Tuesday, June 3, 2014

JuJu Dolls for a Clients Protection and to Get Pregnant

JuJu Dolls for a Clients Protection and to Get Pregnant
A friend of mine that I recently re-connected with on Facebook, and what is so interesting is that I've been trying for years to find her and her family, but couldn't. And apparently they've been trying to find us as well! During our first conversation she mentioned that she and her husband had gone to a psychic who told them that he had a curse on him and that to remove it, and for them to get pregnant, she would cleanse the house and consecrate a Cross for them. For $2,800! WTF?? Scamming bitch.

They had already paid $800 and were due to finally (after months & months of saving) going to make the $2000 payment that Friday. We found each other on Wednesday...yeah, tell me that's not the Divine stepping in! I'll tell you you're full of shit too. ;)

She had finally married the man she was with and they're trying to get pregnant - been trying for 2 years now. She already has 3 boys, 20, 18, and 16, so she's been a bit hesitant and it has, of course affected her body's allowing her to get pregnant. I told her I'd love to help, with both the cleansing and the pregnancy.

They had to cleanse the house first, because apparently his ex-wife had cursed him years ago. My friend's youngest son is the one that found it hidden in the attic. He was about 11 or 12 at the time. Not knowing what it was, he picked it up and handled it. Luckily, it did no harm to him, but it has done harm to it's Intended Victim, which I've since removed.

She wanted to know how much I would charge them, but being my friend, I told her that while my fees are WAAAAAAAYYYYYY less than what that scammer was charging, and that I would do hers for nothing because 1) they'd already paid waaaaay too much, and 2) I would really love to help clear the way so they can have a baby. So I told her how to cleanse the house of the negative energies that may still be there and then purify it to bring in the positive energies (they're in TX, I'm in KS, so I couldn't do it personally, other than a ritual from here as well). And then I told her about the dolls I make, which she jumped at and requested a couple of the JuJu Dolls immediately. One for Home Protection & Blessings (to hang above the front door), and the other for Love & Fertility (to be hung above the bedroom door or above the bed).

So we did a couple of works and I made her Dolls specifically for those intents, as well as little poppets to place between the mattress, one for her and one for him (the curse on him really did a number psychologically and he's having a hard time getting over it). 

 This is the Love & Fertility Doll - she is filled will a number of love herbs and several for pregnancy & birth.
I had told her that the baby would be a girl, and when I was making this doll's 'hair', I made 5 strands of green and 2 strands of pink. There are 5 people in the family now, her, her husband, and her 3 boys. It will be interesting to see if she has 2 girls over time, or 2 twin girls, which was what I saw first. The twin girls was also what I'd told her years ago when I did a reading for her....should be interesting to see what happens!

This is the Protection & Blessings Doll - she also is filled with a number of appropriate herbs for her intent. For some reason she was a lot of fun to make. :)

So, if anyone is interested in having a special JuJu Doll made for what ever purpose you need, contact me!

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