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Lesson 2: Refresher Grounding, Centering, Shielding & Protection

Lesson 2: Refresher Grounding, Centering, Shielding & Protection
This will only be a refresher, nothing in-depth as it should be something that is as much a part of your magickal work as it is to eat with a fork. Grounding & Centering, Shielding & Protection should come naturally to your actions of readying for spell or ritual work without even thinking about it.

Why is this process necessary? What’s the big deal?
You wouldn’t walk out into the street without first checking to see if there are any on-coming cars would you? Same concept. By opening yourself to the Otherside you are open to getting “hit”. 

Before we begin our first spell we must know how to protect ourselves from the energies on the Otherside. Consider this: a Practitioner who is new to these works becomes a little tiny light that shines through to the Otherside. On that Otherside are energies & entities of all persuasions, who may be positive or negative in their intent.

When a new Practitioner does their first spell, their light is lit. As they continue on their Path they learn more, they get stronger in their powers, their light, gets brighter on the Otherside.

Once that light becomes bright enough to draw attention those on the Otherside will begin to take notice and come to investigate. This is why protection & shielding are very important to master before any spells are performed. It is a skill that should be learned as soon as possible once started on the Path of, and beginning work in, the Craft. 

Grounding is the act of releasing excess generated energy into the earth before and after performing magick in a rite or spell. There are several methods to doing this. Touching the earth with the hands to release the energy. Shaking the hands, stomping the feet also help to release the energy. If at all possible, pass the energy into a stone and give it back to the Mother as it is already a part of Her. Another great method is to “hug a tree”. That’s right, grab a tree and send all that energy into it. That tree’s roots go deep into the Mother Earth and will release and transform that energy appropriately. Grounding is also called Earthing.

This is the act of grounding one’s energy through meditative focus on the “center“ of one‘s being. It is done before spellwork or other rituals to help connect with and direct the balanced energy 

This means to preserve one’s self and/or others from harm or injury. Protection spells are commonly placed on amulets to ward off negativity. On talismans, protection symbols are placed on it to bring protection to the bearer.

Forms of Protection
Circle casting prior to spellwork or ritual provides a sphere of protection and defines the Sacred Space. It is important to note that the Circle being cast is not just a linear circle on the ground. It is a sphere. A ball. This encompasses all the space around you; above, sides and below. "As Above, So Below" is the tome best used to describe its affect & use.

When a Circle is cast, quite often anyone outside of it will have difficulty seeing what's going on inside! Some of these Circles are like bubbles, pearls, etc. and can be clear, translucent, or opaque, depending on what may be consciously decided on or whatever "just happens". It is also dependent upon the power of the one casting.

Using amulets & talismans are also forms of protection. Keeping them with you at all times, on your person, in your car, your office, etc. Their uses are limitless!

This is a “force field” built around you for protection to deflect negative energies from affecting you. There are many types of shields, most are to just keep negativity away. Others, such as mirror shields are to reflect back the negative energy sent by someone else. Some shields are close around the body, and others are formed at arms length or more. There are also shields built that are large enough to protect your property, neighborhood, town, etc.. Usually, these would be in times of natural peril such as tornadoes or fire.

Types of Shields
Personal - These are developed and set to be "touching" your physical person. They can be whatever you can envision that makes you feel safe.

Mine is a thorny rose bush. Its "there" in different levels depending on the situation I may be in. For example, the thorns are "gone" when I go to bed at night - wouldn't be nice to keep hubby uncomfortable all night! Unless I'm pissed at him, then yeah, they're still "out". LOL But they're out in full force if I'm in a place where I have to be physically close to alot of people I don't know. Its amazing how well it works - they're all crowded and I'm not! Love it!

Other versions can be less obtrusive. Its just what you find that feels right for you.

Auric - These are developed and set to wrap around you at a slight distance from the body, from a few inches on out to arm's length, for example. It lets others "in", but not too close.

This one, for me, is a black pearl. Its iridescent and translucent. It swirls and allows in positive energy but holds out negative. However, it is also the one that has the highest potential of being bombarded and can be punched through, if I don't keep it strengthened.

I've heard of others who use bubbles, gem stones, etc. Its all in what comes to mind for you. I think of this one as the "pretty shield", because its always the one that looks the least obtrusive, has pretty colors, and is "softer" than the others. That's how I see it - you may see & feel differently. What you see is what's right for you, don't forget that!

