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The Efficacy of Spells & Other Magic(k) Works

The Efficacy of Spells & Other Magic(k) Works
When a person wants a particular work done for them, whether it's a divination reading or a full ritual, they're first question is usually regarding "will it work?" or "how fast will it work?". My answer is always the same:

Spells always work! However, (there's always a qualifier, isn't there? lol)...However, there are always factors to consider. Here I'll break them down by divination readings and magic(k) works and list them, explaining each one so y'all can understand how magic(k) works.

For divination readings:
1) How much information do you want? 
A 3-card reading will not give as in depth a reading as a 10-card reading. Is there a specific question or just a wanting to know how the general situation is playing out at the moment? Many factors to think about and work into the question.

2) How specific is your question? 
"Will I get some money?" is ridiculous. Of course you will, especially if you're employed. And those who are not employed usually obtain money in other ways, such as pawning or selling something, doing an odd job for someone to get paid for it, unemployment, family loan/gift, even theft (which is NOT recommended, for obvious reasons). There are lots of ways money could be obtained.

So, for divination readings the client must be clear in their mind exactly what they're asking. Maybe they don't know exactly what they're wanting to know, but the question must be asked very clearly. For example, "How will I obtain enough income to live comfortably on?" A job may present itself, or an inheritance, or lottery (wouldn't we all?!). The cards may be specific or they may just let you know that "yes" you will receive income. There will usually be hints given as to in what direction to look or to work toward obtaining your goal of more money/income.

Sometimes the cards will also present a situation that is yet unknown, such as a health problem. If this occurs, then it is best to have another reading specific to that particular situation.

For those who just don't really know what they want to know, then a general card reading, where no question is asked, and it will give an idea of what's to come. Then if there are specific questions regarding various aspects of that reading, a new reading can be done that is situation-specific to bring more clarity to that aspect of the first reading.

On occasion a reading will present a specific time frame. But don't count on it. Asking for a "when will such & such happen?" usually doesn't get answered. The cards will only tell you what you need to know. Nothing more.

For magic(k) works:
1) Are you certain of what it is you want done?
A healing work can only work to the point that the person's spirit allows it to. The best way to send healing to someone is to send the energy out to their spirit and let it decide how best it should be received. We humans have no control over this part of it. Once the energy is sent, we have to trust the Divine that it will be welcomed, but if it is not, the Divine will know where best to send it.

A hexing can be generalized, such as just making the person's life miserable, i.e. nothing goes right. A curse work should be relatively specific, being very clear on the "who". The "what" can be stressed, but it's up to the Divine on the actual specifics. And, as for the "when", well that's usually rather quickly, but again, it's up to the Divine.

2) Does it work?
Yes, all spells work. But how they work can be the tricky part. Here again, we have to be very specific. What we may want to happen and how it actually manifests may be very different. The works call upon the Divine energies, thus the Divine alone knows exactly how an action should be carried out. Our wants and desires of what we would like see occur are taken into consideration as well, and the combination of each makes for a very powerful work.

3) Can a work be guaranteed 100%?
Yes and no. Yes, as explained above, all spells work. But no, because no one can guarantee, beyond a doubt, the exact outcome that will manifest. More than likely it will be what is wanted, it may also be better than expected, but it could also be nothing even considered at all. It is this latter affect that the client may not even see occur, but its effect on the intended person themselves is quite overwhelming and the changes to their life is most certainly felt by them.

If y'all ever go searching for someone to do works for you, don't stick around long if they profess to have a perfect record of perfectly bringing about everything exactly as you want. Only the Divine has this ability. Our abilities come from God and pass through us. We are just the conduit/messenger from which to help the client through their situation. And through helping others we help ourselves. It becomes a circle of blessing.

4) How fast will it work?
That depends. Usually quite rapidly. But sometimes certain factors must be put in place first so that all the pieces can fall together appropriately.

For example, someone wants a new job. Well, if they're not looking they're not going to be led to find one. If they are looking, then they will be led to the right place or the right person to which they will then find the job.

There's a saying which I firmly believe in, "God helps them that helps themselves."

Clients that expect a rootworker or Hoodoo or Witch to just "make" things happen will be sadly disappointed. The client is the one closest to the situation and thus must be required to expend some of their own energies as well. Simple actions given by the worker for the client to do must be done or the manifestation of their spell will take longer, work out differently, or maybe even not at all. Any worker who doesn't tell their client this very important point isn't being completely truthful to the client.

I am not perfect, but I will always be perfectly honest with my clients. I will never let them jump into a spell work without first discussing every aspect of the situation so they know exactly where they're coming from and exactly where they wish to go with it.

Just because you want a specific person to be your spouse doesn't mean it is what they're spirit wants. The spirit of the person will never allow that person to do anything contrary to their true will. Even if the person thinks one thing, their spirit will guide them otherwise to that which is the more beneficial for that person. And no amount of spell works will ever change that. 

If after doing a set of rituals to obtain that which you want and nothing completely manifests, but only bits & pieces do, then it is time to re-think what it is that you truly need, not what you want. Humans work on their "wants", but the Divine knows what we "need". So when y'all's monies keep being spent on the same thing and the outcome keeps coming out the same, maybe it's time to realize that you're going about it all wrong. A good, honest rootworker will help you find the right path to take. Those who are just taking your money won't really go into much detail on the "who, what, when, where, why" of it all.

So, this was just a little rant I had to share. I've had several clients recently who have come to me from elsewhere and asked many of these questions (and more), so I thought it time to answer them for those of y'all who may visit my blog and be asking the same kinds of things. If I haven't answered the questions you may have, please feel free to contact me and I'd love to help.

Many blessings to all y'all this year!

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