five of Pentacles – ill-health, weakness

Use this card for magick works involving strength to go on, strength of character, and the strength to overcome obstacles.

Perform a simple candle ritual with the card placed in front of the candle dressed with herbs & oil(s) appropriate to the situation you are doing the work for.

Carry the card with you during the day, keeping it close so its energies will influence you and your surroundings. 

Place the card where it can be seen & contemplated upon during the day.

Use a pendulum to divine the sort of creative energy you're needing or wanting.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

VII The Chariot

VII The Chariot

Keywords: Achievement, Achieving hard control, Achieving victory, Anger reserved, Asserting yourself,Assertiveness, Assuming the reins of power, Authority, Beating the competition, Being determined to succeed, Being ego-focused, Choices, Coming out on top, Concentrating your energies, Crossroads, Curbing impulses, Delicacy, Determination, Discipline, Dominating, Ego-focused, Establishing an identity, Faith in yourself & your abilities, Feeling self-confident, Fine judgment, Firm & direct, Fixing on a goal, Focusing your intent, Getting your way, Goal oriented, Goals reached, "Grit", Hard control, Having faith in yourself, Healthy ego, Holding in anger, Knowing who you are, Letting nothing distract you, Looking out for your interests, Maintaining discipline, Mastering emotions, Movement, No distractions allowed, Power, Reaching your goal, Rise above temptation, Self-assertion, Self-confidence, Self-control, Self-mastery, Showing authority, Strength, Successful, Sustaining an effort, Travel, Using your will, Victory, Willpower, Winning out over others

Picture Julius Caesar riding his chariot triumphantly into Rome. He has defeated his enemies and conquered vast, new lands. This is the spirit of the Chariot. Card 7 represents the victories that are possible through willpower and self-mastery. A military image is appropriate for the Chariot because this card stands for the strengths associated with combat - discipline, grit, determination and assertiveness.

The Chariot represents the positive aspects of the ego. A healthy ego is one that is strong and self-assured. It knows what it wants and how to get it. We can get annoyed at someone whose ego is too healthy, but we often turn to that person to lead us through difficult moments. We know he or she won't be wishy-washy.

In readings, the Chariot often appears when hard control is or could be in evidence. At its best, hard control is not brutal, but firm and direct. It is backed up by a strong will and great confidence. The Chariot can mean self-control or control of the environment. This card also represents victory. There are many types of wins; the Chariot's is of the win-lose type. Your success comes from beating the competition to become number one. Such moments are glorious in the right circumstances.

The Chariot travels a road opened in VI The Lovers. The central Self has to control the wild, unruly strength of the horse while using that very energy to move himself forward as speed. He needs to maintain balance, as the light chariot can be upset or made unstable at any moment. He is the eyes and guide of the horse, which symbolizes the mighty desire nature. The chariot is the symbol of the mind.

Good progress. Pay attention to the method of proceeding, rather than concentrating purely on the goal.

At a crossroads, which road do you take? Evaluate the choices and move forward.

Don't be the rash hero, move cautiously without pride to make a prompt and just decision. The situation will benefit from a philosophical approach and allow you to circumvent red tape.

Change yourself first before trying to alter the external environment. Success will be gained through the use of intelligence.

Caring & nurturing powers that are able to command others.

A vacation will bring release. Travel stimulates enthusiasm.

Movement from the current location. Change of residence or work is possible.

The Chariot is controlled movement, being aware of what’s ahead of you and keeping an eye on what’s behind. When the road splits or crosses, which do you take? What do you do? Stay on the road you’re on or take a chance on a new one? Be strong, make a firm decision and progress with determination.

Reinforcing Dignities:
Magician - using your will, concentrating
Two of Wands - being in authority, dominating
Six of Wands - triumph, self-confidence
Four of Pentacles - control
Nine of Pentacles - self-control, discipline

Opposing Dignities:
Strength - soft control
Hanged Man - accepting God's will, putting others first
Tower - defeat, humbling experience
Eight of Swords - confusion, self-doubt
Ten of Swords - powerless, in the pits, putting others first

Use this card for magick works involving movement: physically moving from one location to another, travel, or when you're at a crossroads and don't know which direction you should make your next move.

Perform a simple candle ritual with the card placed in front of the candle dressed with herbs & oil(s) appropriate to the situation you are doing the work for.

Carry the card with you during the day, keeping it close so its energies will influence you and your surroundings. 

Place the card where it can be seen & contemplated upon during the day.

Use a pendulum to divine the sort of creative energy you're needing or wanting.