Repelling - This one is for repelling negative energies. Period. Nothing negative gets in and only positive is permitted & held within.

My Repelling Shield is a mirror sphere. No matter from which direction it may come, any negative energy will be bounced back at the one sending it. It also reflects their inner selves to themselves. People who experience this shield (from the outside) automatically take a step back or retreat completely. Those who approach you in anger will get a funny look when it (their own anger) "slaps" them back in the face. Usually they retreat with a look on their face like "WTF!??"

Sleep - These are for when you are sleeping or meditating. They keep you safe while your subconscious is exposed.

Mine is a very large spherical Dreamcatcher. This one came about after waking from a nightmare one night. I never have bad dreams because I always shield the house and then the bedroom and then the bed after I get in bed at night. However, one night something got through and scared the shit out of me!

I instantly thought of a dreamcatcher, but it was in the form of a large ball/sphere around the bed, with us & the bed in the middle. Over the years when a "bad dream" tries to get through I can actually, in my sleep/dream, SEE & FEEL the dreamcatcher tighten around the bed to keep the negative energy out. Awesome realization that first time it happened!

Its like those kid's toys that are a tight ball and you pull on any part of it and it expands out into this huge ball. The toy is a bunch of interlocking pieces in a multitude of colors - the way that thing shrinks & expands is comparable to the way my dreamcatcher moves. Its a very intriguing feeling when asleep and this thing begins flexing to keep something out. I'll be dreaming and I'll get this feeling of "something" on the other side of the dream trying to intrude. The dreamcatcher flexes, and for a second I'm subconsciously conscious of the actions taking place "elsewhere" in my dream state. Then I'm back to my "regular" dream. Very cool!

Local - This shield encompasses your house, usually your neighborhood, and even your town. These are very power draining and should only be used in emergencies, such as tornadoes, storms, fire, etc.

Where ever I live when storms come through (tornadoes, etc.) I immediately cast a huge bubble/dome over the entire area. There have been occasions where tornadoes landed outside our town, but nowhere was anyone or anything (homes) destroyed.

When we lived in a small subdivision outside a small town in TX, a fire burned down the mobile home 2 lots over and the flames were flying across the dry grassy lot - the winds were high that day. I cast a tunnel shield to keep the fire contained inside it, and aimed it so that it traveled along the property lines from our property out through the other empty lots, crossing 2 streets on towards the highway. Not one other house was affected and by the time the fire got to the highway, the fire dept. was there and put it out.

That one wore me out completely. I had to go to bed afterwards to rejuvenate.

National & World - Obviously these are much larger and are actually only for group work. A Solitary isn't powerful enough to produce and maintain a shield of this magnitude.

When putting up shields you have to get to the point where you don't have to think about it. What ever shield is needed at any given time will automatically produce itself.

Two books that are great on the subject of protection & shielding are:

Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch's Defense Manual by Jason Miller
The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick & Psychic Self-Defense by Christopher Penczak

These are "must have's" for a Practitioner's library! (They’re also listed in the “Bibliography”).

Begin by developing your "personal" shield and expand from there. Eventually, you'll have a shield "system" in place that is damn near impenetrable!

When I was scheduled for my first distance Reiki attunement. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't really all that great. So I figured I was one of those that just wouldn't "feel" it. Ok, fine, I could deal with that.

Until I got the e-mail from the teacher. My protection & shielding was so powerful she couldn't get through! It had gone into over-drive when it felt something/someone trying to get in. I had failed (forgotten - duh!) to allow the attunement energies to come through. Lesson learned - program the shields to allow (only) positive energies at all times from any source. My mirror shield had automatically come up and it hadn't been told to allow the attunement to come through. My bad! But everything worked out ok in the end (I'm now a Reiki Grand Master and have felt all the other attunements!)

I mentioned these instances that I have experienced so you can see the variety of uses, and needs, for shielding and protection, as well as the necessity for grounding and centering yourself to accomplish these tasks.

So, basically we need to protect & shield ourselves at all times. But we also have to, i.e. remember to, program the shields to permit positive energies & intents to come through. Build them, use them, make them automatic - no thought needed, they are just there when and as needed.

Happy shielding!!

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