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Lesson 5: Runes & Bindrunes

Lesson 5: Runes & Bindrunes
Like the sigils these are a piece of cake compared to the seals! The only thing you need to have is a chart with the attributes and intents of each of the letters of the magickal alphabet you want to use and you’re good to go. If you familiarize yourself with the chosen alphabet by using it regularly, then after a while you won’t even need the chart. You’ll be able to combine the letters instinctively for the intent needed. 

There are a limitless number of uses for Bindrunes. Practical uses would include talismans for abundance, business, health, home, love, etc.. An interesting personal use would be a talisman with a personalized monogram of a person’s or business’s name.

Rune Correspondences:
(source: The Talisman Magick Workbook, Chpt.9-Runes)

Rune: Fehu  Raw Power
Key Concept: Power availability for wealth manifestation
Mundane Meaning: Livestock, Power, Wealth
General Meaning: Building your own wealth; Comfort; Expedite any circumstance or situation (because of this, it should be the first rune placed in the sequence); Fertility; Good fortune in all money matters; Prosperity; Protection from injury; Protection from job loss; Protection of wealth from loss or theft; Reproduction; Social status; Wealth
Magickal Use: The Sending or Destroying Rune: Chakra & aura clearing to enable easier manifestation of one’s own reality; Send magickal power to strengthen surrounding Runes, situation or circumstance; Wildly constructive or destructive force unleashed upon any situation or person
Waxing Moon: Block theft of your money or hindering your abilities; Build wealth & fortune
Waning Moon: Avoid work lay-offs; Banish or weaken whatever is hindering your ability to earn money

Rune: Uruz   Harnessing power, Shaping power
Key Concept: Act of Manifesting form from the formless
Mundane Meaning: Aurochs, Oxen, Physical strength, Power, Rain, Wild Bison
General Meaning: Action; Adapt, grow and harmonize with one’s environment; Birth; Boldness; Cosmic Energy; Courage; Ego; Expedite matters; Fierceness; Freedom; Growth potential; Healing; Lust; Manhood; Newness; Opportunities; Our untamed & wild self, surroundings; or others; Rights of passage; Self-transmutation; Unlimited strength, power & vitality; Vital Essence of Life; Womanhood
Magickal Use: Healing through energy manipulation; Obtain wisdom in the use of Earth magick & early Shamanistic practices; Use of Earth’s energy  in ritual, Earth magick; Shamanism
Waxing Moon: Adds energy, power & strength to other runes; Adjust any situation to your wants or needs; Heal or manifest change by sheer force of will
Waning Moon: Complete destruction of an unwanted situation (caution: can be unpredictable, unruly & wild)

Rune: Thurisaz  Power directed by sheer force of will
Key Concept: Wielding powers of destruction or self-defense
Mundane Meaning: Sharpness, Thorn
General Meaning: Action (destruction or non-action (protective barrier) directed by the will; Breaker of barriers, blocks and resistances; Control evil, hatred, lies, and malice; Create love; Great powers of cruelty, destruction of enemies, expansion, luck, sharpness, stealth, strength; New beginnings; Problems solved; Protection of self & loved-ones; Purging unwanted people from your surroundings
Magickal Use: Aggression; Bind others to your will; Breaking love magick spells; Breaking curses & hexes; Gain the upper hand in romance affairs; Love magick & control your loved one’s heart; Manifestation of the will; Prevent others from hindering your magick; Self-defense; Support for other runes in magick; Talisman magick
Waxing Moon: Adds luck to any situation; Aura strengthening; Create strong defensive & protective barriers; Sharpens the senses
Waning Moon: Break down barriers; Complete destruction of whatever directed toward (caution: once set in motion it will not stop - so consider your decision hard, because forget about changing your mind!)

