Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Divine Has Delivered!

The Divine Has Delivered!

For those who've followed my posts, y'all know that 2 1/2 yrs ago we moved to northwest Kansas. I spent the first year wondering why I was here - this place hated me. I don't mean the people, because I hadn't met them yet. It wasn't until I took the part time position at the local newspaper that I began to meet the community residents.

The first person I met turned out to be what she referred to as a "Woo-Woo". I laughed because I totally understand what she meant, but I also explained that I am no woo-woo! A "Granny" definitely does not fit into the woo-woo category. :D

She also told me that there were a few more "Woo-Woos" in the area. I figured one or two.

Last night I found out that there are LOTS of "Woo-Woos" here! I have a feeling my brand of works will be of interest, because I don't think they're familiar with it. It may scare off some, and that's fine, but I think I've found what I'm supposed to be doing here.

In this diverse group of women is the makings of what will make a very good Working Community - I refuse to use the term "coven", because that denotes rules & following a specific set of beliefs. And that is something I am not into. Our various beliefs will make a wonderful quilt of beauty to wrap ourselves in. Teaching & sharing being the mainstay. And as y'all know...I am all about teaching!

So, with that shared, I also need to publicly say "THANK YOU!" to the Divine for bringing me home! My crying, tears, pleadings and works have been answered - hugely. :)