Monday, August 18, 2014

Gemstones and the Seals of Solomon

Gemstones and the Seals of Solomon
I was asked a very good question which had me doing a bit of research this morning that took longer than expected but had me really "putting on the thinking cap". The question was regarding gemstones and the Seals of Solomon - which stones for each of the Pentacles?

From what I found after searching through the Keys of Solomon books and then looking online and couldn't find anything either (and I'm certainly not saying this definitively), there was nothing on the subject. However, after reading through quite a few sites and looking through my own books, I came to the realization that the use of the Pentacles and their associated colors can easily determine the stones to be used with them in ritual.

If you take into consideration the colors associated with each of the Pentacles:

Saturn: Black
Jupiter: Blue
Mars: Red
Sun: Yellow
Venus: Green
Mercury: Mixed
Moon: Silver

Then using stones of those colors should be more than appropriate. Another aspect you can take into consideration is the opacity or translucence of the stone to be used.

Fire & Air stones are clear or translucent and easy to see through, while the Earth & Water stones are opaque and cannot be seen through. When considering the Pentacle to be used and the color associated with it, you may also want to consider the Element of that Pentacle's planetary alliance and choose a stone accordingly:

Earth (opaque stones): Saturn
Air (clear stones): Jupiter & Mercury
Fire (clear stones): Sun & Mars, also Jupiter
Water (opaque stones): Moon & Venus, also Saturn

This is only a suggestion, and is not found to be absolutely how to choose the stones to use with the Seals of Solomon, but the correspondences fit and can be combined for use with the Pentacles to add their energies and power to the ritual or work being done. And I'm all for finding new ways to add energy & power to my works!

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