Rune: Ansuz  All forms of communication; Mental agility; Self expression
Key Concept: Channeling the Old & Ancient Ones; Magick: Message rune
Mundane Meaning: God; Mouth
General Meaning: Confidence; Debates; Destroy or shatter any attempts of abuse or force directed at you or loved one; Destruction of ignorance, prejudice & tyranny; Education, scholarship, speaking, teaching, writing; Essence & power of the ancestor or god; Gifts; Leaders; Luck; Media or public dealings; Negotiations; Politicians; Signals; Soldiers & warriors; Spiritual ecstasy; Supra-conscious, conscious & unconscious mind; Warnings; Wise advice, counsel, leadership
Magickal Use: Ancestor worship; Banishing; Channeling; Charisma & personal magnetism through the power of communication; Competition with others or success through the power of communication; Disk jockey; Enchantments; Exorcisms; Incantations; Hauntings, poltergeists, & possessions (w/ Berkano, Eihwaz & Thurisaz); Lecturer; Magickal knowledge; Mediumship; Politician; Religious philosophy; Singer; TV anchor; Writer
Waxing Moon: Build magickal mind & body; Successful public career through communications
Waning Moon: Banish fears, ghosts & unwanted influences in your aura, home & surroundings; Destroy hatred, ignorance & tyranny

Rune: Raidho  Justice served & travel
Key Concept: Cosmic support of justice for the innocent; Journey, Travel
Mundane Meaning: Ride or travel; Wheel; Wheel of Energy
General Meaning: All modes of transportation; Court matters (w/ Jera); Justice & victory in situations where you are in the right; Luck in travel matters; Moving (mentally or physically) in the proper direction; Protection; Racing sports of any kind; Safety; Satisfaction; Success
Magickal Use: Channeling & harmonizing of the Higher, Middle & Lower selves; Kundalini path; Learn & properly use the divine laws of Nature in magick; Return to a place of balance, harmony, health, peace, prosperity & well being; Return to magick and the Gods & Goddesses
Waxing Moon: Travel protection; Win at races
Waning Moon: Break bad luck, blocks or fears concerning travel or movement

Rune: Kaunaz   Artists; the Arts; Craftspersons; Magick
Key Concept: Will controlled Creative Fires of Life & Passion result in creation, new realities, progress and sexual love
Mundane Meaning: Light; Sore resulting from burn; Torch
General Meaning: Build self-confidences; Connection to one’s Higher Self & the Universe; Create healthy, loving relationships; Friendly partnerships from hostile or destructive ones; Health; Healthy sexual cravings, desires & passions; Magickal creation (excellent rune for artists & craftspersons); Success for the craftsperson through their works; New relationships; Positive attitude; Protection of valuables; Wisdom
Magickal Use: Banishing; Healing & regeneration; Love magick; Magickal power object making; Spirit communication
Waxing Moon: Place on or near anything where protection is required; Universal Light Energy for protection
Waning Moon: Banishing anything negative (physical or ethereal); Best used first on the Waning Moon, then on the Waxing Moon to bring protection

Rune: Gebo   Groups, Partnerships, Unions
Key Concept: Combining opposite polarities male/female toward a common goal
Mundane Meaning: Donation; Gift; Offering; Present; Sacrifice
General Meaning: Forgiveness; Gratitude; Harmony between family, friends, co-workers, partners; Inner peace; Love; Over generosity; Partnerships; Peace; Popularity; Positive self-image; Sexual union
Magickal Use: Energy exchange between Above (the Gods) and Below (the humans); Great Rite between committed partners; Two or more working together bring increased magickal powers
Waxing Moon: Healthy self-image; Popularity; Relationships; Stronger relations with a chosen Deity
Waning Moon: Open doors for new relationships; Unwanted or undesirable habits banished

