Sunday, November 27, 2016

Holiday Tarot Reading Specials

Holiday Tarot Reading Specials
November 27 through December 22 only

5-Card Insight Reading
10-Card Indepth Reading
20-Card Extensive Reading
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been away for sooo long! I apologize, but wow has my life taken a huge left turn, taking me in a direction I was hoping for, but wasn't sure when it would happen. :) Now it has and it's all GREAT!

In June I and a partner bought the newspaper I had been working at for the previous 18 months. It was something I knew would happen from the moment I walked in for my interview. I was just waiting for the "when" it would happen moment.

In August, I realized that the partnership was not going to work (I really hate people who are liars and lazy), so I let him know that we were coming to a parting of ways. He (of course) didn't handle it well, but he's not the brightest bulb in the box, so after he thought he would scare me with a letter from his attorney, I countered with my own attorney.

To make a long story short, he's out and I have it all to myself and I'm doing far better as a result. The paper never missed an issue (something my partner was sure would happen since he wasn't there), and my little town and my subscribers are thrilled with the level of quality of a paper I have provided for them the last five months.

My former partner thinks he's going to attempt putting out a paper as well, but as he writes at a 3rd grade level, and he only likes sports, I'm afraid it will be a rather sad publication. But, this is America and he has a right to do what he likes - and more power to him!

I must publicly thank La Muerte for her incredible assistance throughout all of this! Wow, does she work fast! (Here's how She was gifted to me). I know it was Her hand moving everything to work in my favor. I am blessed to have her watching over me!

My little newspaper is 132 years old and I have all of the archives from all of the newspapers published in this county since its founding. So, another project in the works is to have a newspaper archive & museum. We have the original printing press and paper cutter (each weighing in at about a ton!), and the local historical society is going to return anything that belonged to the paper that was donated to them over the years.

To add to the blessings, a tiny kitten was found two days ago just outside the back door of the office. It was freezing outside, so we snatched her up and moved her inside. Set her up with a place to sleep, toys and a litter box. So now we have an office cat! Another gift from the Gods to show that I'm on the right Path! Her name is Sheridan.

So, on this day of Thanksgiving, I wish to express my extreme THANKS to La Muerte and the Divine, as well as my husband for his support, and my friends who have contracted to work with me, for this year of incredible blessings!

And may all of YOUR dreams & wishes become blessings in YOUR lives as well!