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Lesson 7: Uses for Your Amulets & Talismans (and other symbols of magick)

Lesson 7: Uses for Your Amulets & Talismans (and other symbols of magick)
This last lesson will be “short & sweet”. A kind of “how-to” and “why-to”.

So you’ve now taken Level I of Seals, Sigils, & Bindrunes. 

What do you do with this information? Ooooh! There are LOTS of things to do with this!

I mean really, is it absolutely something you HAVE to use in your Craft Path? Duh! Of course not! Its up to you what you want or don’t want to incorporate into your magickal work and life.

What is the point in learning something you’re not going to use anyway? Knowledge is never a waste of time! Even if you don’t use this information now, you may at a later date. OR you may be able to help someone else - which is even better.

HOW do you use it, other than trying to make objects with materials you either don’t have or have no access to? Necessity is the mother of invention! THINK! Look around your environment and see where you need specific energies to be brought in - or kept out. THAT is where you begin. From there you decide what you need. If you don’t have the materials, then improvise! Be creative! Think OUTSIDE the box. Hell, you live outside the box already - you’re a Witch! Our predecessors certainly didn’t have everything at their fingertips and they did just fine.

Now I’ll give you some ideas to begin working with right away.

Protection Bindrune for the House:
Marker or Pen
Bindrune of your own choice & design
Doorsills & Windowsills

1) Design your Protection Bind rune (or what ever you choose to use).

2) Take your marker or pen and draw that Bindrune on all 4 sills of all your doors & windows. (Mine are about ¼” in size and placed at eye height, center top, and center bottom of the inside of the door sill, so the door covers it when it closes. And similarly placed on the inside of my window sills).

3) As you draw your Protection Bindrunes say your charm.

4) DONE! You’ve now used your own Bindrune to protect and empower your home. 

A variation of this idea I used in our 100 year old tobacco barn which we’d stripped out and enclosed for master suite upstairs, and downstairs, a guest apartment and a craft room for me. On all four corners I placed the appropriate Direction symbol, a 4-Leaf Clover and several other symbols. I simply drew them using the marker color associated with that Direction (green-North, yellow-East, red-South, blue-West). Before the concrete floor was laid I drew a pentacle in the dirt, so it was there - permanently - when the concrete was poured.

Office - Find (or design) a symbol that represents “work” or “study” for you. Write it inside your desk somewhere

Kitchen - Find (or design) a symbol that represents the deity who oversees your kitchen and the “homey“ things of your house (mine is Brigid) and place that symbol somewhere in your kitchen. You can hide it or make it a piece of art for the wall. And no one but you will know what it is!

Bathroom - Find (or design) a symbol that represents cleansing, consecration, relaxation, personal beauty, etc. - whatever - and place that symbol in your bathroom somewhere. Hidden or visible, its your choice.

Closet - Children hate closets, so help them make an “anti-boogey man” symbol and have them place it in their closet, or where ever it is that THEY want it. Not you. Them. Its THEIR room and THEIR Boogey-Man fight. (When my boys were little - they’re now 26 & 27 - I had to keep a specific set of sheets on the extra bed. Those sheets had big realistic lion faces all over. Those lions “saved” my sons on many nights…..and let us sleep! I also drew a lion for them to color and placed them on the wall).

Mirrors - Draw a symbol of your choice on the back or, if you can’t get to the back, use your finger and draw it invisibly across the front.

Vehicle - Place a travel protection and “healthy vehicle” symbol of your choice in the glove box, or where ever you want, so that you are protected while in your vehicle. I have a mojo bag of herbs, a Chariot Tarot card, a large quartz crystal in the armrest console, and a Bindrune talisman hanging from the mirror.

Property Line - Bury a crystal at each of the points of your property line and a symbol or symbols written on a piece of paper. Say a charm over it after you’ve buried it.

I could go on and on. The ideas and options are endless.

These are just simple ideas using simple symbols, some ancient, some designed by you, for any type of magickal need that you may have. If you’re ready for a bit more in-depth symbols and ideas on how to use them, then you are welcome to join us in Level II of Seals, Sigils, & Bindrunes.

Copyright 2010, Granny Tackett

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