Rune: Wunjo   Locking in a happy ending
Key Concept: Great joy
Mundane Meaning: Balance creates joy
General Meaning: Addictions removed; Amusement parks; Attraction; Bonding with others; Business ownership; Camaraderie; Chained and constrained; Commerce; Contracts; Enchantments; Fellowship; Fulfillment; Getting along with others; Glory; Happiness; Holidays; Impracticality; Involuntary spiritual possession exorcised; Karmic rewards; Laughter; Love; Magnetism; Parties; Personal satisfaction; Prosperity; Ties; Vacations; (Use as the next to the last Rune in a talisman to ensure a successful and happy ending to be manifested)
Magickal Use: Harness & learn the techniques required in harmonizing energies; Mastering the secrets of channeling knowledge of the energies & powers that make up our world
Waxing Moon: Bind & bend someone/thing or circumstance to your will; Build an enchantment; Channel energies for magickal uses; Good will; Harmony; Peace; Strengthen magick success
Waning Moon: Banish or dispel enchantments, energies, and unwanted powers; Create problems and disharmony between people - use with caution here and be very clear in the purpose and intent of the spell

Rune: Hagalaz  Lessons successfully achieved; Progress
Key Concept: Slow & plodding; Work within & through constraints or limitations
Mundane Meaning: Cosmic seed or egg; Hailstone; Snow
General Meaning: Aid from the Mother in difficult situations & times; Bad weather; Clans; Families; Gain love, loyalty, support & trust of others; Governments; Groups; Hardship; Illness; Loss; Luck & calculated risk situations; Movement made possible from stalled or stagnant situations; Natural & man-made disasters; Pain & suffering; Slow but upward movement toward ultimate success; Tribes
Magickal Use: Realm of Hel, or the Underworld; Rune of Afflictions & Hardships; Rune of Transformation; Unification of opposites
Waxing Moon: Command, control, influence or sway groups of people
Waning Moon: Destruction of bad luck, disasters, disease, heartache, ill health, and suffering from afflictions

Rune: Nauthiz  Delivered from distress & need
Key Concept: Time for balancing, cleansing, and harmonizing
Mundane Meaning: Distress arising from severe need; Manipulation of Universal Power by will to obtain your needs; Working through Karmic lessons
General Meaning: Cut bonds to anything holding you back; Deprivation; Determination; Emotion; Goals; Good judgment; Inability to cope; Obtain essentials necessary to survival; Patience; Poverty; Repay debts; Starvation; To make amends; Unbiased thinking
Magickal Use: Best rune for divining for your perfect mate or lover; Spice up your love life; Spirit and power animal calling; Spiritual & physical transformation that creates balance, a keen magickal sense & order
Waxing Moon: Build new directions & goals; Obtain what is lacking in your life
Waning Moon: Break from destructive people, patterns, bonds & circumstances; Life transformation

Rune: Isa  Freezing; Halting
Key Concept: Standstill which blinds or impedes
Mundane Meaning: Ice
General Meaning: Beauty; Conflict resolution; Distress surmounted; Find or bring back a lover; Goals achieved; Overcome situations or circumstances that are plots, betrayals, lies, slippery, elusive, dangerous, deceitful, treacherous, enchanting or illusionary; Protection; Remove or build constraints as the situation warrants; 
Magickal Use: Communing with the Higher Self and the inner worlds; Creative visualization; Expose deceit, plots, cover-ups or falsities; Freeze or hold a situation allowing time to regroup and perform the necessary magick; Inner clarity & vision; See truth through glamour magicks, charms or sexual allure
Waxing Moon: Halt destructive energies against you; Civil or criminal matters (w/ Jera, Raidho, & Wunjo), as it gives time to prepare your defense
Waning Moon: Release blocked or frozen conditions & reverse stagnant ones; Return destructive energies sent to you back to the sender

Rune: Jera  Legal matters; Reaping what you’ve sown
Key Concept: Abundance; Plenty
Mundane Meaning: Cycle of the year; Harvest; One full season
General Meaning: Abundance or reward from labors; Create peace, harmony & enlightenment; Reaping rewards of seeds sown; Rune of birth, fertility & quickening; Sperm & egg
Magickal Use: Balance of Solar ^& Earth energies; Create seeds of magickal desire; Physical or tangible manifestation; Place in house to bring manifestation of something you want
Waxing Moon: Court appearances to collect bad debts; Influence legal matters; Keep creditors away; Protection from slander
Waning Moon: legally return it to the sender; Reverse action against you by others; Reverse events going against you in court; 

