Friday, April 5, 2013

Your Own Worst Enemy and How It Effects Magic Works

Your Own Worst Enemy and How It Effects Magic Works
Everyone's heard this phrase before, but have you actually sat and contemplated what it means? What is it referring to? Why has it become such a well-known axiom?

Starting with the last question first: BECAUSE IT'S TRUE! But it's amazing that most people have no idea just how true it is.

The first and second questions kind of go hand-in-hand, but need defining separately. 

No, most people haven't contemplated what it means because, most people never sit and contemplate. Anything. The concept of thinking about something, analyzing it, and how it affects and effects us as individuals and/or as a group is foreign to most people. Self-evaluation is vital to our own personal improvement in life. But try to ask someone if they self-evaluate and they look at you like a deer in headlights.

When I, and every other Practitioner, are commissioned to do a work for a client we are working with Divine Energy. Divine Energy is positive, light bringing, and loving. There is no negativity in it. Even in a (justified) cursing and hexing. And this then brings me to where the negative DOES come in...

It comes FROM the client! They state with absolute certainty that we, the Practitioner, can fix their problem, but often in the very same statement is a negative add-on that defeats everything we're trying to do!

Here is a simple example: A client wants employment and money. Excellent! That's usually such an easy one. But then, through communication with the client it becomes evident by their words that, while they have faith in MY ability, they have zero faith in their OWN abilities! Quite often it will go something like this:

"YOU are my only hope! I KNOW YOU can make this happen for me! YOU can fix this! But I can't do anything. I haven't skills for the job I want. I'm not good at interviews. Even if I get the job, I probably won't be good at it.", etc. ad infinitum....OMFG! Seriously? How the fuck is ANY Practitioner supposed to truly work through all of that negativity. It's defeated before it's even begun!

The client must have faith in themselves. Even a little bit helps. When a client is constantly stating, "I'll never get a good job. I don't have any skills. I can't do anything.", they're right. they won't. But if they work on changing their outlook, the changes they want will begin to manifest. Changing the above statements to "I have a good job. I have the skills I need. I can do anything I set my mind to.", then the works being done for the client will manifest, better and more quickly. And quite often in sudden unexpected ways.

If the skills needed aren't known, then the ability to learn them would be presented, such as through classes or training. Nothing is impossible. Especially when the client works fully with the Practitioner. Together, the skills of the one working with the self-belief of the other, will produce incredible results.

Then, of course, there is the client who doesn't have the self-disbelief, but instead is certain that everyone around them, at work, at home, at church, anywhere in public, is dead set against them. Just them. If these people go out of town, then they are going out of town to see a Practitioner to get "things" so they can counter act what ever works are being done to protect them. So the client then needs something much stronger to protect them from these evil people.

No, what really needs to happen is to know that you are protected. Nothing can touch you now. You are safe, because anything they do will only bounce back at them.

Every Practitioner has a specific strength. Some do awesome Love Spells. Some are great at healing. Others are proficient at Protection works. But in all of this, the energy of the client is paramount. If they believe in our skills that's great. But if they don't (usually subconsciously) believe that they deserve these benefits that they're requesting our intervention for, then their negativity will eventually (if not right from the start) defeat everything we do.

If I have a client that I find is consistently doing this, I will not do anything more for them. I will NOT waste their time and money or my time and energy in trying to manifest for them life-improvements, when they're just going to keep killing it every time. I'd rather spend my time and energy on clients who are just needing that "little oomph" of energy to get them the things they know they can have and deserve, but just aren't quite sure what's missing. That "little oomph" can bring the right people, or actions, or situations into play so that everything they want will manifest for them. And it could be in ways they didn't expect, and always for the better!

Ok, I'll step off my soapbox now! LOL But, please, people, KNOW that YOU deserve all the good things in life! Change your thinking & speaking & writing, and you will begin to see changes - very rapidly!


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