Friday, February 7, 2014

Lesson 3: Correspondences to Consider: Part 3 Planetary Hours

Lesson 3: Correspondences to Consider: Part 3 Planetary Hours
Planetary Hours:
The following tables give the hours of the day. There are two ways to use these:

1) Hour 1 = midnight and goes on through to the next midnight. In this method, 12 = midnight, 1 = 1 am, etc.

2) Hour 1 = sunrise and goes on through to the next sunrise. In this method, you need to know what time sunrise is in for your area. At you can put in the location of your choice and other parameters and print out a whole year’s worth of sunrise/sunset calendars for your area. I’ve done this every year since I found the website 5 or 6 years ago. It makes is much easier when setting up for spell work to just check the calendar rather than trying to check the internet or the newspaper, etc.

Standard Time
Image 1: Planetary Hours Chart - Standard Time

Daylight Savings Time
Image 2: Planetary Hours Chart - Daylight Savings Time

Planetary Correspondences:
The following correspondences are important aspects to consider when choosing the hour of the day to do your spell or ritual work.

Abundance, Active change, Advancement, Alliances, Ambition, Arrogance, Astral work, Authority figures, Autonomy, Banishing, Beauty, Bigotry, Binding, Blessings, Buying, Career, Cleansing, Countering magick, Courage, Creativity, Crops, Dedications, Divination, Drama, Dreamwork, Ego, Exorcism, Fairs, Fame, Family, Favor, Fertility, Finances, Fire magick, Fortune, Friendship, Fulfillment, Fun, Goals, Growth, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Health, Heart, Hex-breaking, Hope, Illumination, Individuality, Initiations, Joy, Law, Leadership, Life energy, Light, Love, Luck, Lust, Marriage, Monetary gain, Money, Music, Natural abilities, Passion, Peace, Pleasure, Power, Pride, Promotion, Prophecy, Prosperity, Protection, Purifying, Rapid results, Relationships, Romance, Self-confidence, Selling, Sexuality, Solar magick, Solar Plexus Chakra balancing, Speculating, Spirituality, Strength, Success, Superiors, Totem animals, Vitality, Volunteer services, Wealth, Wishes

Abundance, Agriculture, Animals, Antiques, Astral work, Beginnings, Blessings, Cleansing, Dedications, Delusions, Domestic abilities, Dreamwork, Emotions, Empathy, Family, Female fertility, Feminine magick, Fertility, Fortune, Friendship, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Health, Imagination, Initiations, Insight, Instinct, Intuition, Journeys, Joy, Love, Luck, Lunar magick, Lust, Marriage, Memories, Messages, Motherly love, Peace, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychology, Psychic workings, Purification, Reconcile, Reincarnation, Relationships, Religion, Secrets, Shapeshifting, Sleep, Spirituality, Subconscious, Theft, Totem animals, Travel on water, Trip planning, Water magick, Women’s mysteries

Action, Addictions, Aggression, Ambition, Anger, Arguments, Banishing, Beginnings, Binding, Bravery, Business, Cleansing, Combat, Competition, Conflict, Confrontation, Conviction, Countering magick, Courage, Cursing, Desire, Destruction, Ego, Energy, Exorcism, Fire magick, Fast results, Freedom, Gardening, Goals, Guns, Healing, Hex-breaking, Hexing, Hunting, Independence, Legal matters, Love, Lust, Male magick, Male sexuality, Marriage, Masculine energy, Medical issues, Metal, Motivation, Overthrow enemies, Passion, Physical energy, Police, Power, Protection, Purification, Rapid results, Recklessness, Relationships, Retribution, Revenge, Self-assertion, Sex, Sex magick, Sexuality, Soldiers, Spell breaking, Sports, Strength, Strife, Struggle, Surgery, Swift movement, Tools, Upheaval, Vices, Victory, Violence, War, Wishes, Woodworking

Abundance, Accounting, Adaptability, Addiction, Advertising, Air magick, Astral work, Astrology, Bending the mind of another, Blessings, Business, Buying & selling, Changes, Cleverness, Communication, Computers, Conscious mind, Connection, Contract signing, Correspondence, Counseling, Creativity, Debt, Deception, Dishonesty, Diplomacy, Divination, Dreamwork, Editing, Education, Fertility, Finances, Fortune, Goals, Healing, Information, Ingenuity, Insight, Intelligence, Journalists, Journeys, Kin, Knowledge, Legal matters, Luck, Magickal works planning, Medicine, Memory, Mental activity, Messages, Music, Neighbors, Phone calls, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic abilities, Reliance, Science, Self-expression, Siblings, Skills, Study, Travel, Visiting, Weather magick, Wisdom, Wishes, Writing