Rune: Eihwaz  Banishing, Protection
Key Concept: Defense; The Tree of Wisdom, Life & Death
Mundane Meaning: Yew wood longbow
General Meaning: Block & defeat of adversaries; Business, finance & management; Competence; Deadly & poisonous; Foresight; Keeper of the Sacred Fires; No one can stand against its repellent powers; Obstacles become stepping stones of success; Patience; Protection & empowerment of the innocent; Rune of Right or Wisdom; Self defense; Solid & strong; Warrior/ess Rune; Wisdom
Magickal Use: Astral travel to distance places & times; Journey to the Underworld to learn secrets of life, death & re-birth; Pursuit of magickal wisdom & truth via initiation into the inner dimensional realms of magick
Waxing Moon: Small business success against all odds
Waning Moon: Banish all destructive energies surrounding you

Rune: Perthro  Gambling & risk taking
Key Concept: All secrets
Mundane Meaning: Gambling cup or box for lots or dice
General Meaning: Abundance and the excesses success can bring; Addiction, gluttony & other excesses; Debauchery, lewdness, prostitution; Enjoyment; Finding lost objects & hidden treasures; Foolhardy people; Games of chance & all manner of risk taking; Happiness; Innocent or childlike; Laughter; Learning secrets; Legacies & investments: Mental illness; Sexual fantasies & perversions
Magickal Use: All forms of divination; Initiation into the magickal realms of the Unknowable; Knowing the secrets of manipulating matter, energy & Fate so you may control your own Destiny; Psychic death & spiritual rebirth; The Phoenix; The Void
Waxing Moon: Win at gambling or other risk taking ventures
Waning Moon: Uncover ancient magickal secrets now lost to mankind

Rune: Algiz  Divine protection
Key Concept: The Divine Shield of Protection; Protective Forces; The Hero
Mundane Meaning: Elk
General Meaning: Aura strengthening; Communication empowered; Devout loyalty from others; Hero’s Rune to protect & defend; Increased luck; Loyalty; Self control of emotions so as to bring necessary changes to yourself; Protection
Magickal Use: Divine protection during astral projection or travel; Link to Otherworlds to travel to & explore in safety; Rune of open communication between the Gods (Above) and the humans (Below); Spirit Guide or Guardian communication; Use with the Scrying mirror to increase the ability to see & safely travel, and to communicate with others in other realities & worlds
Waxing Moon: Protection for yourself, loved ones, and possessions from danger; Use where ever you need to repel danger, theft & destructive energies
Waning Moon: Banish & diminish the power of anyone wishing ill-will on you

Rune: Sowello  The magickal will
Key Concept: Defense & victory over oppressors
Mundane Meaning: Solar Chariot, Sun, Wheel
General Meaning: All opposition is quickly, effectively & permanently repelled; Clear thinking; Comfort; Complete victory; Growth; Health & physical strength; Power; Prosperity; Rune of minorities, women, and anyone suffering oppression or tyranny; Self-esteem & self-confidences; Success; Triumph over enemies is assured; Unlimited power to create any & all changes desired; Warmth
Magickal Use: Chakra vortexes, bringing down Sol into the body, which opens, cleanses, and begins the magickal practitioners progress, without which no real magickal growth is possible; Ecstasy of communing within the light of the Sun Goddesses; Sword of the Flaming Goddess
Waxing Moon: Control or overcome oppression; Protection; Victory
Waning Moon: Destroys, removes and/or exposes hypocrisy, prejudice, tyranny & oppression; To correct any injustice (w/ Tiwaz)

