Wednesday, March 12, 2014

JuJu Dolls

JuJu Dolls
I've been making these for a while now and really enjoy it. No two are ever the same, so each has it's own personality and "feel". My first one I made for myself and was very proud of her. After the last one I made, I was looking at the pictures of all of the ones I've made, and it was very enlightening to see how far I've come in the quality of the work. I've done nothing different, but there is a definite "growth" that can be seen in the "maturity" of the dolls. If that makes sense! LOL

JuJu Dolls are made for the protection of the home and hung above the front door, so that when anyone walks in they are protected and any negative is removed, and when walking out the take that protection with them. In addition to the JuJu Doll I also always have 3 horseshoes nailed above the door; 1 upright, 1 downward facing, 1 upright. In this position the 2 outer ones are filling up with "luck" and overflowing into the downward facing one, which is pouring all that luck on those who walk under. So between the JuJu Doll and the 3 horseshoes, my home is a blessing for all who enter!

When I make the dolls I first spend time concentrating on what the doll's main purpose will be besides home protection; such as money, happy home, good health, what ever it is the client wants in particular. I make and print out any Seals, sigils, and/or bindrunes that are pertinent to the doll's purpose, then I gather the herbs and other materials together, and before beginning, I say a quiet petition spell for good workmanship, guiding of my hands by the Divine to assemble the doll in the manner that will be the most beneficial to my client's needs & wants.

The next thing is to assemble the doll's fabric pieces and stuff them with the fiberfill stuffing, which has been mixed in well with the herbs and any other natural curios that I want to put inside. After that the beads, charms, and other curios are added and once complete, another spell is placed on it to protect it until it arrives at its new home. Absolutely no one in my home touches it except me. There's only myself & my hubby anyway, but still, I make sure that no other energies but mine, which are working toward that of the client's, ever go into the doll while it's being made and packaged up for shipping. These are my favorite craft projects for the Craft that I do...well, this and my pyrography. :)

So here are some of the JuJu Dolls I've made over the years. I think y'all will also see the progression in the growth and quality in their appearances. It's not often we get to actually see our own improvement! (Glad I always take pictures!)

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