Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crossroads Keys

Crossroads Keys
This simple ritual involves taking 2 skeleton keys to the crossroads at midnight or just before dawn. The process is very simple and afterward you have a talisman to keep with you for unlocking what ever it is that you've requested.

My Crossroads Keys were bound with strong red nylon thread, a strand of my hair, my spit, and vaginal fluid.

2 Skeleton keys that are very similar in appearance
Red ribbon, yarn, or thread that measures from your heart to your left wrist
Personal concerns: hair, spit, anything of yours that can be attached or annointed on the keys
Scissors or knife
Spoon or other digging instrument

Tie the keys together, and carry them with you for a full lunar cycle. It doesn't have to be Full Moon to Full Moon, but what ever day of the lunar cycle you begin on is the day of the lunar cycle you'll end on approximately 28 days later.

If you can, keep the keys with you, but if not, then at least be sure to handle them daily. Several times a day would be best. To bond this talisman to you, attach a hair, or anoint with your spit, or any other personal concern you feel drawn to bless & consecrate it with.

On the appointed date of your Crossroads Ritual, take your keys, the scissors or knife, and spoon or other digging instrument and go to the chosen crossroads. The preferable time is midnight or just before dawn.

Dig a deep hole in the exact middle of the crossroads and drop one of the keys into the hole. While holding the key in your left hand, bury the other key using your right hand. Once it is completely covered, cut the ribbon, yarn, or thread and bury that thoroughly as well. The hole must be deep enough that traffic will not uncover the key.

Wrap the remainder of the ribbon, yarn, or thread around the remaining key, and keep it. If possible, make it into a necklace to wear especially during rituals. This then, is your "Key to the Crossroads", and opens the door to that crossroads when using it in your hoodoo practice. In essence, you are then at your crossroads while performing your rituals, even if you're physically in your own home.

So, find some matching or close-matching keys, and begin making your Crossroads Keys!


  1. Thank you for sharing how this ritual is done!!!

    I've been looking for some keys similar to those, but haven't yet been able to find any.

  2. I found mine (and see them all the time) in junk & antique shops. They'll range from a fair few pennies up to about $4 each. Anything more than that is a rip off - I don't care how old they are, it's not worth paying more than that! :)

  3. You can buy them at Home Depot in the key section. Just ask the clerk. They are sold in a package of two for about $2.00.

  4. Monetarily, that is great, and certainly makes it easier to locate & buy. However, it is the "old" energy of the older skeleton keys that is a big source of the power of these keys. I've found a whole lot of them on eBay as well, sometimes you get a great deal and other times, not so great.

    I'm a great believer in whatever works best for the practitioner is what is best, regardless of "tradition". If we're drawn to something (new or old), it is that thing which is the strongest for each of us personally. What may work for one actually may not work for another, or to a lesser degree.

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion, I know it will be of use for those who read it and were wondering if there was an easier way to obtain them. :)