Rune: Tiwaz  Victorious warriors
Key Concept: Giver of Law & Dispenser of Justice; The Warrior
Mundane Meaning: God Tyr
General Meaning: Aggressive masculine energy; Devoted friends; Glory; Good fortune; Guidance; Justice; Law; Loyalty, might makes right & justice will prevail; Reliability; Self-sacrifice; Spiritual discipline; Steadiness; Unselfish concern for others; Victory through conflict or struggle; World order
Magickal Use: Experience of the elemental forces or magick & religion as one brings faith; Inner spiritual battles; Ritual Magick; Truth & light experienced for one’s self
Waxing Moon: Block & overcome opponents and have victory over them in battles, conflicts, court cases & competitions
Waning Moon: Calm, diminish, or negate your opponents in battles, conflicts, court cases, or competitions

Rune: Berkano  The Great & Protective Mother Goddess
Key Concept: Concealment; Containment; Growth; The Earth Mother
Mundane Meaning: Birch
General Meaning: All matters of secrecy & keeping things hidden in matters of the heart (love affairs, passion, etc.); Babies, children & pets: Domestic affairs; Fertility; Fortune; Governs dwellings, natural sites of worship; sacred areas, and tree groves; Happiness; Healing, either physical or emotional that are particularly of a critical nature; Home life; Relationships; Sending energy to other people, places, or things; 
Magickal Use: Discover the magickal mysteries of the Maiden, Mother & Crone; Fertility; Harmony; Life cycles & rites of passage, such as death, fatherhood, motherhood, old age, puberty, rebirth; Love; Peace; Protection; Protects, hides & conceals while doing Earth Magick, Shamanism, & Animal Spirit Guides; Work the magickal path of the Goddess
Waxing Moon: Attract a desired lover who previously had not noticed you; Bring back an errant lover; Build strong, healthy, & exciting family life; Hide an affair
Waning Moon: Banish or destroy disease; Break up relationships that are no longer beneficial to you; Expose a love affair

Rune: Ehwaz  Aggressive & quick changes
Key Concept: Movement
Mundane Meaning: Horse
General Meaning: Creation of something new; Place this rune where you want change to occur, travel is usually concerned; Teaches trust, loyaly, dependability & learning to work well with others; Transportation, travel or shipping; (caution: this rune tends toward rapid & reckless change, so be very specific in the intent of its use) 
Magickal Use: Horse is a form of Divine protection and aids in travel, whether mundane or magickal (astral, emotional, mental, projection, soul) ; Horse totem which represents loyalty, reliability, power, protection, & swiftness; Joy; Peace; Rune for those with specific connections to horses; Sensuality
Waxing Moon: Add this rune where the magickal workings time is of essence
Waning Moon: Banish all obstacles or hazards when traveling

Rune: Mannaz  Humanity
Key Concept: The Magickan or Enlightened Ones
Mundane Meaning: Homo sapiens
General Meaning: Aid from others for yourself; Cleverness; Controlling the mental processes of self or others; Ego; Inner learning; Good will; Manipulate or control intelligence; Mental & physical agility; Rune of the magickan; Self -knowledge; Slyness power; The crafts person, and the laborer
Magickal Use: “Initiate Know Thyself” is the key to immortality, magick, truth & wisdom: Knowledge of the power of self or the God/dess Self; Union & melding of the three selves (Me (the Physical Self - the body itself), Myself (the Middle Self - the conscious Self) & I (the Higher Self - the super-conscious Self)) that are responsible for creating the reality we perceive
Waxing Moon: Block all thought projections from others; To place a thought into another’s mind
Waning Moon: Banish any manipulative or controlling energies from others; To make the thought projections, controls, and others powerless

Rune: Laguz  Initiation, Transmutation
Key Concept: Flowing water
Mundane Meaning: Water: lake, sea, or liquid
General Meaning: Act of giving birth; Aggressive female energy; All matters of domestic life, emotions, feelings, & love; Anything that concerns dealing with the sea, her dead, her treasures & her secrets; Cleansing; Health; Life force, especially for women & children; Nurturing; Rune of the artist, arts or artistic activities; Vitality
Magickal Use: Dreams & prophecies; Intuition; Psychic matters or abilities; The unknown & riddles; Underworld; Undine communications; Use with Holy Water in magick and all rites of passage from birth to crossing over rituals; Visualization; Water magick; Women’s mysteries
Waxing Moon: Build protection in a specific area; Closes off any openings or access points where destructive energies may pass through
Waning Moon: Banishing, releasing, pushing away all negative energies