Abundance, Acclaim, Air magick, Ambition, Astral work, Blessings, Broadcasting, Business, Charity, Cleansing, Divination, Doctors, Dreamwork, Earning, Education, Expansion, Exploration, Fame, Fertility, Financial acuity,  Fire magick, Forecasting, Fortune, Gambling, Guardians, Generosity, Growth, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Health, Honor, Horse, Joy, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Law, Leadership, Legal matters, Logic, Long distance travel, Love, Luck, Male fertility, Material wealth, Merchants, Money, Morals, Parties, Peace, Philosophy, Political influences, Power, Prophecy, Prosperity, Protection, Psychologists, Publicity, Publishing, Purifying, Rapid results, Reading, Relations, Religion, Research, Responsibility, Riches, Royalty, Self-improvement, Social matters, Spirituality, Sports, Spring Equinox, Study, Success, Visions, Wealth, Weather magick, Winter Solstice, Wisdom

Abundance, Affection, Alliances, Aphrodisiac, Architects, Artistic abilities, Arts, Beauticians, Beauty, Blessings, Chiropractors, Courtship, Creativity, Dancers, Dating, Death, Decorating, Designers, Engineers, Entertainers, Fashion, Female sexuality, Fertility, Fortune, Friendship, Gardening, Gifts, Grace, Growth, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Household improvements, Income, Joy, Love, Luck, Lust, Luxury, Marriage, Money, Music, Painting, Partners, Party planning, Passing-over rituals, Passion, Peace, Pleasure, Poetry, Prosperity, Relationships, Riches, Romance, Sensuality, Sex magick, Shopping, Sociability, Soul mates, Water magick

Authority, Banishing, Barriers, Binding, Bones, Building, Business, Civil servants, Countering magick, Criminals, Cursing, Death, Debts, Dentists, Discipline, Discovery, Earth magick, Elderly, Endings, Endurance, Exorcism, Farm workers, Financing, Freedom, Garden magick, Grounding, Hard work, Hex-breaking, Hexing, Homes, Houses, Justice, Karma, Knowledge, Life, Limitations, Longevity, Lost articles, Manifestation, Math, Meditation, Money matters, Morality, Murderers, Negativity neutralizing, Obstacles, Passing-over rituals, Perseverance, Plumbing, Politics, Property, Protection, Psychic defense, Real estate, Reality, Responsibility, Retribution, Revenge, Separation, Societal laws, Spirit contacts, Stalkers, Structure, Teeth, Tests, Time, Transformation, Trustworthiness, Water magick, Wills, Wisdom



  1. I'm afraid this explanation for determining the planetary hours is completely incorrect, ad daylight savings time does not affect it in any way.

    The correct method involves determining sunrise and sunset times, establishing how many minutes are contained therein, and dividing that period into twelve equal "hours". This provides the daytime hours. The day begins with the ruling planet of that day and proceeds accordingly. The same is done from sunset to sunrise of the next day in order to determine the hours of the evening.

    -Jimmy T. Kirkbride

  2. Sorry but your logic is flawed in many aspects. First the day is not divided into 12 hours, but 24. AND, there is only 12 hours of daylight vs sunlight twice a year, not everyday. The method you've been taught is flawed from the beginning, and what I also was taught at first. It wasn't until I analyzed it completely (after reading several of the old texts) that I realized the illogical aspects of it. Your method is "new" and fails to take many things into consideration.

    In actuality the "time change" does effect it. "Daylight Saving's Time" is a human construct but the hours of the day (and the planetary associations with them) don't change. Thus, if you look at the Standard Time chart and then the DST chart you will see that the entire chart is shifted by one hour, matching the hour according to what it would "normally" (ST) be, but moved for the ease of knowing what the hour is during DST. It's just an easier way for those who use DST to adjust their timing for their works accordingly. With the method you are speaking of, we would be off by an hour from then until 6 months later when time (the clocks - as "time" never changes) is changed back again.

    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to clarify things for those who have misconceptions.