Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ways to Ease the Coronavirus Fears

Ways to Ease the Coronavirus Fears

These last few weeks have gone from intimidating at finding out about COVID-19 to fear & panic over the stay-at-home lock-downs being implemented across the country. We, here in Kansas, have just received our lock-down orders from the Governor this morning.

So, with that said, how can we alleviate some of the fears we're all experiencing? Well, #1 - don't let fear govern you! #2 - be pro-active in fighting that Fear-Demon sitting on your shoulder. #3 - don't panic, that only adds to the fear factor and serves absolutely no purpose!

From the mundane arena we have just plain STFU and stop fretting over everything. 
Follow the rules set by the government, WHO, and CDC, use common sense, and for the love of All There Is DO NOT HOARDNo, it is not 'easier said than done', just fucking DO IT! It's common sense mind over matter. Period.

From the magical arena, ooooh, have we got sooo many great ideas! Here are just a few. A simple search on Facebook and other social media sites will bring up lots more!

I like to begin with readings, and I've seen on more than a few social media sites and blogs that I'm not the only one; and, you know what?! All the readings are basically coming out the same! (Surprise! Not!)

Overall, basically, the readings say it is a bad situation, but will pass, and as a result, good changes will come about. I pulled four cards for this post to demonstrate, and true to all the others, the message is the same. :)

This Patheos post is really good. You can follow the instructions and build their Sigil for Managing Panic or you can use the instructions to build your own, making your sigil tailored to you.

This video by Ginny Metheral (love her accent!) has good advice and a simple protection spell.

Magic Ritual to Fight Coronavirus posted by Nick Farrell on March 23, 2020 is very good also. It's Golden Dawn in format, so it's High Magick and very ritualistic, but it is well worth the effort! Golden Dawn is very powerful magic!

The books A Witch's Craft, Vol's I & II are also invaluable, also available on Etsy in pdf format. One chapter in Vol II, A Witch's Book of Correspondences has tables with all you need to put together for any type of work. In this situation, the tables for Healing and Protection would be the most useful.

Of course, there are the items & services offered in my own shoppe (here and on Etsy) that I would be happy to provide for you as well.

I could keep adding more sources of magical assistance, but you're capable of doing some research yourself. Why not, what better way to spend your lock-down time?!

Stay well, stay safe, be blessed!