Rune: Ing  Binding
Key Concept: Fertility; Male energy, the Consort to the Earth Mother
Mundane Meaning: God Ing
General Meaning: Binds, fixes, and hold the desired outcome in any situation; Keeps the powers from diminishing in the magickal works you’ve done; Prevents you from losing, or being stolen from, that which you’ve worked for; (Use after Wunjo as the very last Rune to seal all the other Runes’ powers in)
Magickal Use: Clear out old energies that hinder auras, chakras, lives, and realities; Unlimited powers of Sex Magick
Waxing Moon: Attractiveness to those you desire; Fertility in males or females; Sex appeal
Waning Moon: Attractiveness diminished; Fertility reduced or blocked

Rune: Dagaz  A new day
Key Concept: “Today is the first day of your life”, so make the most of it
Mundane Meaning: Day
General Meaning: Alter or transform to your advantage; Break through blocks & barrier; Increase or decrease for the best; New resolutions & attitudes; Re-evaluation of a situation or circumstance; Reverses the destructive or depressing and promotes a constructive & happy outcome; Rune of awakening, persuasion & realization; To begin anew
Magickal Use: New answers to old questions through mediation , ritual & creative visualization (use during daytime hours due to its affiliation to daylight)
Waxing Moon: Make other to see things your way; Sending thoughts to another and having that person believe those thoughts to be their own
Waning Moon: Reverse or turn around another’s opinions, beliefs, feelings, or court rulings

Rune: Othilla   Heritage
Key Concept: The cultural & familial heritage & traits one is born into
Mundane Meaning: Ancestral
General Meaning: Ancestry; Bias; Elderly; Estates; Ethics; Family prosperity; Inheritance; Karma; Morals; Narrow mindedness; Place of birth; Prejudice; Traits
Magickal Use: Healing magick for the elderly (animals or humans); Spirit communication; Seeking wisdom & secrets of the Crone; To guide to the Otherside, those who’ve passed
Waxing Moon: Visit across the Veil those loved ones who have passed
Waning Moon: Assist those who have passed over but are earthbound to move on to the Otehrside

Rune: Wyrd - blank rune: Karma
Key Concept: The Pure Energies of the Void & Chaos
Mundane Meaning: The Unknowable
General Meaning: Endless creation within our lives; Guides what your are manifesting; Unpredictable & unruly rune due to its chaotic (Cosmic) energy attempting to manifest in so many different directions
Magickal Use: Karma created from action or inaction; Karmic lessons, both constructive & destructive; Magnify & project energy, controlled only by other runes used with it; Pure chaotic energy; Rune of the Joker, Prankster, or Coyote in American Shamanism; (Use before the first “official” rune, Fehu, because it is energy at its most basic and must be programmed & controlled by the subsequent runes)
Waxing Moon: Create or manifest new things in your life; Rune of “As you sow, So you reap”; Karmic lessons to those who’ve wrongfully crossed you; Universe is judge of the wrong-doer
Waning Moon: Magick for justice served; Returning or dispersing destructive energy sent to you (purposefully or mistakenly); Reveal someone who is evil or corrupt and to send them to the proper authorities.
The Rune Table from Lesson 3 is also included here for additional information to consider:

Image 1: Rune Chart

Making a Bindrune
Every Rune has its own meaning (because it is also a form of written language), intent and energy. By combining certain chosen Runes for their specific energies you can design a Bindrune that will contain considerable powers towards its purpose, whether manifestation of something, protection of its bearer, or healing, or whatever it was you designed it for.

Looking over the Rune list above you will find the Runes you need. For our example we will design a Bindrune for personal protection. The powers of the Runes are most affective when used in a relative sequence of starting Rune, beginning Rune, central Runes, and the two Runes for sealing the energies.

There are two consensus regarding whether to use all the Runes that would apply to your need or only just a few. The first holds to the belief that the Bindrune then holds the energies of anything that could apply to the intent of the Bindrune being designed. The latter opinion is that it will be easier to remember the Runes that went into making the Bindrune. 

I, personally, believe in using all that would apply. The reason being that each of the Runes do then attach their energies and powers to the Bindrune, and these energies coalesce into one. Which is the reason for using a Bindrune in the first place. Also, the point regarding too many Runes being hard to remember is a ridiculous argument, because the reason for making a Bindrune is to have a “new” Rune to work with that is all yours. So all you have to remember is the new Rune, not all those that went into making it!

With that said, let’s make a Protection Bindrune using the following Runes:

Wyrd - Blank rune is the starting Rune, which is placed before the “official” first rune, Fehu, because it is energy at its most basic and must be programmed & controlled by the subsequent Runes. This Rune, since it is blank, has the square as its shape due to its relationship to all four directions and the four elements. This square is then what surrounds, or frames, the Bindrune formed by the other Runes. 

Fehu  should always be the “official” first Rune in the sequence because it is used to expedite any circumstance or situation and to send magickal power to strengthen surrounding Runes toward the desired result.

Thurisaz  is the next in the sequence due to its wielding of the powers of destruction or self-defense. It is power directed by the sheer force of your will.

Kaunaz  Rune protects your valuables and anything you place this Rune on. It also banishes any negative energies coming at you.

Algiz  is another Rune for the purpose of protection because it is the “Hero’s Rune” to protect & defend yourself, loved ones and your possessions. It also repels danger, theft & destructive energies and banishes & diminishes the power of those wishing ill-will toward you.

Berkano  provides protection from an emotional level directed from yourself to what ever the need may be.

Wunjo  should be used as the next to the last Rune to ensure a successful land happy ending to be manifested. This Rune harmonizes & channels energies toward clearly specified intents.

Ing  Binds, fixes, and hold the desired outcome in any situation. It keeps the powers from diminishing in the magickal works you’ve done and prevents you from losing, or being stolen from, that which you’ve worked for.

For ease of being able to see what I’ve done, each Rune is a different color.

Image 2: Blank Rune

Image 3: Fehu Rune

Image 4: Thurisaz Rune

Image 5: Kaunaz Rune

Image 6: Algiz Rune

Image 7: Berkano Rune

Image 8: Wunjo Rune

Image 9: Ing Rune

To come to the arrangement I like, after trying several that I didn’t, the following is how each of the Runes were arranged and adjusted. I made sure to place each in order, so as to keep the continuity of the energies flowing properly.

Image 10: Blank Rune

Image 11: Fehu adjusted

Image 12: Thurisaz adjusted

Image 13: Kaunaz adjusted

Image 14: Algiz adjusted

Image 15: Berkano adjusted

Image 16: Wunjo adjusted

Image 17: Ing unchanged

And this is the final result:

Image 18: Completed Protection Bindrune - colors showing overlaying of each

Image 19: Completed Protection Bindrune

So, now you know how to go about making a Bindrune of your own. The steps are easy, follow them and you’ll have a Bindrune that is specific to you and your needs and holds your powers combined with those of your chosen Runes.

To review:
1) Review the Runes and their meanings
2) Choose the Runes you’ll use
3) Remember to always use the Blank Rune as your framework around the others
4) Remember to always use the Wunjo & Ing Runes as the final two Runes so you seal in and insure the success of your Bindrune

Copyright 2010, Granny Tackett


  1. I added Eihwaz.

    I've been usung the same set or runes for 30 years!

  2. I love using the Runes too! I design Bindrunes for my garden, my car (travel), my purse, the house - everything, basically. I like how they can have so much meaning to you, but without needing explanation to anyone because they're usually not really noticed by anyone. Those that do see them may or may not ask - those that do, I consider it one of those learning moments and something they need to hear about for some reason.

    I would imagine your Rune set are very powerful! I made a set from river stones about 8 years ago. They're my favorite set. :)

    Thank you for commenting - love to hear about the works of others!